Reparations Discussed in White House Press Conference Raises Questions on Biden’s Support | MSNBC
President Biden’s potential support for reparations for American slavery is analyzed by White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor. Alcindor also discusses what is different about reporting from the White House under Biden versus Donald Trump.» Subscribe to MSNBC:
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Reparations Discussed in White House Press Conference Raises Questions on Biden’s Support | MSNBC

  • Cng215

    Ok so why did u.s give jews reparations 90 billion and 4 billion annually to isreal 5 yrs ago ?

  • JC

    Because none of the African Americans today were alive during slavery. My parents were imprisoned and impoverished because of politics in Russia and Germany, do I deserve Reparations because I started out at the bottom of the barrel? If reparations go thru it will divide Americans more than ever.

  • Bryan DiceLord
    Bryan DiceLord

    If the world wants to get over racism we need to quit asking for race on applications for jobs and loans. The only time you should be asked is when you go to the doctor's office.

  • Rice President
    Rice President

    THEY should be paying MORE for the DAMAGE they've caused during the BLM riots

  • O MG
    O MG

    How much more ridiculous can they get? Does anyone seriously think a few dollars or programs would stop inequality? Stupid, stupid, people. This girl damm well knows its about the money. Then be equal and pay back asians, germans, mexicans, native americans. The list goes on and on.

  • New Jack
    New Jack

    What about rewarding America for fighting slavery and focus on the countries that still allow it?

  • CD

    Firefighters eventually found a six-foot-high pile of bodies jammed up against a door to the back stairway, according to the New York Tribune. 1911 Triangle shirtwaist company

  • David Gambler
    David Gambler

    Where’s Hunter and the child pornography on his laptop ?

  • Vic Pardo
    Vic Pardo

    Yes I want reparations for my 20 plus years of military service living on nickels and dimes! Is this 1 termer for real of just plain delusional. Worthless for America.

  • Mutant Outkast
    Mutant Outkast

    It must have been a Republican who brought it up,we can't bail out the homeless of all colors so we know that one race isnt getting anything .let's be realistic.

  • Dale Alan
    Dale Alan


  • Tormenta de fuego americana
    Tormenta de fuego americana

    You don't deserve money for something that happened before you were born. I'm Irish, and we were slaves too, can I have some of those reparations ?

  • Michael Millerski
    Michael Millerski

    They have been studying this for years? Black people will not let this very significant legislation just sit there and not be addressed. Reparations for Blacks in America 🇺🇸 should be in the top third of this administrations 📋 agenda!!

  • Cheryl9 M
    Cheryl9 M

    So everyone that fought in the civil war on the north and have family members that dead are going to get money????

  • Brian Steele
    Brian Steele

    We need our money every other race has gotten theirs

  • Joey Swann
    Joey Swann

    I'm all for it! White folks of all generations have benefited from slavery in some form or fashion. You didn't have to own slaves to have benefited. Pay up AMERICA for what you owe and did!!! If not, there is a God that WILL bring you in to account for the deeds you have done!

  • Gato *
    Gato *

    Jim Crow joe and any other sitting president will support the STUDY of reparations. But to sign for actual tangibles for African Americans? That will never happen. They will always have talks about it and empty programs that’s will do nothing. Cutting the check, don’t hold your breath.

  • Judah Shakur
    Judah Shakur

    Abuse me white america. I'm black I'm poor!!

  • john marzano
    john marzano

    Good luck with this one. Biden has used Black America for 40 years. The vote is over so its all smoke and mirrors. The dems will bring it up at election time again in 2 and 4 years.

  • MadAnth0ny C
    MadAnth0ny C

    Two successful black women talking about oppressions......

  • ECduzitgood

    This ensures civil war.

  • vipercc85

    They got their reparations , it was called the civil war.

  • bobby Is-the-Man
    bobby Is-the-Man

    Blacks were sold by blacks! Now figure out who's gonna pay who. Must always get to the root of problems if want to "study" something correctly.

