TX Officials At The State Level Not Doing Their Jobs, Says Fmr. HUD Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Fmr. HUD Secretary and fmr. San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro weighs in on the problems in Texas following a crippling winter storm. Castro also discusses Sen. Cruz's controversial departure and return to Texas following the storm. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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TX Officials At The State Level Not Doing Their Jobs, Says Fmr. HUD Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Geno Bourn
    Geno Bourn

    No they are not but they enjoy receiving those nice paychecks!

  • R.F. Hopkins
    R.F. Hopkins

    A friend reminded me the other day ENRON wasn't that in TEXAS, >>>>>Yeah, Keep electing Republicans, Keep Getting F!@#

  • robert moore
    robert moore

    If Texas takes federal disaster relief dollars, than US taxpayers should have a say of how Texas should clean up its act.

  • gen manion
    gen manion

    they need to put their auto pay off

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones

    What state has the dumbest senators?

  • Bapho met
    Bapho met

    i saw how the houses are built. in my country these structures would be barns for hay .. at best. almost no insulation. crazy ..

  • Ts s
    Ts s

    Why in Gods name did no one tell these people to drain their pipes! I bet there isnt a plumber in Texas with burst pipes. This is one simple thing the Government could have announced and saved a lot of people a lot of heartache and misery.

  • ilalla

    How many times do we have to go over this? Republican officials are representatives for the 1% and large corporations, they don't care about you if you have a net worth less than $5 Million. Notice Abbot blaming windmills immediately instead of seeing how he could help Texans. He got his marching orders from his Big Oil overlords.

  • Erol Dinch
    Erol Dinch

    Morning Joe is so much better without Joe Scarborough and his fake outrage, constant interruptions whilst Mika is speaking and self righteousness. Mika is a much better interviewer than JS because she actually listens.

  • Sean

    I don't see any ice from Ted's pictures, looks like it was done on a nice day in a quiet car park 🤣 Secondly support from federal government would be socialism since it would be tax, that's a naughty word isn't it 🤣 Best of luck Texans but you gotta get rid of moron Ted 🤟

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    They voted GOP, AND deregulated to save $$$ and we the blue and regulated states pay. But the GOP slowed aid to PR and CA

  • Ms Congeniality
    Ms Congeniality

    Ted Cruz never went into politics to help the people, he went into politics to help himself. That’s the difference between him and AOC.

  • Dave McMillan
    Dave McMillan

    Screw them. They asked for and created this mess.

  • Dave McMillan
    Dave McMillan

    It's Texas. Wall them off and let survival of the fittest take over. It's what they say want. Until reality kicks in.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Erica Tejas
    Erica Tejas


  • 365 Strong
    365 Strong

    What ya'll gonna do for Sandbranch, TX! 👀🤔😡

  • Samantha Beasley
    Samantha Beasley

    Because they are only working for themselves This should have been fixed years ago But they have forgotten what they were elected to do They make more money on the bribery and don't even worry about getting caught They each and everyone of them in politics has forgotten that they took an Oath I don't believe it means anything to them They just line their pockets Everytime they pass a bill to help the people We get the scraps They get what they need to make more money I guess big corporations are paying better than we do Because it's all about money and not about the people NOW

  • cattigereyes1

    Republicans government!! Texas voted for this so no thanks!

  • Daves Ontherocks
    Daves Ontherocks

    You vote for an R in texas. Just means your ridiculous.

  • P Costello
    P Costello

    Some run away from helping and dodge responsibility, others run to the problems and make a positive difference. What type is in charge in Texas?

  • Jason Boyce
    Jason Boyce

    The Public Utility Commission had an emergency meeting to stop energy companies from billing customers? You mean BIG GOVERNMENT was stepping in to tell SMALL BUSINESSES how to run their companies and not letting the MARKET decide?

  • Calin Florin
    Calin Florin

    Texas is a communist state if the capitalist laws don't apply.

  • Deck Hardt
    Deck Hardt

    Well duh...

  • Andrew Kennedy-Reagan
    Andrew Kennedy-Reagan

    MSNBC is desperate to keep feeding their audience anti-Conservative narratives. Without Trump the hard lefty propaganda channel is flailing as they try to keep their audience angry and thus interested in the propaganda they’re selling.

