Can America Get The Third Party It Wants? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
New polling shows a record number of Americans identify as Independent and favor a new political party. Nick Troiano of Unite America joins Morning Joe to discuss his recent column on why America doesn't have the third party it wants. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Can America Get The Third Party It Wants? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Katy Sue Who
    Katy Sue Who

    I heard about the “ranking the candidates” type of election a few years ago & have longed for it ever since! But the nonpartisan primaries🤤?!? It is *THE SOLUTION for candidates getting more and more extreme, & who are disincentivized to work across the aisle, even to get great things for their constituency, & who have every incentive to ignore terrible, destructive, illegal activities, and will instead protect someone who does such things, as long as they’re members of the same political Party! THIS WOULD BRING SOME SEMBLANCE OF “COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY” BACK TO DC!* Obviously no one thing is going to solve the problems of partisanship and corruption in politics. But I’ll bet these 2 changes go a long way for Alaska. And I REALLY hope the rest of the country catches on real quick.

  • Bryant Wu
    Bryant Wu

    Wants or needs?

  • Righteous Survivor
    Righteous Survivor

    Everyone can claim to be apart any party they want the only thing really matters is the class you’re in

  • Travis

    There really are several political factions in the USA right now. There are the socialists, the centrists (some left or right leaning), the fascists, and the theocrats to name a few. They don't really belong in two camps. If we had a ranked-choice voting system it may be possible to carve out more meaningful parties. That way crazies (like the fascists) don't get votes they don't deserve from centrists or theocrats.

  • Faelan UaFintan
    Faelan UaFintan

    I really think three to five parties are the required minimum. And there should be also 3-5 candidates for a major office instead of two candidates. Two parties are just a battle between extremes. We would get more cooperation... Bipartisan with more parties. More voices would be heard

  • William Stefens
    William Stefens

    Easy solution is to get rid of the electoral college, and rank voting

  • Wilf Bentley
    Wilf Bentley

    Your Electoral College is trash. The Electoral College is your Aristocracy: they appoint your President. Also, what is this "register to vote" crap? In my country, every citizen is "registered to vote". I don't need to "register" to vote. All I have to do is show up at the polling station with ID and I'm good to go.

  • Richard Haines
    Richard Haines

    Electoral College goes a long way towards explaining why we have only two political parties.

  • u SUB ME i SUB YOU
    u SUB ME i SUB YOU

    If we had a third party for people who like common sense, the others wouldn't exist anymore. FACTS!!

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb

    Maybe the United States should look outward to other nations on how to run elections. I'm sure there are more than a few things we could teach Americans.

  • Lilia Brunswick
    Lilia Brunswick

    Third-Party I will not vote. It is still corruption.

  • Syd Millner
    Syd Millner

    Yes we can and Donald J Trump will make it happen and he will win again in 2024 the Republicans and demorats have obviously lost touch with reality, the Republicans show they care nothing about the American people by blocking stimulus and the Demorats show they don't care by the halfass way their doing the pending stimulus package, after all the promises they have had control for two months now and that have they done ? NOTHING, time for a major change in this country

  • George Moore
    George Moore

    A 3rd party with the American system would be about the dumbest idea anyone could ever conceive, there are 2 parties for a the same people can fund both sides, in the Westminster system( a much more thought out and fair system than the one that America uses) can have many, many parties and the majority still rules....but in America if you had 3 parties one party could get elected into power with 34% of the vote I,e, two parties gets 33% one party gets 34% = 100%........ the party that is first across the line wins even though 66% of the people voted against them...even less if you count the gerrymandering that figure could get down below 25% don't even think about it unless the system itself gets a drastic overhaul, copy one that actually works!

  • Obinna Victor
    Obinna Victor

    This is the first time an intelligent person was actually given a platform to speak on morning joke...sorry I mean joe

  • Johnny Fash
    Johnny Fash

    The Democrat Party hates white people. The Republican Party won’t even acknowledge white people exist. It’s time for the National Justice Party.

  • J Upiter
    J Upiter

    There should really be five parties: Left, center left, center right, right, and one more for people who think vaccines are used to track you, the earth is flat, and that lizard pedophiles control Washington.

  • Kenneth Eke
    Kenneth Eke

    Why not four parties! Because at the moment one or other have a 50% chance of winning! Imagine a 200 million voting 4 ways? More choice only means them votes may go to another party and this is a capitalist small government country (Texas an example)

  • Maximus M
    Maximus M

    Yeah trump is trying to give you a third party.