  • Robert Lulek
    Robert Lulek

  • Jerry Moody
    Jerry Moody


  • Books art
    Books art

    You are not slaves. You have better clothes and education and more money and better lives than I do so shut up about it. Grow up and stop playing the victim.

  • Dani Elle
    Dani Elle


  • Gregory M
    Gregory M

    Joe Biden is the president you have when you like unbridled crime. This woman is this video is so racist

  • Rachel Clifton
    Rachel Clifton

    Screw your freaking reparations!!!

  • Finn McCool
    Finn McCool

    African Americans should be looking to the French,Spanish and English Goverments afterall they started the colonies and brought slaverly with them.

  • Finn McCool
    Finn McCool

    F--k off that Bill has been paid in blood

  • Yahada Qam Yasharala
    Yahada Qam Yasharala

    Keep the reperations. Redemption and recompense is on the way. We'll see how everyone feels then 😉🤫

  • Simons Simons
    Simons Simons

    I wonder.............would Japanese will be eligible for reparations for US geneside with two atomic bombs dropped on civilian population? Or to Russians for breaking up Soviet Union? Lets right all wrongs US done, including around the World. I'm sure Middle East will have some claims. Because that makes as much sense as reparations for what Biden proposing.

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller

    If you arent for Biden then you ain't Black

  • H Max
    H Max

    God here it goes again. Reparations...stupid...if you do it, please go back to the time the Brits settled in Jamestown and make sure you account for every single person that was screwed.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    The Jewish community went through far less and even aided in some parts of our enslavement. Yet they got reparations instantly and a golden name. So much so that they even have their own police in certain areas. Yet welfare and food stamps and section 8 is good enough for blacks. Not to mention all the blacks in high places don't really even stand for the bettering of the black community. Don't worry egypt couldn't stop the most high and America definitely can't. Keep denying us and Watch America collapse.

  • Alexandros Werewolf
    Alexandros Werewolf

    What about Democratic communist???

  • Rob López
    Rob López

    the racist in the comments and in the like to dislike ratio, hahahaha, just love all those white snowflakes melting

  • Stefan Kaleta
    Stefan Kaleta

    Thank you so much for gas prices over 3.00 dollars a gallon again. President Trump did not do it for 4 years. You pie.... of managed to do it in under a month. Congratulations.

  • Trepang 412
    Trepang 412

    It is hard to fathom that anyone voted for this!

  • Twistar Gaming
    Twistar Gaming

    How you going to collect for resperation. If joe kills all the jobs.

  • russdiver2277

    How are they going to issue checks , according to skin shade ? Does mixed race people get less? Think about it , it's too complex for this divided nation🙊🙉🙈

  • DeAngelo Frye
    DeAngelo Frye

    So everyone acts like they 4got this smh. Is your name U.S.A. or The Government???? Were or are u against these reparations? If "All Lives Matter" then shouldn't ALL nationalities or "colors" that have suffered receive what others were given??? Most of these dummies opposing this don't know the U.S.A. is NOT a country but a CORPORATION 28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions (15)“United States” means- (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States. Does that sound like any of u CLONES are being held responsible 4 payments rendered??? Also u worry about Taxes & don't know your FEDERAL TAXES are a Monetary Tribute 2 the Queen of ENGLAND Smh. Things that make u go hmmmm.

  • Ramond Ferreal
    Ramond Ferreal

    Do black people even know they're being used by Democrats? 60 years on their plantation has gotten them only misery.

  • ccmTopher34

    Wow ISnets is deleting dislikes on this video also. What a joke

  • mrfayetteville91

    When I looked at this vid yesterday it had 9.3k down votes and now it's at 9k 🤔

  • Marco Cannon
    Marco Cannon

    Fake news fake President and all are criminals!