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia

    I hope Texans remember that Cruz showed as much care for them as he did his dog. His first instinct was to leave them all to freeze without even water that's safe to drink.

  • Progressive Humanist
    Progressive Humanist

    If 45* was still in office, he'd just throw a few paper towels at a photo op and do nothing else.

  • draculacasota

    Those photos of Cruz, is he loading his and wifes car with water, seems about right

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke

    Wait what??? Government workers not doing their jobs, Impossible. I don't believe it

  • Jackyc1234 Clark
    Jackyc1234 Clark

    Don't pay the electric bill .

  • Richard Cogbill
    Richard Cogbill

    Most GOP leaders in Texas are supported by donations by energy companies. So anti-regulatory laws in the state legislature are written in their favor.

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Where are the idiots that protested outside vote counters properties? I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now! Will other Texans hold them responsible? If they like Mexico, Ted Cruz's children should be treated like Mexicans and put in cages and sterilised ..

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Where are the idiots that protested outside vote counters properties? I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now! Will other Texans hold them responsible? If they like Mexico, Ted Cruz's children should be treated like Mexicans and put in cages and sterilised ..

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Is there a list of the shareholders who made profits from not updating the Texan power infrastructure? Texans could go protest outside shareholder properties as they did for vote counters. Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they would still vote for Ted Cruz that did nothing other than go to Mexico? Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they believed Trump that Climate change is a Chinese hoax?

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Gas and coal systems also fell over not just the wind power systems. Corporates needed to update the infrastructure but saved money for shareholders instead. The bad news is Texans voted for Traitor Trump's do nothing strategy that he also used for the Covid response. The good news is that it is summer in New Zealand.

  • Animal Lover and Erica Detmer
    Animal Lover and Erica Detmer

    Amen thank you, I truly want Ted Cruz gone! As a Texas we deserve better then him, we need to demand it he obviously has not cared in a long time if ever.shows he does not care and he will never care..

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    The problem wasn't Lying Cruz flying to Cancun...it was that he came back.

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    The dishonesty, the lack of shame, character, integrity, honor, and courage of Congressional Republicans like Lying Cruz just never ceases to amaze and disgust.

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which supplies about 90% of the state with its power, said Tuesday that wind power is responsible for just a fraction of the loss. "Of the power shortfall that hit Texas, over 80% was due to problems at coal- and gas-fired plants," PolitiFact reported. Experts say traditional energy sources, including coal and natural gas, performed below expectations, while wind power actually performed above expectations. "Main story continues to be the failure of thermal power plants - natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants - which ERCOT counts on to be there when needed. They've failed," Princeton engineering professor Jesse Jenkins tweeted Tuesday. "Those of you who have heard that frozen wind turbines are to blame for this, think again. The extreme demand and thermal power plant outages are the principle cause." Just to also note; this is the third time Texas has experienced power losses due to winter weather events. It happened before in 1986 and 2011, and the Texas legislature and Governors have repeatedly ignored warnings of catastrophe and recommendations that power generating infrastructure urgently needed upgrading to winterize it. In fact, it was current Texas Governor Greg Abbott who sued the EPA in 2011 as Texas AG to resist compliance with Federal energy grid regulations. Compounding the problem is that Texas and ERCOT decided to be independent of the national grid to avoid regulations, which would have helped ameliorate power losses. Now, instead of Texas having spent a little money to insure themselves energy security, U.S. taxpayers will be bailing out hundreds of millions in aid to Texas because of their ignorance, greed, and criminal negligence.

  • Pikachu

    GOP under Trump is no more Grand Old Party, it's now Greedy Orange People.

  • ken kesler
    ken kesler

    Do you think Texans will be stupid enough to vote these Republican JACKASSES back into office? I guess we'll see in 2022 and/or 2024.

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams

    The thick drug alarmingly hurry because anime dfly fetch off a gullible gusty chicory. sloppy, unique roadway

  • Ron Dohner
    Ron Dohner

    You people don't get it....Texas isn't equipped to take care of an inch of snow let alone a foot or so....a half an inch will shut down Dallas because they don't have snow trucks...joe dropped the ball on this one...

