AOC Visits Houston Food Bank After Raising $3.2 Million For Relief Efforts in Texas | MSNBC
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised $3.2 million for relief efforts in Texas before visiting a Houston food bank to help with recovery while the state's representative, Sen. Ted Cruz, is on defense after a trip to Cancun.» Subscribe to MSNBC:
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AOC Visits Houston Food Bank After Raising $3.2 Million For Relief Efforts in Texas | MSNBC

  • GNR Forever
    GNR Forever

    Liberals always have to come and clean up the Republicans mess. Rinse and repeat. Its the same here in Canada with our loathsome Conservative Party. It's always the Liberal party that has to clean up their mess. #CONSARETRASH

  • Richard Pierpoint
    Richard Pierpoint

    One (very) last thing: in 2016, the Rethuglicans won Texas by just over eight-hundred thousand votes. In 2020, they won it by around six-hundred-and-thirty thousand, with much higher turnout, so, with any luck, The Lone-Star State will, eventually, turn blue.

  • Richard Pierpoint
    Richard Pierpoint

    And finally, I can't find ANY mention of AOC's work for Texas anywhere on Fux Noise. I wonder why?

  • Charlie's Angel
    Charlie's Angel

    If she really cared, she'd use her mouth in Congress to help millions in 49 other states with the stimulous payments, for over a year people especially children are starving with this pandemic. People are living in cars, people have been evicted. It's all a political show. How dare she show up in Texas after putting down our Border Patrol and lying that the children were in cages. Our law Enforcement risk their lives to protect our borders from drugs and crime. And condoning the killing of babies up to 9 months in her state along with her accomplice Orourke. Disgusting evil and Satanic people.

  • macpony44

  • Anton Remaneb
    Anton Remaneb

    Ted Cruz was bitchslap by AOC.

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper

    When will those wind mills unfreeze and start generating electricity, maybe pour some more fossil fuels on them to get them thawed out 😂

  • dhardy1750

    Ted cruz is an indoor and Texas got it

  • lmao6t

    Fled Cruz........Trash 🤨

  • Angel Tompa
    Angel Tompa

    The quaint balloon recurrently consider because keyboard progressively bump into a cautious richard. panoramic, wealthy quiet

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz

    I imaging that Texas Trump and Cruz supporters now they can see what a real leadership look like. Vote next time for leaders not extreme anti American traitors.

  • Mack Hinton
    Mack Hinton

    AOC for president

  • brooklyn71484

    But what was he supposed to do ? ...... that ..... he should’ve done that. All the excuses people are throwing out there is annoying.

  • Ronda New
    Ronda New

    I have no faith in Ted Cruz he left his state in catastrophe freezing no power no electric no water he left them He's a disgrace

  • Ethan Villa
    Ethan Villa

    Can't wait to see Cruz's next attempt to troll AOC on social media. Hasn't gone well before... and now she's doing HIS job for him. Cruz is a useless, sniveling little lowlife. Do better Texans.

  • King Kanyon
    King Kanyon

    AOC always doing things for actual everyday People, they Love to Hate on her for it as well.

  • Dilip Chatri
    Dilip Chatri

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  • Loveisthe answer
    Loveisthe answer

    God for AOC and Humiliated for him!! He just should go back to Cancun nobody needs the man. 🤭🤭


    AOC Raised 5m Dollars, Teddy Cruz bought sunblock and a plane ticket.

  • BS1

    What was Ted Cruz doing about Teaxs? Oh that's what he was doing.

  • MMShaggy

    I'm still struggling to see what the Republican Party actually does to help the Country?

  • J

    Ocasio is both compassionate and brilliant. I hope she will mobilize disengaged Genxers to vote.

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy

    Talk about honesty in a political mission of mercies for the downtrodden. Humanity to all people.

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy

    How revolutionary a politician that actually represents all people.😲😲👏👏👏🏆🏆🏆🏆💐💐💐💐💐💐

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy

    AOC puts all politicians on shameful notice of their personal selfish audacity for being nothing but LOSERS in Political office. They are repping nobody but themselves.

  • Grass Geese
    Grass Geese

    Our world is so distorted that HELPING PPL SUFFERING FROM A MASSIVE DISASTER IS OUT OF THE ORDINARY. This really is a sick sad world.

  • Miguel Cabrera
    Miguel Cabrera


  • Rita Flores
    Rita Flores

    He is doing his best guys! He had a bbq

  • Paul Furey
    Paul Furey

    It's not her state, it's her America. AOC gets it.

  • John Burns
    John Burns

    Blessings To All Worthy Of Being Blessed

  • Adam Silesia
    Adam Silesia


    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint

      NONE OF IT - are you genuinely this stupid, or are you just pretending? Serious question, arsehole...

  • Adam Silesia
    Adam Silesia


  • Bill King
    Bill King

  • Dude Dude
    Dude Dude

    Dont worry Cruz, AOC will do your job for you too.

