U.S. Reaches Grim Milestone of 500,000 Covid Deaths | MSNBC
The coronavirus has claimed the lives of 500,000 Americans. MSNBC's medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel reflects on the grim milestone.» Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc
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U.S. Reaches Grim Milestone of 500,000 Covid Deaths | MSNBC

  • Rob Zoomi
    Rob Zoomi

    A failure? Look at that number. Thats a very low ratio of cases vs actual deaths. We did fantastic guys ! ⭐ Gold star 👏

  • Hugh

    I wonder how many cases and deaths could be contact traced to the massive super spreader riots/protests that went on for months last year. Just terrible.

  • Spring Sunshine
    Spring Sunshine

    Thanks to Australia...one of my very best co workers...moved to Australia...married a really nice Australian...lives in Sidney.....she sent picks back of parrots on their patio...

  • Sah Di
    Sah Di

    Wear a mask to prevent transmission potentially leading to recoverable illness or death. Wear a condom to prevent transmission potentially leading to recoverable STD or death.

  • T MB
    T MB

    200,000 dead in two months 💔

  • JB

    Biden/Cuomo death count tops 500k.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Shap 71
    Shap 71

    My comment was deleted...strange! Remember the real travesty is the 1.3M babies murdered in the woman’s womb. No mention of that from these fools.

  • tom my
    tom my

    Donald and his helpers are only responsible for 400,000 of those deaths; so far. not all of them

  • Steven Shelton
    Steven Shelton

    Trump asked us black people “what do you have to lose” by voting for him in 2016. I would never have considered Half-a-Million Americans and our Democratic,(almost?), way of life any where on that list. I wish Trump NO good will!

  • Damian Leah
    Damian Leah

    People do not act like Trump made it, they are angry because he tried to trivialise it and say it was a hoax or it’s just flu. Because he doesn’t like bad news. It in effect cost him the election.

  • Damian Leah
    Damian Leah

    Depressing reading

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    The numbers are totally fake.... the coronavirus is going away right now.. Sections are dropping radically... the whole virus is used by the Democratic party to bring about their great reset and destroyed the United States financially

  • Stephen Robinson
    Stephen Robinson

    Maybe follow the rules, maybe wont be that high? I'm so glad boarders are closed.

  • 鲲Kun.

    WOW BIDEN IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!😡🤬He's the person that does less tests!!!!

  • DonRua

    100,000 of which happened in the last month, under Biden's watch.

    • Steven Shelton
      Steven Shelton

      Yea Don because the pandemic wasn’t going to stop because of the election but we are in the 100s of thousands because Trump is feckless, lazy and generally incompetent. “It will all go away come spring”.

  • Progressive Humanist
    Progressive Humanist

    US = failed state. Get out while you can.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      way too late for that! The vast majority of the world has it's borders closed to the US!

  • john Cenna
    john Cenna

    Zionist Illuminati human sacrifice offering to their satanic god Molloch in the Torah it’s called qorbān. Just like 9/11.

  • LUAN 89 TONY
    LUAN 89 TONY


  • The Great Bamboozler
    The Great Bamboozler

    I respectfully disagree. We will not return to normal again any more than we returned to normal after 9/11. We will have a new normal it's going to be inconvenient and is going to be a driver between people making us less communicative and cohesive as a nation.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      ​@The Great Bamboozler lol smh!!!!!! SO wrong, but I can imagine it too! We use a lot of backpackers for labour here & they're all missing, so there's PLENTY of jobs to go round, so if employers here tried to do that, the employee would just quit! Not having health insurance linked to employment helps in that regard too, easier for people to just quit & find a new job, so the vast majority of employers are going the opposite way, they're actually finding productivity increasing if people are treated well & working less hours, so most have now gone to 4 day working weeks for the same pay as 5. There's limits of course, some jobs are hour based not productivity based, I mean you can't have a checkout chick work less hours & be more productive obviously, but any job where it's possible has converted now & the rest are demanding less hours cause everyone else has less hours too. Many people here ARE working evenings & weekends BUT it's in return for time off during the week when suits them, employees are setting the schedule not employers. A few tried to abuse employees early on & also abuse government benefits, but I think the vast majority of them have gone under now, just not getting support & customers in the new post covid world & the employees have stepped in & opened their own businesses in their place :) Could be really interesting to see how these new global dynamics play out in the years ahead! I wonder how each country will go as a result of the changes