    He said political donors are going to fix the problem. Why do I find that hard to believe?

  • Dune137

    Because 3 parties will be less confusing than the 2 parties we have now. Yeah, right.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • gonzales287

    Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.

  • USugo

    as long as the electoral system doesn't change, any third party will be short lived

  • jchubb72

    Two there be. No more. No less. One to embody power. The other to crave it. -The Sith honorific from Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. -And the state of our politics today I think.

  • John Crawford
    John Crawford

    Sure they can, of course the 3rd party they want Nazism. I'm not saying that's the only option but a 3rd and 4th party already exist... just a vote for them is like a vote thrown away. People want their voice heard but at the same time, don't want to listen to the other 325,000,000 Americans have to say.

  • DWB

    A 3rd party may sound like a good thing... until the reality of needing a MAJORITY to get anything done sinks in. If you thought the 2 party system had gridlock, wait till you have 3 UN-moveable parties!

  • Anna Gettings
    Anna Gettings

    We in Britain had a 2party system until roughly 1900. The 2party system was just like the U.S. system of today. A game of ping pong, where point scoring became the primary goal. It doesn't work well for the people of the day or the future. The problem is we have Parties and leaders for the entire election cycle. The US has Parties that get votes every 2 or 6years and a Party Leader for a few months! Making policy and making sure the people really get to know the leaders requires more time than that. It also requires the media to cover all the parties equally and seriously. So I'm all for a 3 party system but I'm not sure how you're going to achieve it, without some major changes.

  • Master Man
    Master Man

    Two thirds of who? What people is this guy talking about? A couple hundred tards in Florida or Texas?

  • Master Man
    Master Man

    Drrrrr. This is stupid talk between two dummies.

  • Master Man
    Master Man

    Nobody but a few idiots want a third party. We should get rid of the republican party and go strict democrat.

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    We are watching the end of the democratic party right now.. We're going to need a third party to replace them.... there's about to be some shocking things revealed in our near future.... that's my opinion ?

  • Ver Coda
    Ver Coda

    Why don’t you have 6 or 7 main parties?!

  • Andrew McEvans
    Andrew McEvans

    How about " the Trump Fascist Party "? Or " the Republican Criminal org. "? Oh I got one. " the Republican Communist Party ".

  • Victoria

    What does he mean pandering to the extremes? What is an extreme to him?

  • Victoria

    also we need to know what each party would do for America.

  • The GEICO gecko
    The GEICO gecko


  • nova00boss

    Get rid of the winner takes it all voting system and see a multi- party system unfold.

  • ha -zi
    ha -zi

    How much money does a party actually use during the election campaign and for what and why?

  • Brian Dalrymple
    Brian Dalrymple

    If Trump is a Cockwomble. (noun) A person, usually male, prone to making outrageously stupid statements and/or inappropriate behaviour while generally having a very high opinion of their own wisdom and importance. What would you call the party? How about, The Cockwomble Party?

  • ernstbtmn

    Here's how you do it; Split the parties. 2 Rep parties, 2 Dems parties. Which every person wins that "Rep party," faces the winner of the "Dem party." Done. (BCS style)

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    That would mean you had a right-wing party, a radical right-wing party, and a bunch of facists.

  • dan rice
    dan rice

    Parliamentary system

  • Yetgang Joseph
    Yetgang Joseph

    Trump fore instant didn't have a party if there wasn't a republican Party. So how could we know that he's been hidden among Kkk or whatsoever ideology known or not, instead of what unpredictable was going to happen in the January 6 Coup? The idea of a new Conspiracy is hard to start ( if not a new way to be credible source of well being in order to avoid a new definition of the War)? Trump has left the power without conceding his lost to (who or what Party if not Democratic Party) Biden & Harris. Short thinking if the Winner say Game is over, that's not the same sound could that End came from the other Side. And Trump refused to concede he lost. "So what for what or for who from now on?

  • Bob M
    Bob M

    Called Citizens United ... corporations now control the government and election processes

  • Street Gato
    Street Gato

    Trump will form a TURD PARTY

  • Street Gato
    Street Gato

    Like a Third Party could have prevented the Civil War in 1861. Anyone can still run for office as an Independent right? Trump could easily create a Third Party next year or sooner... then what?

