Some Texas Electricity Bills Skyrocket After Winter Storm | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Some Texans are facing skyrocketing utility bills after the recent winter storm gripped the region. Stephanie Ruhle joins Morning Joe to discuss why residents are getting such massive bills and what happens next. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Some Texas Electricity Bills Skyrocket After Winter Storm | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  • υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн
    υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн

    America is not what I thought it was. It's an illusion. My India is far superior and compassionate in time of dire need.


    Almost seems like a well planned ploy to make people pro socialist

  • mackenziesmama

    Bruh 😱

  • L Underwood
    L Underwood

    That's bs! The company could do something...

  • Green Marketing Channel
    Green Marketing Channel

    AOC was right. We will continue to need utilities bill protection. Doctors and experts continue to issue warnings. The Lockdown Forever Foundation is an organization devoted to no countries ever opening up. We function in cohesive traction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Immunology Department at John Hopkins. Lockdown can never end. #StaySafeStayHome #weareallinthistogether

  • J M
    J M


  • J M
    J M


  • William Stefens
    William Stefens

    Yeah, Texas Republicans are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Namely the corporations that give the same Republicans the donations that keep them in office and in power.

  • james caporale
    james caporale

    sorry for sounding crass......but if someone bets $ 1000 on a particular horse race , and be it.......he doesn"t get a " bailout "" The Texas power plan was basically a bet that enough power would be available to keep bills low......Texans voted for the very pols who put that "" lottery " in place... ergo !!!!!

  • Diego Lara
    Diego Lara

    Many are saying that regulation is the solution. Let us not go from one extreme to another. The reason people are leaving places like California is because of over regulation. We left California because we could not afford to live there. So no regulation is not a solution it will just cause everything to cost more. The cost of homes and cost of pretty everything in California is due to over regulation which causes everything to cost more to built and maintain. That is why a crappy home can cost half a million dollars or an apartment 3000 a month. Some regulation may be necessary in Texas but lets be careful to not over regulate as California does. The people being overbilled are those that are paying variable electric bills. Those with fixed per usage cost were not affected.

  • TheTechnoPilot

    Sorry but every single person needs to have those payments reverse and the fact that the politicians are talking about paying these bills for people instead of passing laws that retroactively block the rate at a reasonable level of perhaps $0.50/kWh as the maximum for future with the average of $0.12 mandated for anyone that didn’t loose power and a zero bill for anyone that lost power for more then 6hrs being reasonable. Those energy companies also should be head financially responsible for the damage to people’s homes AND belongings.

  • Tee Time
    Tee Time

    Green energy provides 10% or less of Texas’s energy.

  • otogigamer

    $3000 is 2 years of electric bill for me

  • pol mcsuibhne
    pol mcsuibhne

    WHY ARE THEY CRYING ABOUT THE PRICE voted time after time for capitalism NOW it hurts you you want socialism to come help you all now ......get rid of the GOPQ out of your state people.

  • Van Helsing
    Van Helsing

    Ahh.. another beautifull story about capitalism💘

  • The Spreeman
    The Spreeman

    America: Where they stick it the normal ppl. And they think the govt Is for them. This is what you get for having a big business sychphant for a Governor. Wake up sheep.

  • ScootMagoot46

    Assclowns using Gritty brought this on themselves in part.

  • Bigiron

    This lady explaining the reason for the situation is not explaining the actual reason for the situation. Rather she is a prime example of corrupt media trying to create people to believe lies.

  • Marina Santiago
    Marina Santiago

    Covid and storm how people can pay those crazy electricity bills. Ted Cruz wake up and help Texas do something for the people who you are supposedly to protect and support.

  • Elbo

    Do you noticehow they haven't said one word about the food and crops and cattle that were destroyed from the freeze out.... nope you'll hear about that in a few months... When you're hungry and the grocery stores don't have any food unless you're a millionaire

  • Elbo

    Welcome to another show of programming brought to you by opinions on the Communist side

  • Elbo

    Not one f****** time if I ever heard price gouging you people are all full of s***

  • Elbo

    I think it's considered treason when you use a disaster to push a political agenda .....unless you could use weather manipulation to manipulate the weather also.... then it would be a conspiracy.... And not a conspiracy theory people look up H.A.R.P. in Alaska they've been doing it for years

  • Elbo

    I can't believe you think we're dumb enough to believe this b******* fake news order out of chaos b*******

  • Elbo

    B******* there's no Spike it's illegal it's called price gouging you're just putting this on the news because you have an agenda

  • Elbo

    Nobody ever gets away with overcharging in a disaster so when they put it on prime Time news is to get an agenda push through this is all fake b*******

  • Elbo

    It's called order out of chaos people they're creating fake electric bills you'll see what the order is and the next day or two

  • Elbo

    All this is b******* you have price the regular person was the overcharge for some water or gas or anything else he be put in jail this is all a show order out of chaos just wait you'll see the order here in another couple days

  • SouthwesternEagle

    This is the result of deregulation.

  • rashmi karthik
    rashmi karthik

  • C Jahmal
    C Jahmal

    This is why u should always lock in your rate.