    • The Great Bamboozler
      The Great Bamboozler

      @Me Here it is indeed sad. I know that several individuals I have encountered who have transitioned 2 working from home have been pretty abused by their employers who now expect them to be available late into the evening and on the weekends to do work because they don't have to commute

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      That's sad! "the new normal" in Australia is a shorter working week, with far more built in flexibility & far more focus on work/life balance & quality of life. Priorities have changed & that post industrial revolution era, where people became cogs in a machine is over! People are now people again, expecting to be treated as such & employers have no choice but to fall in line with "the new normal" due to it being such a strong overall cultural shift. Life is FAR more convenient & standard of living FAR higher now because of covid's influence. Shame that's happened in so few places :(

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    Don’t forget the incompetent DeSantis who hid data and lied about covid! (Yes, no need to mention Cuomo)

    • CherryBlossom Queen
      CherryBlossom Queen

      ugh i hate that guy >:-(

    • My Channel
      My Channel

      @Ja Loux NYC has the densest city that accounts for such a high number. Florida doesn’t, yet has more cases and 4th highest deaths by state, that is unless little Ron is hiding more data.

    • Ja Loux
      Ja Loux

      DeSantis has the oldest population in the US and ranked 28th in deaths per capita while Cuomo’s NY is 2.

  • Jo201515

    And yet the average yearly death rate is the same or lower as previous yrs. 🤔

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      stop lying! provide a source if you want to make that claim!

  • Vaughn R Holshu jr
    Vaughn R Holshu jr

    Fake news .add the numbes up people I did every one is dead on earth .

  • anime doge
    anime doge

    Good job anti-maskers america has the most cases

  • Luxline Luxurious products
    Luxline Luxurious products

    500.000 families are mourning as we speak worse than war

  • Cheryl Carlson
    Cheryl Carlson

    I will never forgive 45 for the malicious neglect and abuse of healthcare workers. Never, for all eternity. The expectation that 46 should have fixed that level of evil in 2 months is insane. So now much of the country has multiple disasters and covid to deal with and people are hurting and dying more than anywhere else in the world because fools were afraid to stand up to insanity. sad.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      took us 8 days to drop cases by 90% in Australia! 14 days is generally the accepted time it takes for a 90% drop in cases with competent management. Stop giving biden a free ride, he's just as incompetent as trump, actually he's worse! He's competent & cunning & calculating & realises you'll blame the previous guy & so he can get away with it!

  • Noel Phillip
    Noel Phillip

    Update 501,344 deaths

  • USugo

    FYI according to CDC data, the US reached an excess death toll of 500k still back at the end of 2020. By now, they are 650k and counting. isnets.info/main/eqbDyIKIlaq6hLs/v-deo.html

  • HJB

    And we did not have to get to this point. We did not have to. But some wanted us to get to this point . . . and beyond. You figure out who, then why, and then do something, even a small thing, to stop them from doing this further.

  • Valerie Angell
    Valerie Angell

    Half a million dead...and it’s not over yet.But it’s slowly slowly winding down...

    • Valerie Angell
      Valerie Angell

      @Me Here I said slowly.Verrry slowly...

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      oh here you go again! Please stop! It is NOT winding down! That's what you said last summer, while we were screaming at you from Australia to take it seriously & realise what was coming! Do NOT get comfortable with where you are! You have no idea!

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    Terrible the way the Trump tackled the problem,still loads more to come as well

  • El Ingles
    El Ingles

    After 60 years of massive lefty bullying, we English totally destroyed the left labour party of Britain. Any form of bullying is not right, so we took them to sword. .... America, STOP the Bullying !!