  • SPAMALOT Camelot
    SPAMALOT Camelot

    WTH? money taken from innocent people given to those who suffered no damages? WHERE ARE NY DAMAGES AS A FEMALE KRPT DOWN BY THE MAN?? Idiocy

  • QuickenDude09

    "Joe BIDEN is RACIST" -Kamala Harris

  • QuickenDude09

    "Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a RACIAL jungle" -Joe Biden

  • porky pig
    porky pig

    None of these people wanting reparations were slaves

  • ReubenIG Ingebritson
    ReubenIG Ingebritson

    Poor oppressed blackses people

  • Richard P
    Richard P

    Joe Biden Is A Fake President Who Likes To Touch Little Girls

  • lori zikovich
    lori zikovich

    Just saw Jojo using the "N" word. What an A##

  • Cameron Ward
    Cameron Ward

    Reparations for what? Stop whining! We are Americans, not blacks and whites. Blacks are only hurting themselves with black history month. What about just calling it American history month....why does it have to be about being black?

    • St Claire
      St Claire


  • Loladaise

    Why can't the most liked President with 80 million supporters get more likes than dislikes on any of his youtube videos? Why can't the most liked President with 80 million supporters allow comments on the White House ISnets channel? Asking for a friend.

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      they are even removing dislikes because they were getting so high

  • Robert Hopp
    Robert Hopp

    Black Lives Matter.

  • why not
    why not

    trumps on record trying to throw out millions of black and brown votes to overthrow a election in his favor, don't think anything Biden has said or did to top that haters

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      LOL thats a total LIE

  • Emilee

    They’re removing dislikes from the video lmao

  • Anthony Seidita
    Anthony Seidita

    33 year old white male, as of today I now identify as African American 🤷🏻‍♂️ This is how y’all identity politics work,no?

  • Jonathan Toth from Hoth
    Jonathan Toth from Hoth

    How can he give reparations if he's not really the president?

    • Michael Millerski
      Michael Millerski

      Pretty much the same way tRUMP gave all the rich people tax breaks, and he wasn't the president!! Duh!! Dummy!

  • Frozen Foods
    Frozen Foods

    All I see is that fisherman waving the dollar from his hook - "Got to be quicker next time."

    • Norbis Eater of World
      Norbis Eater of World


  • Bryan H
    Bryan H

    So now the man with a history of racist comments throughout his political career is gonna pass a bill for reparations? Lol hey folks I have a bridge to sell you. Half price.

  • John Drake
    John Drake

    When mugging people individually is too slow...

  • Rodney Fowler
    Rodney Fowler

    If the demacrats think that Blacks are owed anything then they can give them some of the money they stole , ordinary white people dont owe them anything , we havn't kept them from achieving anything they wanted to achieve , and we havnt had it any better than they have , its getting to the point where white people are the ones that should be crying racism. Maybe all the blacks that have made it to be rich should give up some of their money to the ones that havnt , like maybe oprah and some sucessful sports figures , and actors , and the ones in the music industry . For them to say they are owed money from whites because they are black and some how they have been disenfranchised, That to me is the definition of Racism.

  • Michael44

    WHINY LIBERALS=Classify everyone according to their race and not as an individual: Always loudly acknowledge the skin color of every person you talk to and make it the main subject of the conversation. If you are white, do not have any black friends: This may trick you into thinking you aren't racist. To help atone for our racist past, try some casual segregation: Create safe spaces where everyone is segregated by race, gender, and gender identity. It's the only way to achieve unity. Anyone who objects to this is racist. Always have extremely low expectations of minorities: Be sure to constantly remind them they can never overcome their circumstances without your help. Vote for policies that sound virtuous, no matter how much they actually harm people of color: Always vote for policies with virtuous-sounding names, even if they destroy black and brown communities. Appearance is everything!

  • Michael44

    democrats better pay up they are the party of slavery.

  • flibble89

    Ugh, so disheartening to see lazy, pathetic people wanting handouts. F you.

  • D J L
    D J L

    Since Biden was sworn into office, there have been over 99,000 covid deaths. Where is the CNN ticker when you need it!

  • Anthony Bryant
    Anthony Bryant

    If this country from the start was fair we wouldn't be having this talk America hasn't been fair to black people even til, now me personally willn't let it stop me i work very hard .