  • michael andrews
    michael andrews

    Neo con economics fails again and is exposed for the scam it is.

  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena

    Why do you live in Texas? Get out of there. Stupid

  • You know my name.
    You know my name.

    Wonder what the repukelicans gotta say about this? Oh wait, they just got back from cancun.

  • This Bushnell
    This Bushnell

    "Free market" is a linguistic absurdity, unless you are a monopoly utility company getting $16000/month for FAILING to provide electricity.

  • This Bushnell
    This Bushnell


  • PolinGuira


  • PolinGuira


  • PolinGuira

    I sale tha home and getout of there with that mafia

  • Augusto O.R
    Augusto O.R

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Deregulated Capitalism always shows its ugly face after a catastrophe. There are always cases of price gouging when people are most vulnerable.

  • Evocati Media
    Evocati Media

    If you left California and moved for less regulation and taxes you might remember what Mord the prison guard said to Tyrion: “Go, be free.”

  • FDM 215
    FDM 215

    Pretty sure Abbott is just banking on people forgetting about this. We'll see if they even bother to set up a commission or investigation. Or if they just wait for it to blow over and never do anything to address the problems.

  • Pete K
    Pete K

    need rules to protect people from themseles becuase they don't read the fine print. they get sucked in by the extremely low rates when times are good, but they don't think what can happen when times are bad. TO be fair, Griddy could put a cap on it's greed becuase rest assured, this will cost them in the long-term. Price gouging and vulture capitalism are always short-sighted strategies. Sadly, Texas will probaby over-regulate now to compensate, which has the net effect of only hurting the smaller power businesses that don't have the army of lawyers to bend regulations in their favor. Free markeys only work with informed consumers. We are lazy consumers who can't think beyond the savings.

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma

    Guess who ultimately pays for deregulating the market? YOU

  • Adam Gaboury
    Adam Gaboury

    Lol buy a generator that puts out more power than you use make the meter run backwards and charge them

  • Shun Wolf
    Shun Wolf

    You know, saying that the market can regulate itself is like saying a child can regulate its candy on its own. This is just a perfect example of what is wrong with this world in general. Money is simply worth more than a human life.

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked

    "The private market can do it better" Yeah right.

  • Linda Burton
    Linda Burton

    DE-regulation,too bad so sad.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    So...texas is going to go blue? To save their principles?...a contract is a your bills

  • gonzales287

    Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.

  • LB TT
    LB TT

    If Texas thinks power outages is bad, wait until this summer and next winter, when energy bills hit the mail, time to put solar panels on top of houses

  • mark turner
    mark turner

    Cancun sure sounds good right about now.

  • phoenix0282


  • RZU 147
    RZU 147

    Late stage capitalism

  • Tidbit

    The Utility wouldn't be allowed to do this if it were publicly owned by the peoples government. Just saying!

  • Bonnie B
    Bonnie B

    So glad that this is regulated in my country. There maybe little difference but not much. America has a gold heartless gruel greedy system.👹😈🤮🤮🤮. Remember this republicans wanted deregulated these business. 👹👹😈😈

  • zztzgza

    Untethered Capitalism is what Texas wanted. Well, this is economics 101. Low supply with high demand leads to high prices. The laws in place for Texas allow crony capitalism to run rampant. This is a reason why so many tech companies fled California to move to Texas.

  • NMSL Chan
    NMSL Chan

    DONT do short on market. It is for professional ONLY variable rate purchase agreement = short call on electricity rate premium enjoyed = lowered rate in ordinary nice weather days risk = a cry of waaaarg!!! when market fluctuated

  • BeechNut

    It's insane that signing up for electricity involves more financial risk than playing the stock market.

  • April Calhoun
    April Calhoun

    The joys of deregulation (not for the little people)

  • keith Jackson
    keith Jackson

    They better pay. It’s just business

  • Amos Xu
    Amos Xu

    How ironic !! America who can land on the Moon and Mars, please wait for your people!!

  • Elizabeth Newcity
    Elizabeth Newcity

    Texas wants to be independent of the Country, until a disaster hits. Let all those rich oil tycoons bail Texas out. Maybe it's time for Texans to reconsider their leadership in the next election.

  • Angie Black
    Angie Black

    Now Texans know why Greg Abbott, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz want to keep government regulation out of Texas. They don't want anyone to know how much money they are getting from protecting these multi-million companies that keep ripping off and screwing the consumer. ....Ted Cruz was already celebrating in Cancun during the freezing weather because he got his cut of the money already.

  • Yo Yo Yo
    Yo Yo Yo

    Long live the land of the free.

  • Yo Yo Yo
    Yo Yo Yo

    Why does this woman seem happy that these people are suffering.

  • calkinsb0713

    Sock it to the pathetic inbred texas confederates😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brad Gies
    Brad Gies

    The public kept voting for these people, and they got what they paid for. Sure I feel sorry for the people who voted for better government, but they didn't convince enough other voters.

  • Old Scribe
    Old Scribe

    Texans should not complain about their plight. They got exactly what they voted for. They chose the wing nuts in power who let them down - time and again. If you walk around the block and get bitten by a rabid dog, and then keep on doing it over and over, you clearly can't learn from direct experience. So, now other Americans who learned about climate change and took steps to mitigate it, have to bail out Texas again. Follow the money!