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    In fact the actual death rate from covid is less than the flu.... that's the numbers are dropping very rapidly

  • T. R. Campbell
    T. R. Campbell

    This is absolutely terrible news for the Biden administration. During Joe Biden’s campaign he ran on the promise that he had a plan to address our COVID-19 nightmare. Several sources that I have researched state that during the Trump administration over 350,000 to 400,000 Americans have died. Our compliant media as well as our party and set these deaths on trumps doorstep stating that he was responsible. So now during the short time that we have had the Biden presidency, we have had an additional 100,000 deaths from COVID-19. Joe said he had a plan during the campaign. People voted for Joe because he said he was going to get it out of the COVID-19 nightmare and he kept mentioning the Trump failures. We now have 100,000 deaths during shows tell you. Joe needs to put his plan in place ASAP to prevent additional deaths that will be blamed on him. We must all work to make Joe’s presidency the best one ever. He needs to put his plan in place now.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      ​@T. R. Campbell constitution in Australia & America is very similar on this, is up to the judge, but constitutional lawyers who challenged & defended it here basically assessed that yes, to do it the way trump did would have been unconstitutional. WA residents had to be equally locked out of their own state when it put up a hard border to the rest of the country, if they had let WA citizens in but excluded the rest of the country, it was an easy defeat in court, because they didn't though & WA was functioning completely normally when it reached the high court, while Victoria was in total, extreme level lockdown, it was easy to prove it was for health reasons, which is fully legal in the constitution (in both countries). If trump had held firm with his idea of closing NY's state borders back at the start, the situation in the US would have unfolded VERY differently, but Cuomo didn't like the idea & so trump cowered to him :( Vaccines shouldn't be relevant right now, they should be happening in Summer. In terms of proper management that's needed now, yes states differ, but federal funding & support is needed, so a National plan. By closing the state borders though, it also gives each state all the power they need to manage it effectively & we also discovered that it creates state based tribalism, that trumps all other tribalism such as left & right politics, each state here competed to prove they were best at managing covid & federal government policy of "flatten the curve" became "suppression", became "aggressive suppression", became "aggressive suppression to zero" cause states that wiped it out refused to let it back in & have to return to social distancing. Constitutional limits initially caused some issues in re-opening between eliminated states, but eventually everyone just agreed it was for the best & threw that stuff out the window & just did it, so now all states are open to each other, but if a case occurs in one, all or near all state borders slam shut to that state immediately & stay that way until it's eliminated again. NZ is subject to the same rules (cause they're getting just as many outbreaks as the bad Oz states nowadays, so they too see their International border slammed shut to Oz each time that happens). Translation to America, state borders closed universally, all states lockdown until controlled, with federal support to make that viable & then once they have control, they end the lockdown & once that's done & they still don't have covid returning, they re-open their borders to other states in the same position & more & more join the covid free travel bubble, which applies pressure to the remaining ones to contain it too, so they can rejoin the rest of the country. It works! It's been tested! I think we're at about 36 days covid free in Sydney now, not sure, once we reached 28 we stopped counting, since that's official elimination & the point where the masks came off & social distancing rules were removed & life returned to complete normality. It's always been pretty normal here anyway, we've had stadiums of 30,000 maskless people each week through most of the year, pubs have been consistently at 300 people or more permitted at any given time & music festivals are a little different now, but still happen, just seated (bring own chair, no limits on closeness) & in "pods" of 300-500 people per section, so if Rona attends, it should be only that 300-500 people exposed, not the 20,000-30,000 that were in attendance, but all round life's pretty normal (actually much better than pre-covid) & in many states it's 100% normal, so WELL worth the inconvenience of travel restrictions to get to that point in our opinion! We haven't had a lockdown here since April & even that was just a loose set of rules designed to drive problem backpackers out of the country, really nothing we couldn't do, we just contact trace when Rona re-enters the country, other states mostly tend to lockdown for 3-5 days to wipe it out completely & then return to normal, but we don't even bother doing that, we don't need to. If you can control the borders & the people inside the controlled area are all on the same page, it's really easy to wipe out over & over again as needed. The more border closures, the smaller the group that needs to control it & so the easier & faster it is to do. Regional Victoria took less than 2 weeks to control it & re-open once they were properly cut off from Melbourne. NT, SA & WA, same story back in March, it's very fast & easy first time round & when the state's been free of it for months, people are back to that first time mentality of doing as needed to wipe it out, but with more experience, so less need for rules, we're just told where the virus is at & we know what's needed now, so no need for any further rules here anytime we have an outbreak. It works!