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie

    Watch Texas vote for Ted Cruz again instead of Beto. Think it won't happen? Just watch. Texans don't learn from their mistakes.

  • Sunshine City PradaVonBarret
    Sunshine City PradaVonBarret

    If it weren't for people who actually care, America would be a wasteland.

  • Van W
    Van W

    AOC raised money for Texas; Ted Cruze went to Cancun! Vote him out!

    • Sunshine City PradaVonBarret
      Sunshine City PradaVonBarret

      If Texans are smart they will.

  • Aa Vaz
    Aa Vaz

    The power company in Texas they didn’t follow any regulations on maintenance, safety or any government policy. They claim this is the reason why they broke down and not available to fix they problem. Of course they have documents and reports passing inspection. Of course they did the certificate to stay running. This happens this big companies pay money under the table to this corrupt officials and politicians. They don’t care about they own people, climate contamination, violate government regulations and safety.

  • Eric Fitzpatrick
    Eric Fitzpatrick

    Just to think, Ted Cruz tried to have her killed!

  • Phillip Norris
    Phillip Norris

    This is fake news. This was really Ivanka disguised as AOC.

  • Alf Calzon
    Alf Calzon

    ❤❤❤ AOC ❤❤❤

  • SpecialRobloxAndBendy

    AOC and everyone who contributed in one way or another, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • Funded by the CIA and MIC
    Funded by the CIA and MIC

    Charity is a complete failure of the federal government.

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint

      Well, considering the RethugliKKKunts have been n charge for the last four years, LET'S ENSURE THAT THEY ARE NEVER ELECTED AGAIN.

  • notsavvy

    Yeah ted is pretending, at carry wet carpets. loser.

  • Jerrel Cedarboom
    Jerrel Cedarboom

    AOC should let Texans rot in the Republican he'll they voted for.

  • 1111Pel

    Hey Texas, you've remembered the Alamo all these years, try remembering Cruz skipping town when Texas most needed him and VOTE HIM OUT in 2024.

  • zubaabbas

    ahem... it's not vacationing ted ... it's cancun cruz credits go to DJTJ Feb 2021

  • Daniel Glover
    Daniel Glover

    We all know this was nothing more then a political stunt! So tell me AOC are you going to March to the ice facility now that Biden is locking kids in cages? It sure is amazing how Democrats are giving this a pass! If it was wrong for Trump then its wrong for Biden!

  • Cecilia Sakakura
    Cecilia Sakakura

    God bless AOC💕💕💕

  • Capps Eddie
    Capps Eddie

    The needy bracket realistically wrap because donna paradoxically promise under a well-to-do shelf. naughty, purring acrylic

  • Debbie Stone
    Debbie Stone

    Humans helping humans. No color, no political affiliation, no religious preference just HUMANS HELPING HUMANS.

  • EnterTheCarp

    You all are a blessing! That’s why they hate so outwardly. It is a clear signal on their personal Integrity. You all matter. They don’t. Cudos

  • G Money 2.0
    G Money 2.0


  • R

    She’s trying to run for President and flush out Ted Cruz. At the end of the day Green failed and oil and gas saved millions in Texas.

  • Jose Villarreal
    Jose Villarreal

    The difference between a self serving Republican piece of crap and a human being.

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename

    I think she has almost $5 million or $5 million raised now

  • SUPERIOR meh
    SUPERIOR meh

    Only news station talking about this that isn't local

  • Sarah Guzman
    Sarah Guzman

    love you AOC AND O'ROURKE!! Thank you! and MATTRESS MAC!!

  • PAL

    Bravo, AOC. You’re a real hero.

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson

    AOC understands that they are Americans first. Texans and Republicans second.

  • Latroy Hawkins
    Latroy Hawkins

    I’m astounded and sickened by msnbc deleting my post about being an empowered woman of color

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint

      Well, they haven't deleted this one, have they? Just saying!

  • Latroy Hawkins
    Latroy Hawkins

    Boycott msnbc until they stop deltong blacks womans post on ISnets

  • Latroy Hawkins
    Latroy Hawkins

    Day keep deleting my my black power post!

  • B Smirh
    B Smirh

    Ted Cruz is a jerk!

  • Akitsu Maru
    Akitsu Maru

    Queen AOC running circles around right winged failures.. once again. God bless the queen.

  • Jerry Cole
    Jerry Cole

    Didn't she push Amazon out of her state, bet they could use those jobs now

  • nikki deas
    nikki deas

    aoc did more for texas /then ted cruz did / she is not their rep she doesn't get a check from the taxpayers of the state/ ted cruz does and he didn't even want to help his own people of his state/

  • Gloria Terry
    Gloria Terry

    Ted Cruz, you can sure learn from AOC.