  • ayrton ong
    ayrton ong

    The pastoral plaster commercially nod because dinosaur electrophysiologically rock next a private puffin. amused, abhorrent asparagus

  • Alma Alvarado
    Alma Alvarado

    Did you just see Ted Cruz giving water what a hypocrite now he's doing something so he can look good

  • Fabio Leon Osorio
    Fabio Leon Osorio

    Don’t Mess with Texas! They used to said!..

  • Tom Blakley
    Tom Blakley

    It's all Obama's fault ...

  • Hoffrey Jones
    Hoffrey Jones

    GOP depraved indifference! Insurance companies have clout, they can hammer imbecilic Abbott!

  • E Land
    E Land

    There should have been alerts telling people to leave taps on...just dripping...to stop the pipes from bursting.....its not something that would be common knowledge in Texas...

  • ZenoByte

    Why weatherize.. Then they can't jack up prices and make bank when things go bad...

  • Liza Belle
    Liza Belle


  • Michael F
    Michael F

    They’re Republicans. They never did do their job, they just want more ways to rip off taxpayers

  • stillfoufou

    4:25 “You can’t put people in charge of government who don’t believe in government in the first place. They’re going to fail you every time.” EXACTLY

  • Madmartigan

    Sadly I think 2020 showed us that no officials are really doing the jobs they're voted for and paid by the taxpayers to do.. Welcome to America the dumpsterfire where elected officials care nothing for their voters and taxpayers and only care about the rich and wallstreet... Poor and corrupt leadership and their massive greed has ruined this once great nation...

  • Gary Pofahl
    Gary Pofahl

    Ted Crud loading water into a car? What a joke. Sick joke!!

  • Aaron Kenon
    Aaron Kenon

    This is a good man

  • S C
    S C

    As long as it's a Republican messing over the Texans it's okay; poor fellow didn't mean it. But had it been a Democratic; well they would have shot the fella head off! Make a donkey of your own and its okay.

  • ThE DuCk
    ThE DuCk

    Texans who think that living in a deregulated state was a good thing, are prob thinking differently as they open thousand of dollars in energy bills for energy consumption they didn't even use because the entire power grid was frozen over. This is what deregulation does to consumers . It allows consumers to be ripped off , and charged any amount that businesses choose to charge their customers. Regulation is consumer protection. Deregulation is just the opposite. Stop electing the same people who did this to you .

  • JR Nihiser - Watch Me Draw
    JR Nihiser - Watch Me Draw

    What haven't the republicans f***** up yet?

  • Mario Tango
    Mario Tango


  • Norm alice
    Norm alice

    The job of republicans is to get elected. Just as the job of traders is to take money.

  • akahina


  • Rick Pascual
    Rick Pascual

    Well, at least all those unemployed Wisconsin pipeline workers can head to Texas for work. Win win. 👍🏼

  • Jim Koonz
    Jim Koonz

    Department of Energy order #202-21-1. Its Gov. Abbots request to the DOE to increase power output prior to the storms in Texas. His request is DENIED by Bidens DOE. DENIED because it didn't follow "green energy" guidelines.

  • mavericky154

    So the big question is: how are Texans going to pay for flying/lying ted next vacation? He needs another rest in some exotic place not Texas.

  • stanley mc fadden
    stanley mc fadden

    Someone once said it's a mark of a bad commander that blames those under him.

  • Raul


  • JustSayNoToTV

    This is exactly what happens when voters vote Republicans. They will NEVER ever learn. Texas has a republiKKK governor, Lt governor, and two senators. "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink."

  • CIO Whitepapers
    CIO Whitepapers

    Deregulation doesn't mean Freedom, it means that taxpayers cover corporate losses.

  • Raul


  • Milton Ramos
    Milton Ramos

    Can someone confirm when Ted took those pics and when AOC tools hers helping others? Lol

  • Kevin Hartman Jr
    Kevin Hartman Jr

    State of Michigan employees working from home aren’t doing their jobs either...Hahahahahahahaha No one to monitor them...🤬

  • Jeanne Amato
    Jeanne Amato

    There’s a few people that need to lose their jobs.