    • T. R. Campbell
      T. R. Campbell

      @Me Here some of the recommendations were very interesting and very unconstitutional. I believe Trump attempted to close borders, I know he close the borders with China as soon as he has administration learned that the communist Chinese and the WHO lied to the world about how quickly the virus could be transmitted from animal to human and human to human. I recall Trump was ridiculed about this closure and cold, xenophobic. Constitution guarantees travel between state to state. I also believe a unified plan is going to be a mistake. Allowing the stage to develop their own vaccination plan is the most logical because there is a huge difference between New York State and North Dakota or California and Arkansas. Each state has its unique issues. Some eastern stage might have a very robust transportation system. The civil air patrol was required in South Dakota to deliver vaccine by ear to outlying communities. I don’t believe Joe can wait until the summer time nor can the American people. I would hate to think what you mentioned was his plan. I still have to believe that Joe is getting some very bad advice from some of his recycled holdovers from the Obama administration. I would hope that we learn from our mistakes during that time but perhaps we haven’t. Joe has put his plan of action now and reject the advice of some of these recycled staff members. I do appreciate your comments and your input. Stay safe, stay healthy.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      ​@T. R. Campbell you're preaching to the choir here! Reality is though that the vast majority of Americans are happy to believe that there's nothing he can do & they will be happy that the cases will drop with vaccination & warmer weather & then he can roll out the vaccines on mass over summer to prevent a new autumn/winter wave. This was clearly his plan, let trump have the blame for the rest of the winter & then let the virus subside naturally over summer & just stop it's return with vaccination. Australia & NZ's PM's both spent significant time with Biden (at his request) detailing what was required to manage covid. He knows what to do, but he's elected not to. The UK has now started to follow much of the advice from Aus/NZ (finally) so it's easy to see what options were available to biden & what he was educated on & the impact it would have had on case & death numbers if he had followed it - Close all state & international borders - lockdown until contact tracing can cope with the case load - contact trace & isolate 3 generations of contacts for each case - pay everyone a living wage in government benefits to stay home 14 days & 90% of cases are gone, then depending on compliance & level of lockdowns, anything from 2 more weeks to 6 more months & the virus is controlled & things can re-open. By closing state borders (country borders in the UK, with Scotland, Wales etc all closed) each area can come out of lockdown as soon as it has control & so significantly reduce the lockdown time needed in most places. Fast acting, aggressive variants actually see major case reductions in just 3-5 days & within 14 days, those ones will be wiped out completely. Australia & NZ nowadays average only 3-5 days for a lockdown IF they need to use one & then everything fully re-opens again, although usually with some limits until 14 days has passed, just in case there's long incubation period cases lurking. From 14 days after he took over, case numbers were on Biden! People need to realise that & stop letting him get away with blaming the last guy!

    • T. R. Campbell
      T. R. Campbell

      @Me Here There is nobody else to blame. Every month we blame Trump for the deaths. Every month Trump had blood on his hands. Every month COVID-19 was trumps fault. Joe campaigned on this failure of Trump to deal with COVID-19. Joe told the American people that he had a plan. Joe had a plan. Joe must implement this Plan to stop people from dying. I believe Joe has a plan but he is getting some very bad advice from some of the old holdovers and recycles from the former Obama administration. We should’ve learned from the mistakes made at that time. Joe needs to ignore those staff members and put his plan in motion now.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      the deaths won't be blamed on him, that's the problem! He knows it & is exploiting it to avoid doing any sort of shutdown to actually reduce deaths, cause he knows that wouldn't be popular. Quite horrifying actually! I really thought he was better than that!