  • Kurdy Sin
    Kurdy Sin

    Get rid of Electoral College, let’s try that out

  • James H. Brady
    James H. Brady

    WOW look at this undercover video of Judge Judy's son Gregory Sheindlin as he stole over 1.7 million dollars through a fraud scheme he masterminded

  • hew195050

    How does someone gt their teeth so white they're blinding?

  • Shaun Simmons
    Shaun Simmons

    THIRD party??? We need at least 3 or 4 extra parties! An 8 party system (and also a better voting system) would let the population naturally voice its opinion. It would also force the parties to actually stand on their stated philosophies and policies! The Dems pretend to be socially and economically Left, but actually vote Corporate. The GOP pretends to be socially and economically Right, but are NOW voting Fascist, because their base is pushing fascism, and they won't even pretend to be anything other than bought by their base (though they are actually bought by the that has to work itself out in the next couple or even 4 years...).

    • ha -zi
      ha -zi

      Parlament and not houses

  • Gary Paul
    Gary Paul

    Give it time democrats will be gone.

  • Blindness is a spectrum
    Blindness is a spectrum

    YES 1

  • Jorge Stolfi
    Jorge Stolfi

    The 2-party system is a consequence of single-round elections. A third party will not be viable until the elections are changed to have multiple-round elections.

  • terryq5150

    3 is odd and devisive at least 4 parties.. hopefully more..but Amagacans are to stupid and lazy to think that much.

  • Xara Channels The Hijab Witch.
    Xara Channels The Hijab Witch.

    And also divided the people more...I'm saying this based on what happened in my country.. many political parties...more of the diversion of opinion until the main focus agenda of helping the people for a good cause is being thrown out of the window. And...if, is true that this new political party is being founded by the former Potus....I'm honestly afraid it will be full of conspiracy theorist and extremist!.(Only a miniscule number of good mindset members...).Better consider carefully though....

  • sanjuansteve

    #TooFarLeft #StillSandersPlatform #DEMEXIT Education is a good investment from an individual, family, community or national perspective and tuition free education will reduce the burden from the root on our medical expenses too for example. Healthcare for all is actually CHEAPER with the insurance industry off of the table along with most of the time lost due to billing among many other reasons. A universal basic income (UBI) is CHEAPER than all of the thousands of individual federal, state and local social safety net programs including things like Social Security and unemployment insurance, etc with all of their budgets, overhead expenses and inefficiencies eliminating the humiliating need for people to lose time to prove their poverty to qualify for aid. Internet for all is a great and necessary investment to give everyone the opportunity to study, search for work, work remotely, etc online. Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power. What do you think will happen to crime rates, peace and equality in general after we launch universal healthcare, a universal basic income, universal education and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we’ll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale and freeing us to welcome the automation revolution with open arms rather than with fear and great harm? 😃 #EqualityMovement #BLM Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an #EraOfAltruism and equality. Let’s #AutomateEverything and #SkipToAbundance.

  • Dribrom Sunrock
    Dribrom Sunrock

    Well I would say USA needs 4 or 5 parties. The Democrat party can be split in 3 different parties and the Republicans 2.

  • J Caravello
    J Caravello

    Super handsome nick! Love the organization

  • Phil Patterson
    Phil Patterson

    All will happen is it will split the left while the right barrels forward sticking together. Then you'll have just another GOP victory with a lot of Nader or Perot kind of supporters wondering what the heck happened.

  • Jeanne Amato
    Jeanne Amato

    Get money out of politics first then talk about another party.

  • Daves Ontherocks
    Daves Ontherocks

    Sign me up.

  • ChickenManiac 123
    ChickenManiac 123

    America doesn't have a third party because frankly it doesn't need one. Republicans have their crazy guy who they overwhelmingly support and all of his crazy followers, and Democrats have a diverse coalition of anyone from centrist to progressive. If there was a progressive split off, more likely than not it would always vote with the Democrats. If there was a centrist split off, it might be genuinely harmful to the nation for refusing to destroy the electoral college, legislative filibuster, and the byrd rule, and with no way to pressure them they might hold out even longer. There's no third party because it's not practical, even if there were they would all just form coalitions against the Republicans creating the same system we have today but with a little more flair. Don't like the candidates? Vote in the Democratic primaries for candidates you support (I would say republican too, but the Trump guy is always going to win.) Want big money out of politics? Vote democrats so they can pass HR 1. There is no argument for a third party in America, not until we get to a more sensible centrist - moderate - progressive nationwide political split.