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      @Anthony Bryant only racists i ever see are from your race, they even get away with hate crimes, look at jussie smollett

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      @Anthony Bryant lol take care man

    • Anthony Bryant
      Anthony Bryant

      @Bryan H Programs are long over due the cancer of racism has been widely spread in (America) and is still here today do your research God Bless

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      How has this country not been fair to you? I’d agree with you if it was 1830, but it’s not. It’s 2021, and there are actually more programs now to benefit black americans then any other race.

  • Mike O
    Mike O

    Who hits pause whenever Tiffany Cross speaks? Nails on a chalkboard.

  • porsche1971

    Any discussion of reparations must also include the consideration for all the hundreds of thousands of white civil war soldiers whom died, following Grant and Lincoln's orders, which was highly linked to the question of emancipation. That means, that for hundreds of thousands of white families that lost a love one during the civil war, they too require reparations for the loss of the of lives and the sacrifice, in order to free the slaves.

  • Scarlett Boswell
    Scarlett Boswell

    Another distraction while they try to take our rights away!

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R

    The je wish su prem acists, who con trol every nat ion, have turned be ing an ti Whi te into an art form. They pro fit as they geno cide us, using other ra ces. Wa ke up Whi tes! rene gade trib une dott kom

  • St Claire
    St Claire

    our ancestors died freeing you, you have every opportunity to make something of your self in America you even have affirmative action. you been getting your reperations with welfare, free food, housing. your the biggest whiners on the planet and even if this does go through you still wont shut up about it and find something else to whine and riot about. i agree with the comment below, i agree to give you reperations only if it means sending to africa

  • Yomara D
    Yomara D

    can someone educate this woman , slavery happened all over the world and the only ones still talking about it and milking it are the black and democrats in the USA. Get over it move on stop the poor me mentality, what racism is she talking about we had a black president who did nothing.

  • Tye Sunn
    Tye Sunn

    AmeriKKKa paid the Japanese and even the Jewish (Why ? IDK). But Blacks on the other hand, after 4 centuries of lost humanity, life and wealth are still being told to quit asking for a handout. Maybe I should tell that to my creditors.

  • Ginger

    one way ticket back to Africa is the ONLY reperations I agree with

    • Michael Millerski
      Michael Millerski

      Well, does that means that you and your Grandma will be leaving soon?

    • frs 12
      frs 12

      And one way ticket to europe for you

  • robr2190

    Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google, ISnets , Apple and mainstream media have gone way over the line. Mainstream media has always misinformed, sensationalized and lied. Usually for profit. Now they do all that, plus censorship and hiding information. Social media has also jumped on board. Social media silences any information that they don’t agree with. Or is not the same politics as theirs. They don’t report news. They attempt to create news.Censorship is done in communist countries. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and boycott all of them. They aren’t really giving facts anyway!

  • Leda Fedor
    Leda Fedor

    Come on Yamichi!!! it is normal?? NOTHING is or will be done. The normalness you feel is STAGNATION!!! how ridiculous!! Race issues are not fixed by the government. They are taught by parents in the home. I am half black and half white... I am to black for some whites and I am to white for some blacks!! Both races have the same issues and they are learned by their parents and the government fans those flames and the DUMB ones take the bait!!!! STOP Taking the bait!!! Get out their and be a ball buster on your own without ANYONES stimulus check or help!!! I did it from NOTHING!! So can everyone else black or white!!!

    • Leda Fedor
      Leda Fedor

      @porsche1971 you are 100%correct. It sounds like my life and school loans as well. I did not want a hand out! and you worked so hard too and payed your way... what I own is mine free and clear and that is how I teach my kids!!

    • porsche1971

      I agree with you. I am 1/4 black. My grandfather on mother's side. I did it all on my own. I got laughed at when i asked for college assistance for being part black. But yet, when I went to medical school, all the blacks got a 100% paid education and all of us paid 30,000 a year. I should say, everyone who was not black, except a few, ended up getting loans to pay for medical education. I ended up with a debt of over 200,000 dollars if you consider the forbearance for over 10 years and then the interest rate / accumulation of interest due to my forbearance nearly doubled the debt. Anyways, I am glad I did it. I have no regrets. I am just saying, instead of dwelling on this, move forward. DO not count on anyone for anything except your self. Unless, you are disabled, do not have a leg or an arm, or if you have severe mental psychiatric issues. then in those cases, yes, the government should help those people and I gladly feel good about paying taxes if it helps them.