  • Brenda Lester
    Brenda Lester

    I missed it. I predicted Easter. : /

    • Patrick Tyler
      Patrick Tyler

      Hello Brenda How are you doing?? Hope you and your family are safe

  • attovishnu

    Im sure the numbers of people frozen to death have been added to the Covid tome.

  • Stewart Brann
    Stewart Brann


  • Patrick McCann
    Patrick McCann

    Shes crying?!?!?!?!?! lmfao!!!

  • Goh Boon
    Goh Boon

    So many deaths because the incompetent Trump Administration didn’t do anything right from day 1.

    • Goog Tube
      Goog Tube

      @Me Here Don't be a murderer . You are promoting evil propaganda.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      ​@Goog Tube yeh that suits your agenda doesn't it, just assume summer death numbers over winter. 2019 June 225,000 2019 July 229,000 2019 August 227,000 2019 September 223,000 2019 October 238,000 2019 November 239,000 2019 December 256,000 10,000-20,000 additional deaths per month can be expected in October to December so cut your bull manipulative lies! We're in February 2021, time to use the FULL YEAR's data NOT exclude the winter covid deaths from your numbers! Over half a million more people than expected died in the US in 2020! That's despite officially recorded covid deaths only accounting for 300,000 deaths in 2020. Stop promoting scams & admit your third world shithole screwed up worse than any country you like to give that title to! No underdeveloped country has done ANYWHERE near as badly as you have! US is number 1 for incompetence & poor education! You're a joke all over the world! The rice farmers in Vietnam beet you AGAIN! 35 covid deaths there TOTAL all pandemic! Think about that as you pretend you know how to beet it! Vietnam don't use any of the drugs you suggest, they use science! Stop listening to your revolting slug & start listening to science & you'll be a LOT better off!

    • Goog Tube
      Goog Tube

      @Me Here Referring to your Sept data question. Since it is evident you lack critical thinking, do this. Just take 9/12 of the yearly numbers from 2015 to 2019 to obtain a comparison for 2020, DUH !!!!!!!!

    • Goog Tube
      Goog Tube

      @Me Here You are a liar and total fraud attempting to manipulate the false narrative to control public optics. By demonizing HCQ and manipulating other data you are complicit in the murder of anyone dying from the virus when cures/treatments are known to be effective and readily available. An HCQ pill only cost about 60 cents. Ivermectin and Budesonide protocols are also effective. You need to stop lying to prevent people from seeking treatment to save lives. Don't be a murderer.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      ​@Goog Tube WTF? why would you use September data to compare to full years in other years? Is that honestly the level of manipulation of data you need to use to try to prove your lies? Go & use the PROPER full year data page on the CDC! We're in the end of Feb 2021 now, there is NO EXCUSE to be using data from 6 months ago to try to make insane claims! How dare you suggest I'M "misreporting and manipulating CDC data" while you're using 6 month old data so as to avoid reporting the entire year & make an incomplete 2020 look ok compared to complete previous years! You know full well that winter is when the vast majority of deaths happen & that September data from every year except 2020 is WAY below 2 million! Pathetic beyond words! I hope you're locked up for a VERY long time for your part in the 6th!

  • Weeping Willow
    Weeping Willow

    Can anyone explain what is wrong with the GOP? I just don't get their logic.

  • edward thompson
    edward thompson

    Which the vast majority weren't not covid. 7k on avg die a day on avg in the US, do the math

  • Weeping Willow
    Weeping Willow

    I'm trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with the people in the GOP they won't reason with facts but prefer fuzzy math and lies instead of trying to see to it that their followers are safe but instead it appears they don't want them around but their followers are too stupid to see that.

  • Weeping Willow
    Weeping Willow

    The science was there but Trump wasn't, we could have avoided most of these deaths if not all of them only if Trump was a human being but sadly enough we all now know the GOP members are not human, they don't even care to protect themselves.