  • Charlie OBrien
    Charlie OBrien

    We weren't having this conversation 4 years ago....were we? When the Dems come into power the media goes into overtime trying to take that away because otherwise we might actually get Medicare for all, $15.00 minimum wage and the same rights of personal choice for women that men have. The 1% are firmly in control as proven by this segment on Morning Joe. As George Carlin said, "It's a big club, but you ain't in it!".

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    Just ordered my impeach Biden T-shirt and mask! Trump 2024!

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    Just ordered my impeach Biden T-shirt and mask! Trump 2024!

  • Liza Belle
    Liza Belle

    The truth is that Micheal Steele is correct but Trump creating a third party would only take votes from Republicans so I'm ok with that

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander

    So what are they claiming that a third of us voters want here? A third party so that we can have two conservative parties? I mean independents are just a bunch of folks that left the Republican party is all.

  • Glenn John
    Glenn John

    Can we get Casey a hair stylist..? Looks like she just removed her bonnet. I like Jesse Ventura's idea of having a "none of the above" option on all ballots. Third party isn't going to work.

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon's but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.” ~ Ulysses S. Grant, 1875 "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” ~ Typically misattributed to Sinclair Lewis, the original source of this quote is unknown, but likely derived from labor activist Eugene V. Debs 1917 quote, "Every robber or oppressor in history has wrapped himself in a cloak of patriotism or religion, or both." Before World War II, Charles Lindbergh typified American heroism with his daring flights, including the first solo transatlantic flight, and his celebration of new technology. He parlayed his fame and heroic stature into a leading role in the America First movement, which opposed America’s entrance into the war against Nazi Germany. In 1939, in an essay entitled “Aviation, Geography, and Race,” published in that most American of journals, Reader’s Digest, Lindbergh embraced something close to Nazism for America: "It is time to turn from our quarrels and to build our White ramparts again. This alliance with foreign races means nothing but death to us. It is our turn to guard our heritage from Mongol and Persian and Moor, before we become engulfed in a limitless foreign sea." The America First movement was the public face of pro-fascist sentiment in the United States at that time. In the twenties and thirties, many Americans shared Lindbergh’s views against immigration, especially by non-Europeans. The Immigration Act of 1924 strictly limited immigration into the country, and it was specifically intended to restrict the immigration of both nonwhites and Jews. In this era, the likes of Toxic Trump and Marginalized Greene have become the face of the new "America First" fascist movement built up over the last four decades by the GOP, Reich-wing plutocrats, demagogues, and media. But, as with Lindbergh, the American people gradually come to recognize their dysfunctional poison and reject it. Most Americans understand, accept, and appreciate that the enduring strength of America is that we are a nation of immigrants and multiculturalism, a "melting pot" where the best ideas rise to the top, and superficial differences are meaningless in the face of our common humanity and purpose. Most Americans want competent leaders who speak truth, who strive to unite, who are not corrupt, who care about them. So, it should come as no surprise that President Biden is already receiving high marks from the public, while Toxic Trump never managed to rise above even a 50% approval rating. To conclude where begun, the following quotes are submitted for further reflection: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~ George Santayana "History doesn't repeat itself. But it does rhyme. ~ Mark Twain "That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history." ~ Aldous Huxley "If men could learn from history, what lessons it might teach us! But passion and party blind our eyes, and the light which experience gives us is a lantern on the stern which shines only on the waves behind." ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Louis White
    Louis White

    I will join A Independent Party. We have to take the leap of faith and take back the power of "we the people". We too can game the system. Just stop giving the two party system money and volunteers. Notice how the two reigning parties oppose federal only election funding and opt for corporate and pact funds. This makes it nearly impossible for another political party to gain any traction with the voters. Then they come on with the con; if you vote for a third party you'll split the vote. What they are not saying is that will force coalition governance. You know... Bipartisanships.

  • Judith Adams
    Judith Adams

    Does not need another party. The 2 we have are having too much trouble.

  • Erik Bongers
    Erik Bongers

    Have these 'experts' even tried at looking at other countries? Don't they know the difference between plurality and majority voting? In countries with majority voting (that is, you need 50%+1 votes to govern), parties rarely reach that 50% and thus must form coalitions with other, smaller, parties to form a government. Such a system thus encourages the creation of new parties, that can get a 'piece of the pie'. In the US, a plurality voting system exists -whomever gets the most votes wins. This system leads to fewer parties. This is politics 101. How come these experts don't know this?