  • Maru Raba
    Maru Raba

    More than Ted Cruz did.

  • Libby Mcbibby
    Libby Mcbibby

    A Socialist nutjob!

  • RusTsea196T

    Ted Cruz only ever wanted to be a Senator as a stepping stone to the Presidency- he was never interested in representing or serving the people of Texas.

  • You Are A Fart Knocker
    You Are A Fart Knocker

    AOC for president!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Al M
    Al M

    Was this reported on Fox? I can't recall.

  • soonersdevil

    Meanwhile people decide this is time to show their hate fox AOC by talking about different things she's previously said And that she wants attention...THIS isn't the time to act to act like a 2yr old

  • Naomi Blake
    Naomi Blake

    If you wanted to help you would have but the man is selfish feet doesn't care about anybody but Donald Trump he doesn't even care about his wife her father what do you expect from the man 👨

  • Aish Ariel
    Aish Ariel

    Ted Cruz, if you’re reading this is how you help your Texans.👆🏼 Stop blaming your kids for your selfishness.


    Go AOC! Go AOC! Thank you for helping the people of Texas. You prove it's not about party - it's about humanity! Somewhere there are Republicans who KNOW they wouldn't help if the victims were from a blue state.

  • A's Back!
    A's Back!

    AOC is a hero and should be a Texas Senator! Love u AOC! 💙🇺🇲💚🌎💥💨💦

  • Aliciaek

    AOC she is smarter than many old senator..... AOC Senator? Maybe, who knows

    • Tyler Jakes
      Tyler Jakes

      Hello 👋 How are you doing? Hope you and your family are safe

  • Lei Shy
    Lei Shy

    People in Oregon went without power for 10 days in this recent storm and it is a state that has been run by Democrats for decades.

  • alex dc
    alex dc

    Texas, if you don’t get rid of Ted Cruz, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Cruz is a pile of crap

  • MrSwervy101


  • Taye Battle
    Taye Battle

    Ted Cruz didn’t do this🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • A. Turner
    A. Turner

    Thats why I voted for AOC

  • Carrie Fox
    Carrie Fox

    Ted Cruz photo op is loading a case of water into a trunk and struggling to removed carpet from someone's house...he's pathetic. Now let's talk about AOC raising $3.2 million, now that's a political leader rolling up her sleeves to take care of Americans. That's the United States I remember and want to see. AOC is earning my vote

  • Angie Black
    Angie Black

    Now Texans know why Greg Abbott, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz want to keep government regulation out of Texas. They don't want anyone to know how much money they are getting from protecting these multi-million companies that keep ripping off and screwing the consumer. ....Ted Cruz was already celebrating in Cancun during the freezing weather because he got his cut of the money already...

  • LaShay Dillon
    LaShay Dillon

    As we all know Ted Cruz and the Republican Party raised $8000000 for Donald Trump to fight the steal. Now look who's helping the Texas people get out the cold these Republicans are unbelievable

  • TaNita Cox
    TaNita Cox

    What are they (Republicans) to do watching Green New Deal, AOC feed their people, Um be selfish and continue on doing absolutely nothing!! Tell me again who voted not to regulate?

  • soniaustralie

    In the meantime Ted Cruise goes on holiday in Texas.... Republicans are hypocrites.

  • Rising Stars
    Rising Stars

    Love her or hate her this is what our public officials should be doing. It's crazy how people are saying they don't want her here but in the same breath defending Cruz for doing nothing 🤦 This is America.

  • S Helm
    S Helm

    Raised over 5 million now. AOC- its payback time for Cruz endangering her life during the seige--nice.

  • michael wray
    michael wray

    ..."AOC" is awesome".😎♥️🤩🇺🇸👊2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣👊✔️

  • Michelle Branch
    Michelle Branch

    Cruz owes AOC

  • Jose Lozada
    Jose Lozada

    God bless you Texas

  • Jose Lozada
    Jose Lozada

    Exactly when you have that type of power ....this is a example of aoc using the power she has to get things going

  • Conny Bartels
    Conny Bartels

    What? Did AOC raised more than 3.2 million for relief efforts in Texas. But, but it was she who was responsible for the power disaster. She placed the Windmills and secretly sabotaged all the pipes for Gaz and Coal.! The Texas Republicans and Fox told everybody about this. Which news should we believe? Must be Republicans and Fox because they always tell the truth. Isn't???

  • Honest Opinion
    Honest Opinion

    Republicans: “Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish (sic)"

  • Sunny shine
    Sunny shine

    Ted Cruz is a slug!

  • that Kim k
    that Kim k

    Women/mothers show how its done. For you Ms Cortez 💐

  • Ginnie O'Sullivan
    Ginnie O'Sullivan

    This women is a go getter, even if she has to commandeer the limelight and is an opportunistic liar...a drama queen who loves centre stage...don't be taken in by her goody two shoes theatrics