  • spymaine89

    we said never again, ITS AGAIN '' Doctors' trial (officially United States of America v.Karl Brandt, et al.) was the first of 12 trials for war crimes of German doctors that the United States authorities held in their occupation zone in Nuremberg, Germany, after the end of World War II .These trials were held before US military courts, not before the International Military Tribunal, but took place in the … ''crimes against humanity'' ' medical forced experiments for the good of mankind court: Palace of Justice, Nuremberg Decided: 20 August 1947 Full case name: United States of America v. … Started: 9 December 1946,

  • Julia Cooper
    Julia Cooper

    Remember in April 2020 when the former guy said 200,000 Americans might die from covid 19? Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.

    • Julia Cooper
      Julia Cooper

      @Patrick Tyler doing great! Hope you are!

    • Patrick Tyler
      Patrick Tyler

      Hello Julia How are you doing?? Hope you and your family are safe

  • esam 65
    esam 65

    Way to freaking go republican party!! Jerks!

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    If a lawyers could do a class action case on behalf of families who lost family members against all those in Trumps administration that was directly involved in this catastrophe, something needs to be held accountable.

  • Resologist

    Congratulations, America. You have lost more people to COVID-19 in the past year, than all the combat deaths during the War Between the States, (1861 to 1865). Many other countries have done a much better job, (fewer deaths per capita), because of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and basic precautions, such as wearing masks). As a simple comparison, in the region around Kingston, Ontario, Canada, (population 200,000+), there have been 709 total cases, only 21 active cases. now, and 1 death. This Canadian community did not throw caution to the wind, as many of you have. www.kflaph.ca/en/healthy-living/status-of-cases-in-kfla.aspx

  • Trap Daddy
    Trap Daddy

    Fake news

  • robr2190

    Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google, ISnets , Apple and mainstream media have gone way over the line. Mainstream media has always misinformed, sensationalized and lied. Usually for profit. Now they do all that, plus censorship and hiding information. Social media has also jumped on board. Social media silences any information that they don’t agree with. Or is not the same politics as theirs. They don’t report news. They attempt to create news.Censorship is done in communist countries. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and boycott all of them. They aren’t really giving facts anyway!

  • Ron L
    Ron L

    Lies, Inc. 99.03% of ‘Proven deaths by CV-19, itself’, survive. The truth is out there but, you won’t find it here!

  • Ashly0096


  • Sue3DDesigns

    Never forget why it is worse than it needed to be - the vanity of one man. A man who refused to help the people of the country he swore to protect because he thought that anything to do with the virus would make him look bad. What a "STONE-COLD LOSER."

    • Patrick Tyler
      Patrick Tyler

      Hello Sue How are you doing?? Hope you and your family are safe

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis

    Im not sure if any president could have prevented covid arriving in america but im pretty sure only trump would have decided to ignore it.

  • Bobby Browder
    Bobby Browder

    trump sure made this great. He'd like to see more die, all around the world. When will people wake up. Read a book, use common sense.

  • Paul

    Any death is sad! But this statistic is over inflated! Hospitals get a bigger government reimbursement if they put down on the death certificate that someone died FROM Covid rather than WITH Covid and other co-morbidities! This explains why the traditional death rates fom heart attacks, cancer, stroke etc. are at historic lows! It's a fact.

  • Red Out
    Red Out

    Tens of Thousands dead since he took office. Biden is a murderer

  • tom wool
    tom wool

    This the trump GOP legacy. Their failure. Their wrong doing. They are responsible.

  • President Elect Jeffrey Smith
    President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    Stupidity, the real epidemic in America. So let me get this straight. We lost over 50,000 military troops in Vietnam, 500,000 civilian deaths so far in our war with China, and America hasn't fired one shot. Got it.

  • I Object
    I Object

    Are you tired of winning yet?

  • I Object
    I Object

    As long as there are psychopaths in power, expect no change. The vaccines are too late and some mutations will render the vaccines useless.

  • muadhnate

    Yay! Winning! 🤮

  • overbanked

    Blame it on the powers that be (Dems and RINOs) who colluded with China to bring covid, and used the mail in voting scheme to get Trump out of office (because he was doing too much for average Americans). I hope that all of death was worth it traitors

  • dagmastr12

    Gov. Cuomo is leading? Let's use nursing home vs. USS Comfort. Smart.