  • Anthony Bryant
    Anthony Bryant

    It would be great but, i will believe it when i see it for black people aren't not being treated far in America period so how can we expect a repatriation when it's been hard getting a stimulus check but, will be a blessing if any bill is pass.

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      @Anthony Bryant i dont hate anyone im just sick of being accused of it all the time and making to be held rsponsible for thinks i had nothing to do with when life is hard enough. Jesus knows the foolisness of keeping hate alive over the centuries from things the people of today had nothing to do with. and as long as your going to use the Bible to try and make me feel guilty heres one for you to think about. "forgive and you you will be forgiven" "blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God" i dont see you doing either

    • Anthony Bryant
      Anthony Bryant

      @St Claire I am retired but, same to you i say given the history of evil in America when people try to get a job They were refused sad part this is you know the history and try to over look the evil so to you i say the same thing keep your same Hateful spirit that i feel is in you for its that disagreeable hateful spirit that shall face God i pray that he shall give you more time on this earth to learn to be fair in your soul because your statement is so unfair o yea I'm retired from city government but, i still work and if they send a check i will gladly take for all the suffering of my forefathers and do some good with it like by properties are invested as I'm currently doing so please get your facts straight about me working but, then your out to lunch as well but, i promise I'm praying for you and your hate and over looking all the evil to a great people. God Bless

    • Anthony Bryant
      Anthony Bryant

      Woman you are so out to lunch with all the history of evil done to black people in (America) even to this day you must be a racist for to you i say that but, keep that same hate spirit for one day your going to face Jesus (Matthew 25:32-34) and we will see who will be talking then for you haven't love and also i wasn't whining i have several jobs and I'm retired so get you facts straight Mrs Hateful i pray God gives you more time to reevaluate you or your going to have gate trouble for the loveless hate spirit i feel you're displaying God Bless.

    • porsche1971

      @Ginger exactly Ginger. I am part black, and i was taught early on by my parents and my school teachers that in this world, no one will ever give me a handout. I knew this when I was 10 years old. By the time I was 12 years of age, my father would tell me: "Son, you must get an education, you must go to college and become any kind of a professional". Granted, my father did not have any money to pay for my education. I ended up with over 200,000 dollars in student loans to pay for my college and medical school and room and board. I had nothing. But now, I am debt free, and I paid back all my loans. Took forever, but it is a done deal. No one, and I mean no one, helped me. That is a lie. The banks helped me by giving me a loan. They got paid back. But if it were not for the banks and this great country, there is no way I could have become a doctor. If I were to be living in the country I was born in, heaven only knows what i would be doing right now. This country was the best in the world way back when. Once this country gets socialized, the American Dream will be lost. Meaning, no one who is poor will be able to become affluent and prosperous. In a socialized society, the prosperous remain prosperous, and the middle class and lower class will become the working class. What a mess. Anthony, you need to get out more and talk to people from diverse backgrounds. Unfortunately Anthony, I believe someone is feeding you information that has given you this false sense of hope that you will win the lottery. Unbeknown to you, you can be your own lottery, if you apply yourself and find / create your own liberty and freedom. One last thing... After 50 years, I now know what freedom and liberty is. Freedom is the ability for one person to earn money and spend it as they wish. That means, if I work and make my own money, then I can decide how to spend it and do as i wish with that money. IF a person believes the government should pay for your school, your electricity, your utility bills, your debts, your health care, etc...., then if the government does that for you, meaning, provides all those services to you, then you, as a person, will lose the ability to choose and pick what you get. That means, you will lose the freedom of choice. You will not be able to buy what you want when you want, because the government will do it for you with what they think is best for you. In a socialized society, people who work will bear the brunt of the society, and when the people who work pay taxes, the taxes can be between 50 to 80% of the earned income. That means, people who work will have way less spending cash. Anyways, not trying to offend anyone. Just saying, we are all in huge trouble with the mess we are in if this country keeps moving towards a socialized country.