  • Ikukundu

    The way America is structured, a third party will be a disaster! It is going to be the party of the extremes coming together. Bye!

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips

    Personally I think the biggest issue with US politics is the fixed election cycle. With a limited election season (Canada is 6 weeks) you don’t need to spend billions campaigning for four years - therefore don’t need to raise billions.

  • Doug Buse
    Doug Buse

    We have to shorten the time between the election and the inauguration. Time limit Superior Court judges. Remove donations from politics.

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    As political commentator and former Republican presidential advisor Mark McKinnon so aptly put it just recently, "The Republican party is at dysfunction junction." May disagree with conservative ideology and with their stances on many issues, but do value and respect LOYAL opposition--a duty that the GOP has for too long forgotten and abdicated, putting personal and party interests before country. That is not only harmful to their party, it is harmful to our democracy and institutions. And it has come to represent a clear a present danger to our nation, a serious threat to our very security. All of this is mentioned because it is firmly believed that this is not a time for diplomatic, soft-spoken words. This is not a time to be Pollyannaish about our current political landscape, but a time for frankness, a time for acknowledgment of defects, a time for confronting stark unpleasant realities. Our democracy is a fragile construct, only as sturdy, vibrant, and enduring as we maintain it, requiring constant vigilance and due diligence. Just as we don't forget Pearl Harbor, or 9/11, even more so the attack against our nation's Capitol on January 6, 2021 by fascist Reich-wing domestic terrorists incited to insurrection by a deranged President against his own government must never be forgotten or forgiven. Thus, we MUST condemn both cowardly, corrupt Republican so-called "leaders" defying truth, justice, duty, democracy, and Constitution--and their dysfunctional political party that behaves as a cult--in the strongest possible terms, using the most muscular language that can be mustered. For it is necessary; the very fate of our nation depends upon it. Disaster was narrowly averted with the defeat of Trump, with Democratic control of the House and Senate, but the battle for the soul of this nation is far from over, and we must never again allow ourselves to become complacent. And so it is vitally imperative that we remind each other of this, that we impress these things upon the rest of the citizens of this nation.

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    Yes, non-partisan primaries, ranked voting, abolishment of the antiquated, undemocratic Electoral College, campaign finance limits that get dark money and big money out of elections!

  • Normandy F
    Normandy F

    1)The Democrat party 2) The Republican party 3)The psychopath party or Trumpublican party

  • Chavez Chavez
    Chavez Chavez

    We only want 2 parties. If we have 10 parties than the president could win with 11% support. We want people to have a majority support when they get elected.

    • Chavez Chavez
      Chavez Chavez

      @Piotr Trebisz are people incarcerated for what a doctor says they might do in the future there in Germany? The media doesn’t talk about the mass persecution in America. I’ve been incarcerated a bunch of times without committing a single crime. It’s messed up. It’s our mental health system. But they never incarcerate those mass shooters. I’m a pacifist.

    • Chavez Chavez
      Chavez Chavez

      @Piotr Trebisz I understand the concept loosely but I don’t like it. Isn’t that how Netanyahu keeps power even though a majority of Israelis want him gone?

  • Brother Mine
    Brother Mine

    The problem is primitive voting methods, which count at most one of the majorities, which is highly prone to spoiling, which creates the two party system. The solution is a voting method that counts all the head-to-head majorities. To do that requires only one round of voting, in which each voter expresses his/her order of preference. Ranked Choice Voting is just another primitive voting method that counts at most one majority, and is prone to spoiling, as was demonstrated in the 2009 election of the Burlington Vermont mayor. Note that when only one majority is counted, that majority may be a coalition of minorities, such as the minority who want to ban abortions plus the minority who want to slash capital gains taxes plus the minority who want to deport people of color, etc. That means policies are always unstable and unsettled, even when favored long term by majorities. A voting method that counts all the head-to-head majorities would lead to the end of political polarization, the defeat of extremists, and the settling of long-unresolved issues (such as abortion).

  • America Tolliver
    America Tolliver

    The two we have now can't get things done, a third party would be disaster for the people! For sure less would get done, then gets done now and that's pretty bad!

  • M Bennett
    M Bennett

    The only way this country will be fixed in a major way.....Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties,Term limits and more than 3 parties...

  • Gigi Bigh
    Gigi Bigh

    The 3rd party is needed. The bigot anarchists need their own party and separate from normal conservatives. Maybe then there will be true governance and consensus.