  • Sean Breen
    Sean Breen

    Looks like the Trump pandemic is turning into a success, if Trump had four more years he would’ve gotten that 2.5 million dead

  • Barbara Pietrzak
    Barbara Pietrzak


  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith

    500,000 deaths because people in this country believe that a man on a cloud created everything rather then the reality of a virus. (Republican thought process)

  • russel herman
    russel herman

    And STILL these deluded tRump-tards are projecting and deflecting, on here...

  • Jay Gibson
    Jay Gibson


  • spymaine89

    xx www.veteranstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/WASHLITE-v.-Fox-News-et.-alia-_Plaintiffs-Complaint-for-Decl.-Relief_.pdf )''WASHINGTON LEAGUE FOR INCREASED TRANSPARENCY AND ETHICS, a Washington non-profit corporation, Plaintiff, FOX NEWS, FOX NEWS GROUP, FOX NEWS CORPORATION, RUPERT MURDOCH, AT&T TV, COMCAST Defendant '') /////////////// campaign of deception and omission regarding the danger of the international proliferation of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 [hereinafter, “the virus”]. While acting in the broad stream of commerce, Defendants knowingly disseminated// '' prove it is a pandemic or even an ''isolated in a sick human or animal is required by plaintiff not just ''word of mouth'' /////////////////////////////////////////

  • Arcanum

    If the public wore N95s we could have crushed this virus months ago like Taiwan did. Many European countries now mandate N95s or equivalent. N95s are affordable and available to the public online. There is no shortage of N95s. The public does not need to fit test them, they are on size fits all. You can get them with or without an exhaust valve. NIOSH website has tables of approved and non approved N95s.

  • Sherbet_Bomb

    Hello World. Born 84. Australia: Never in my lifetime would I have ever thought that the entire human race in the 21st century, would be pitted against a crisis like a widespread plague. Not to mention all the other tasteless chain of events that happened in 2020. Terrible. Just terrible.😶

  • Never.the.last. lul
    Never.the.last. lul

    Lets make corona great again

  • bernadette rhodes
    bernadette rhodes


    • Patrick Tyler
      Patrick Tyler

      Hello How are you doing?? Hope you and your family are safe

  • Manuel Basiri
    Manuel Basiri

    Wondering who caused the death of half a million of your population !. Let's see, isn't he the old fat guy playing golf all the time? You Americans will prove to the world that American life is cheap if you fail to bring Donald Trump to justice. The history will be judging you and your character as a nation. Don't let this cancer get away with it.

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin


  • Colin Whyte
    Colin Whyte

    Medicine, has improved since the Spanish Flu, Society has not. You have had a president who has made the 'Me more important than the us' Hopefully, the current occupier of the White House, will be able to get more people to think more about the us.

  • a b
    a b

    Random racist people who believe that I'm okay with racism I'm not! Just cause I'm black it's not okay for you to say racist stuff against different minorities and you expect me to accept that!

    • a b
      a b

      @TheHopetown okay foreign boomer lol if you're American I'm sorry to say you failed you need to learn English! But you're probably a Israeli? Eastern European? Saudis? The 🇺🇸 has nice touch lol

    • TheHopetown

      All races are racist, turns out it might be better to look at a person's character first! I hope you work out whatever it is your dealing with.

  • Old Grizzly
    Old Grizzly

    Fot Gods sake America - wake up and authorize the use of Ivermectin

    • Linda Pinda Belinda
      Linda Pinda Belinda

      America requires research that shows something works before prescribing. The one in vitro study showing marginal benefits has not been reproduced in people.

  • RussOnYouTube

    Never forget who sowed the seeds of doubt and division into how to combat the virus, never forget who put your country in this position.

    • TheHopetown

      China! Try to shake Trump out of your head!

  • imsohood9000

    I've lost so many family members and friends because of this virus. Bill Gates was absolutely correct.