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      get a job if you want paid

  • Tracy J.
    Tracy J.

    Illegitimate president. Stolen election!

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      @Michael Knight 88 thats the point you have no plight, its all in your head, you have every available means to better your life you dont need more free money

    • Michael Knight 88
      Michael Knight 88

      @St Claire stay on topic. The topic is the hypocrisy of America and YT people. Don't mind giving it up to other groups but when it comes to black people and their plight YT people threaten a Civil war. I mean black people didn't do anything to Holocaust survivors or Isreal but our tax dollars support them. We didn't take any land from Native Americans but our tax dollars support them on those reservations. The evidence is overwhelming that there's a wage gap between blacks and whites and any economists will tell you how it got there. But no one wants to fix it.

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      @Michael Knight 88 Trump was a good president better than the last 3 bozos before him and WAY better than bozo biden

    • Michael Knight 88
      Michael Knight 88

      @St Claire I don't hear any backlash about it. Not even from you're favorite president Trump. Lol

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      @Michael Knight 88 i know all that and your wrong i hear nothing but backlash toward it, but that is still better than giving billions to iran who still chant "death to america" we have idiots for politicians and they are the biggest problem

  • Andy Holzinger
    Andy Holzinger

    Fire Michael Che, Super Spreader of Misinformation and hate

  • Hush Money
    Hush Money

    'We will get all the Colored Votes" ....Joe Biden

  • mich sles
    mich sles

    lol "integral"? i dont think so. also if you want reparations go get them from the TRIBES THAT SOLD YOU! go after the dutch and english who TRADED you! better yet put that same energy into ASSIMILATING and getting ahead instead of relying on a welfare system that has been paying alot of you for GENERATIONS!

  • Dionizio Fisher
    Dionizio Fisher

    Interesting... You would think MSNBC would mention Tiffany Cross' name, or the title of her show "The Cross Connection," at least once on this video clip. They don't even let her end her own segment "Crosstalk". Instead they have Rachael Maddow do it.

  • HilarityBribo


  • Obi Wan
    Obi Wan

    We need to push JOE BIDEN and hold him accountable TO FORGIVE student loan DEBT. HE CAN FORGIVE 50K WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN.