  • Dawit Zewde
    Dawit Zewde

    It's long overdue. Let's have a progressive party - look at Europe.

  • omi god
    omi god

    There were FIVE political parties on my state's Presidential ballot - if America really wanted a third party, we could have voted for it. It's obvious that what people tell pollsters and what they REALLY think are two different things. Being dissatisfied with your life at home doesn't necessarily mean you actually want a new spouse - you just want the one you have to behave a little differently.

  • Bacon Press
    Bacon Press

    Nice to daydream.

  • marcel gaddis
    marcel gaddis

    WATCH: Joe Biden Just Said the N-Word! Yet no one wants to report on it!

  • robr2190

    CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC are all losing viewers every single day. Why? They have been exposed. They don't report news. They attempt to create news. They lie. They sensationalize. They misinform the people. Worst of all. They censor information. That is communist. So does social media. Which really isn't social anymore.

  • Dani Syx
    Dani Syx

    get rid of parties altogether i don't want a business deciding who i get to vote for

  • William Gleaton
    William Gleaton

    What country is the person who ask this question from, for those who don't know the United States already has a 3 party system Republicans, Democrat's, and Independent. INCREDIBLE!

  • Saber Max
    Saber Max

    This along with eliminating the electoral college is exactly what I, and many others, have been saying for years. Those in office are owned by big corporations.There is no accountability because they make the rules. Our votes don't matter if the corrupt are the ones who decide who we are 'allowed' to vote for. Make corporations ineligible to donate. Put a cap, that most Americans can afford, on individual donations. Remove money to run for office from the equation by only allowing equal amounts of funds to each candidate once the people have decided who those candidates will be. Make laws to hold officials at all levels of government accountable. Put term limits in place including for the supreme court. let the people vote for supreme court positions, no more allowing them to be appointed. Allow the American people the ability at local, state & federal levels to have a vote of no confidence at any time they deem necessary to remove any elected official from office. Lower officials wages and make it so they cannot give themselves raises unless the people get an increase as well. Remove their free healthcare for life and the free college their families receive unless the people are given the same. This would be a good start towards the people taking back their country.

  • ida jane
    ida jane

    After the 2020 election, I don't have the confidence that America have the "brains" to elect someone who will work for the country rather than for himself or just for the party. The democrats are the closest thing to working FOR the country but they are not perfect and you can forget about the republicans

  • Jeff Oliver
    Jeff Oliver

    Wrong we don't have two parties we have one party that has two names that represent their donors. That why popular issue like raising the minimum wage don't get done because their donor's don't want it raised.

  • Eusunt Dac
    Eusunt Dac

    Time to move to a parliamentary system. That way, pretend-to-be democrats like Joe Manchin can join center Republicans and make their own happy party. The liberal progressives can be free to be their own party and the QAnon/MAGA can have their own party. Everyone will be out in the open and not hiding under other people's umbrella.

  • Wolf

    Yes, Ranked Choice Voting is the way to go. This is the the only way forward. Keep on hammering down towards these reforms people. We CAN fix our election process and thereby return to a time where we have a FUNCTIONAL Government by the people and for the people.

  • Benjamin Jenkins
    Benjamin Jenkins

    Ah yes, the “extremes on both sides” argument. Let’s dissect that a bit shall we!?! The Far Right: We think that anyone who isn’t white should work for us or die because they’re subhuman savages. The “Far Left”: The government should give free healthcare for everyone no matter who they are and we know we have to ability to do it. Hmm 🤔 one of these things is not like the other.... We do need more than two parties to chose from but the false equivalencies must be called out and stopped immediately. It’s not journalism, it’s entertainment and this is why no one has faith in the media and why authoritarian wannabe dictators have a shot at winning elections now. Period.

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    Political Parties divide the nation as we have seen, much like the Civil War did. Time to get rid of Political parties and start voting for country

  • Dennis Spackman
    Dennis Spackman

    Republicans wont want a third party as it will split their party

  • AKA Queen
    AKA Queen

    Money in politics has ruined politicians. They become pay-to-play fat cows. Time to cut off their access to corporate lobbyists.

  • Silkwood Art
    Silkwood Art

    A third party as equally strong of a player as the main two is moronic to say the least. Not going to happen.

    • Silkwood Art
      Silkwood Art

      @Piotr Trebisz We already have that.

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