  • David L
    David L

    Ok in their defense, Wifi in Cancun can be very spoty so maybe it's hard for them to get stuff done if their Zoom call never works :/

  • The DAWG
    The DAWG

    Nice photo op. Texans found out that wind power is not reliable and erocot cant manage the transmission onto the grid.

  • Starina

    Really? Republican officials sitting on their hands, passing the buck and pocketing their paychecks. Who'd a thunk? 🤠⭐🇺🇸

  • Marti Waterman
    Marti Waterman

    Agree with what Castro said. Texans will forget and put the same pols back in office. Watch and see.

  • John O
    John O

    Republican incompetence is literally killing us

  • Rendor Williams
    Rendor Williams

    If Texans had been following Federal regulations, they would have weatherized their liquid natural gas facilities, power plants and water treament plants, so that they could withstand the brutal cold. This is an accident they could have seen coming. In fact this accident already happened, in 2011. But they failed to implement the changes in a 300-page after-incident report.

    • theresaI wright
      theresaI wright

      They knew about this since 1989 and still did nothing.

  • Me

    Deregulation is NEVER good for consumers. Either is consolation.

  • Chavez Chavez
    Chavez Chavez


  • Colin Mahoney
    Colin Mahoney

    I heard that the Repuglikans in Texas Are Blaming China for those power outages in Texas! They are claiming that China stole all of their electricity, loaded it into shipping containers then Shipped it off to China!

  • Niel Thomas
    Niel Thomas

    Come on biden... help ! You blasted trump all these yrs and covid is a a record high, freezing, now hurricane , tornadoes, fire season, soon the locusts will be here, then the volcanoes... hurry biden, your our god now

  • Suomy Nona
    Suomy Nona

    So Texans changed their minds about seceding. What happened? Federal government leave us alone but FEMA help us.

  • Linda Lauer
    Linda Lauer

    That is a disgrace.

  • Daulstage Butterfly
    Daulstage Butterfly

    They all Spents the Weekend golfing at mar a lago along with loser Lindsey begging for a win.

  • Jon Whick
    Jon Whick

    With peoole.get 10k+ bills im thinking maybe they purposely started the rolling black outs to make mayor bank and will gey insurance money as well

  • Greg M
    Greg M

    Elections matter. I have sympathy for the Democrats, but I have little sympathy for the Republicans. They got what they voted for.

  • Jon Whick
    Jon Whick

    Texas peeps reading the comments i know it isnt standard in texas but get a main shutoff in your home as well that you can shut off the water then you just open the tabs and emtey the pipes then also a pipe does burst you dont gotta wait the water company tomshut it down

    • Debby Parker
      Debby Parker

      I did that and only one pipe burst , thank God ,

  • J G
    J G

    The Texas electrical grid is a great success!!! Many wonder how can you replicate this great success across America? Yours, Putin

    • Debby Parker
      Debby Parker

      Ha ha hee hee hee 🤭😜😅🤣😂

  • Jon Whick
    Jon Whick

    They are doinf there job for who bought them ... Billionaires and businesses

  • ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s
    ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s

    and others that are not good for my health Ade Munandar

  • ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s
    ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s

    Because I am Ade Munandar, he is upset

  • Woody Norris
    Woody Norris

    Who was president during hurricane Katrina? Andrew?

  • ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s
    ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s

    They don't want my terror Ade Munandar with violence, don't worry about their problem for me, in America, their terror is not violent, the impact is bad, they don't realize it

  • Blehkelekwet

    No electricity for the chair, Texas now executes prisoners with a candle.

    • theresaI wright
      theresaI wright


  • A Jacobson
    A Jacobson

    I’m sure this will convince many Texans to move to California where the biggest obstacle is not stepping in human feces!

  • ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s
    ade munandar there is my comment on youtube.a.s

    I am Ade Munandar in terror that I am not freed for positive things because in my religion they can go to heaven, they don't want me to be heaven, that's their problem with me but they don't realize it

  • Yvette Wilson
    Yvette Wilson

    An electricity bill that high should be criminal. I'd be ashamed to send that big a big of a bill to a regular resident. Something seriously needs to be done cause that is not right at all.

  • chi shad
    chi shad

    You wouldn't hire an anti abortionist to be chairman of planned parenthood, why hire people who don't want government to function properly to be the most powerful people in your government. Then give them legal immunity