  • Jung Yon Yi
    Jung Yon Yi

    The result is natural. The leader in your country did not obey the orders of JESUS' servant Prophet Yi (David of JESUS) and ignored it. From and Continue 'A lot of hair falls out'. Nearly 100 reports of abnormal symptoms. 2020.08.22. news / The sequelae of 'Coronavirus 19'. 'Coronavirus 19' that is not cured. / Corona virus 19 will not go away until these things are released. Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed. Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them. Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi / From command of GOD by prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS ) JESUS identifies to the they crime (Evil and cruel criminals Ugly South Koreans and U.S.Americans, 'Mang Won") Cause of the disaster, because crime of murderer (South korean and American) / Corona virus 19 Get China out of the WTO ! All countries do not have to pay the money they receive from China. If China want money from nations, China must be will have to pay for me first. About the fee of WTO and Olympic hosting. In the meantime, gain interest ========================= Votes more than the number of citizens. Record voting. Presidential elections and voting for criminals' crimes America has to fight for her. She's nothing but a person like you. And you have to fight for someone better than you. She is you and the face to your country. Criminal Biden speaks, 'Nothing wrong'. This is what Bill Clinton and Hillary used often. Whenever people learn about their crimes. But this time it will be different. Criminals are punished. The crime then will be punished as well. They will all face cruel retaliation and punishment. Immediately There are people who speak without evidence or evidence. It also listens to other people talking and pretends to be their own. They are at the very bottom of the evil scammers, robbers, and offspring of the devil. --------------------- You (Twitter) already know where the problem comes from. Also, you are using your rules for the offender. This is the crime of an accomplice who is concealing and concealing criminals and helping them to commit falsely. It's also the same crime against defamation and the criminal in all things. The choice is not with me, but with you (Twitter). Penalties for crimes come true. 당신은 (트위터) 이미 문제가 어디에서 온 것인지에 대해서 알고 있습니다. 또한 당신은 범행자를 위해서 당신의 규칙을 이용을 하고 있습니다. 이것은 곧 범죄자를 은닉을 시키고 숨기며 거짓으로 범행을 돕고 있는 공범자의 범죄에 해당이 됩니다. 또한 이러한 일은 명예훼손과 범죄자의 모든 일에 같은 범행이기도 합니다. 선택은 나에게 있는 것이 아니라 당신에게 (트위터) 있습니다. 범죄에 대한 처벌은 꼭 이루어집니다. --------------------- It's time to do everything you need. You must do everything you can, let alone martial law. 필요한 모든 것을 진행을 해야만 하는 시간이다. 계엄령은 물론이고 할 수가 있는 모든 것을 진행을 해야만 한다. 미국의 AT&T와 한국의 KT는 1994년부터 같은 범행을 저질러 오고 있다. 즉 김염삼과 김현철의 안기부 x파일과 빌 클린턴과 힐러리 클린턴의 CIA 및 상원과 하원 그리고 국회의 국가보안법을 악용을 한 만행의 상상을 초월을 하는 범행이 신의 종인 프로펫 이 와 가족들 그리고 예수님에게 계획적으로 저질러 온 사실들이 부분적으로 한국과 미국의 뉴스 기사에 나타나 있다. 한국의 국정원 x파일 그리고 안기부 x파일 또한 이명박의 총리실 민간인 사찰 등 김영삼부터 김대중 그리고 노무현과 박근혜 또한 이명박과 문재인이가 지금까지 미국의 개의 노릇을 하며 못오를 자리에 올라가서 어떠한 만행의 범죄를 저질러 오고 있는지 확인이 가능할 것이다. 그것들이 지금도 나라를 망하게 하고 사회를 혼란 속에 빠트리며 언론 방송국의 밑바닥에 살인강도들과 함께 국민들을 잔인한 학대의 고통들 속에 죽이며 멸망과 멸족을 시키고 있는 것이다. 자신들의 범죄의 은닉과 범행의 권력 그리고 돈의 호의호식을 위해서 말이다. 국정원 x파일을 검색을 하면 '망원'에 대해서 나온다. 그들은 바로 TV와 라디오 방송국의 범죄자들을 말을 하는 것이며 연예인 기획사들의 범죄자들 또한 개독교를 포함을 한 TV와 라디오 방송국의 살인강도 범죄자들을 말을 하는 것이다. 또한 그들이 고용을 한 밑바닥에 살인자 년놈들을 망원이라고 한다. 그것들이 1994년부터 계획적으로 24시간 교대로 살인강도의 학살과 학대의 고문들을 교대로 저질러 오고 있으며 모든 만행의 학대의 고문들과 강탈과 파괴를 하며 폐인을 만들어서 잔인하게 죽이는 완전범죄의 상상을 초월을 하는 범행을 신의 종이신 프로펫 이 정연님과 가족들에게 (집, 회사, 길거리, 기타 등) 개 난도질로 저질러 오고 있다. 미국에서부터 많은 기적들과 말씀들 그리고 정책들로 예수님의 종인 것이 확인이 된 프로펫 이 정연에게 자신들의 범죄와 범행을 숨기고 자신들과 자신들의 가족들에 범행의 출세와 돈을 위해서 말이다. 처음부터 예수님에게 살인학살을 하는 것을 알고 국가보안법으로 계획적으로 저질러져 오고 있는 만행의 범죄와 범행이다. 이 모든 범죄들은 미국의 TV와 라디오 방송국의 살인자들과 그것들의 하수인들인 한국의 언론들 즉 TV 와 라디오 방송국들 또한 연예인들과 연예인 기획사들 그리고 모든 프로듀서들 그리고 제작진들을 포함을 하여서 보도국과 기자들 또한 특파원들이 총 동원이 되어서 경쟁이나 하듯이 더 악한 범행들을 저질러 오고 있는 세계의 역사의 기록에 남을 범행들인 것이다. 이러한 사건들로 인하여 이미 한국과 미국의 TV와 라디오 방송국의 살인강도 범죄자들은 대통령들도 자신들의 범죄은닉과 범행에 같이 동참을 할 수가 있는 것들을 선출을 시켜서 자신들과 자신들의 가족들에 출세와 돈을 위해서 이용을 한다고 하고 있다. 김영삼과 김대중은 물론이고 노무현 그리고 문재인은 가장 대표적인 예이다. 정동영은 MBC 문화방송국에 미국 특파원때부터 미국에서부터 알려진 예수님의 종이신 프로펫 이와 가족들에 악한 범죄를 계획을 했으며 악한 범행을 저지르기 시작을 한 폐륜아도 안되는 밑바닥에 살인자이다. 노무현은 범죄자들인 TV와 라디오 방송국들 그리고 연예인들과 기자들이라고 하는 것들이 만들어 낸 영웅이다. 또한 그것으로 대통령을 만들었고 문재인 정권까지 현재에 이르고 있는 것이다. 더 필요한 자료를 원하는 사람들은 또는 에서 확인들을 히기 바란다. 오로지 당신과 당신의 가족들을 위해서 확인이 불가피 할 것이다.