  • yzrunner

    Cant believe they are still pushing theses lies when the CDC already said they inflated the numbers 🤣🤣

    • John Scott
      John Scott

      And your a moron. If your orange turd would have told the truth it would not have been as nearly wide spread. Your middle name dney?

    • Damien King
      Damien King

      Fake news

  • Francis Sanchez
    Francis Sanchez

    The former moron in the White House, cause ALL THOSE 💀 DEATH 💀, he should be CHARGED PERIOD.....

  • weburnitatbothends

    Donald J Trump, the negligent mass murderer.

  • Joe Ducos
    Joe Ducos

    Two months ago the headline would've read "Half a million people die due to Trump lack of leadership" Guess biden gets a pass for this milestone!

  • spaceshipidentified@yahoo.com palm
    spaceshipidentified@yahoo.com palm

    450,000 of the deaths are completely trumps fault and he should be arrested for it.

  • Giovanni Soave
    Giovanni Soave

    Didn't seem that long ago that Trump said the virus would just disappear one day.

    • TheHopetown

      California Locked down! Big Problems! Florida Open way fewer problems. Who got it right? One thing I never understood was the demonrats desire to run and hide, very unamerican.

  • Say NO to CCP
    Say NO to CCP

    Covid deaths during Trump administration: 400000 deaths within 1 year= average 1095.89 deaths per day Conid deaths during CCP Biden administration: 100000 deaths within 1 month= average 3333.33 deaths per day This prove Trump did a much better job than CCP Biden in the fight against Covid. Period

  • Pierre Evans
    Pierre Evans

    6,000 deaths not 500,000 .....media lie & politicians pay them to LIE 🤥

    • TheHopetown

      How many businesses died? How many Kids killed themselves, 3 at our high school. SCAMDEMIC CHINA VIRUS! FLORIDA OPEN! Republicain! CALIFORNIA CLOSED! Demonrat Demonrats are pure evil, Trump lives in their empty heads.

  • hac198582

    biden killed half a million americans

  • Salvador G. Jimenez
    Salvador G. Jimenez

    She is painting a rather rosy picture of how "normal" we will be, maybe, in about 2 more years if ever.

  • Justin F
    Justin F

    We need to talk about how Biden lost 20k American jobs. Just to further his friends in the Middle East.

    • Steven Shelton
      Steven Shelton

      @BLT8645 BLT, he has no idea!

    • BLT8645

      WTF are you talking about?

  • GTPEACE9R 75
    GTPEACE9R 75

    99.9% survival rate! 3 million people die every year in the US. The media has done nothing but spread fear and propaganda throughout this pandemic. The mask loving cowards are just as disgusting as people wearing MAGA hats!

  • Thomas Garty
    Thomas Garty

    A valuable lesson for all for all those people who believed that all politicians are the same.Only Trump is this incompetent! and It has cost so many their lives.

    • Me Here
      Me Here

      nope, biden is too! competent management sees a 90% drop in cases in under 14 days. biden's failed!

  • Biden Virus
    Biden Virus

    The REAL PRESIDENT Donald Trump will be speaking today!

  • pepperco100

    1 in 670 Americans have died from COVID-19.

  • Oliver Kirkland
    Oliver Kirkland

    And the the 43 who are partly responsible let covids enabler in chief walk away

  • MVVpro

    I know someone who doesn't care about this. He lives in Florida and is playing golf.

    • Rich

      Yeah, but still, he has millions of lunatics supporting and following him like a god. Prognosis, doom.

    • TheHopetown

      Let us remind you that 500K dead happened on Bidens watch! Based on your comment it is once to see Trump is still living rent-free in your empty head.

  • Antwon Kyle
    Antwon Kyle

    Welly, welly Donnie you did a disastrous job with this. I hope you say a few words for those who have died in your speech @ CPAC. We will not hold our breaths for those words of regret or sympathy.

  • Jake L
    Jake L

    500k, Vanished just like that but even with the numbers, we still got people rather believe there is a pedophile cabal sitting somewhere in the clouds. It's a double whammy. Not funny world.