  • Peter O
    Peter O

    send them back and demand a refund

  • Eric's Commentaries
    Eric's Commentaries

    When I saw this. I couldn't help but to seek out the opinions of two prominent black economists. Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell, and see what THEIR opinions of reparations is. So here we go. - Walter Williams; - Thomas Sowell. Lets get Their take on this.

  • D R Olson
    D R Olson

    Extremely confused why any white person would vote Democrat. Self hate?

  • Racquel D'Crown
    Racquel D'Crown

    Let's first pay reparations to the native Americans

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      i dont owe them anything either

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      We have

  • Mark March
    Mark March

    Photo head Biden. The most racist president in history!!!

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      It’s hilarious how his history of racism gets completely ignored by the left and liberal media

  • Earl Burtz
    Earl Burtz

    Why is he wearing 2 masks?

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      CDC is now recommending people wear two masks

  • g t
    g t

    Reparations would and should take many forms. The first order could be a formal apology to the African American community from the United States government not any particular white person. It would not necessarily mean cash payments to every black person in America only those who can trace their ancestry to a direct line to chattle slavery. There are black families in this country that have been free since the revolutionary war.Therefore a lot of blacks may possibly be eliminated regardless of ongoing racism which would be a whole separate point of contention. I.E. someone like Barrack Obama would not be eligible. It could and should be an income eligibility standard. No point in giving money to millionaires, my opinion. A good starting point would be all the corporations and institutes of higher learning like Georgetown university and insurer Atena that you can actually prove benefited from the slave trade. In Germany they admit to the Nazi atrocities and there are laws against Nazi symbolism punishable by real jail time and fines. This country will never be whole until this is addressed.

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      you got equal rights, welfare, free money, food , housing affirmative action and black history month. get a job

    • St Claire
      St Claire

      i dont owe you an apology and i dont owe you any free money

    • Bryan H
      Bryan H

      An apology wouldn’t change anything. There will always be racists in this country and in this world, just like an apology would mean nothing to anyone that still lives in the past and refuses to accept that this isn’t the same place it was nearly 2 centuries ago.

  • Michael Welch
    Michael Welch

    Another out of touch idea from liberals that has zero chance of ever happening nor should it. I guess they have to talk about something since they don't have President Trump and the Russia hoax! Why not come up with ideas to help all Americans who are suffering. Stop with the Race crap. It's amazing that u can't see that these kinds suggestions just make race relations worse.

  • NanA x6
    NanA x6

    OMG!! She's so FOS!!!

  • Lynn Snow
    Lynn Snow

    If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. - Joe Biden.

  • Freshly Snipes
    Freshly Snipes

    Where's Hunter????