  • Dawn McSeo
    Dawn McSeo

    1:26 wtf is she smirking at as if she is enjoying this crisis?

  • Zion Juice
    Zion Juice

    These people running things are the devil the Bible speaks of. And people are apparently ok with it lol

  • what's up
    what's up

    This is EXACTLY a clear case when citizens need to rise up. Those bills are ridiculous, and should be illegal.

  • Graham Forrester
    Graham Forrester

    excellent reporting this issue was created by a lack of regulation the allegation that it had something to do with the green deal or ...Biden? is risible

  • My Name Is My Name
    My Name Is My Name

    Crazy. Private companies price gouge and local government just says “that’s what you get for not buying from us” Ef that in the B

  • Anna Branche
    Anna Branche

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    • Bush George
      Bush George

      His trading last week was massively boooooom!!!!

    • Great Max
      Great Max

      Wow I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended Matthew gray, I thought people don't know him.... He's really awesome!

    • Sirius Mack
      Sirius Mack

      He has helped me too, matthew gray is a very nice man

    • Jenlynn Baker
      Jenlynn Baker

      How does this whole Bitcoin thing works, I'm interested in it and I'm willing and ready to invest heavily in it

    • Jesus Nick
      Jesus Nick

      Thank you for introducing me to Gray he's really good

  • Kilo saavedra
    Kilo saavedra

    Lol they complain I pay 400 bucks each month to electric an water!

  • Thomas

    Too bad, pay up.

  • Kannada kathe Nan Jothe
    Kannada kathe Nan Jothe

    Everybody clam down. Cruz and Trump will come and.. -》 Deliver The "speech".

  • Rasdan Handel
    Rasdan Handel

    Curb your capitalism.

  • R

    I would install solar instead of paying 17,000. I would then tell the power company to eff off.

  • aime ngendahayo
    aime ngendahayo

    Don’t worry the free market will solve everything 😂

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Where are the idiots that protested outside vote counters properties? I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now! Will other Texans hold them responsible? If they like Mexico, Ted Cruz's children should be treated like Mexicans and put in cages and sterilised ..

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Is there a list of the shareholders who made profits from not updating the Texan power infrastructure? Texans could go protest outside shareholder properties as they did for vote counters. Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they would still vote for Ted Cruz that did nothing other than go to Mexico? Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they believed Trump that Climate change is a Chinese hoax?

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Gas and coal systems also fell over not just the wind power systems. Corporates needed to update the infrastructure but saved money for shareholders instead. The bad news is Texans voted for Traitor Trump's do nothing strategy that he also used for the Covid response. The good news is that it is summer in New Zealand.

  • Tori Moore
    Tori Moore

    That's what Texas voted for.. 🤷🏽‍♀️ They voted for Ted Cruz too..smh this is shameful

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising

    Yayyy!! Capitalism. Stick youre socialist caps, govmen'!!!!

  • Abram Carroll
    Abram Carroll

    Griddy is saying that the market price of energy didn't go up that much, rather that the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) acting under the authority of the governor, cited its “complete authority over ERCOT” to direct that ERCOT set pricing at $9/kWh, when the wholesale market price had only risen to $0.03/kWh, making it a 300x markup of a markup by PUCT, and Griddy would have been charging $0.30 a 10x markup(still disgusting). PUCT's 3 commissioners are Arthur C. D'Andrea, DeAnn T. Walker, and Shelly Botkin, and were appointed by governor Gregory Wayne Abbott. So ask the governor why he was bleeding Texans dry during a state emergency. Everybody stayed without power because most were on fixed rates and these energy retailers weren't willing to pay $9/kWh and sell it for pennies. Those with variable rates stayed on but are getting bills as high as $17,000. That is why there were no rolling blackouts, people died and their pipes froze. So the governor willfully created the crisis and is directly responsible for $50 billions in damages and over 60 deaths. The governor intended survival of the fittest; Hunger Games while robbing people blind? Yet at the same time he was blaming green energy for what he had ordered. Wind and solar was actually making 200 megawatts more after the storm

  • R.F. Hopkins
    R.F. Hopkins

    A prime example of what Good Solid Republican leadership, and Deregulation will get you.

  • Alexander Lavin
    Alexander Lavin

    Funny, I haven't heard much about skyrocketing rent, health insurance premiums and college tuition from MSNBC.

  • cosmosgato

    Free markets baby! 🤣 USA! USA! USA!

  • Some Things In Life
    Some Things In Life

    It's only Capitalism and Deregulation. Amiright? Amirite?

  • Fred Derf
    Fred Derf

    F*** 'em. They voted for the republican a******s who allowed their corrupt, energy-sector companies free-range and this is the result. They voted for this, they chose this. They made their own beds now they're whining because they have to sleep in them. Tough! If they don't like it perhaps they should consider voting for a different political that isn't in the back pockets of these giant corporations. [reposted because MSNBC ghosted my original post -- probably because I used a couple of _bad_ words]

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien

    Windmills!!!why can’t we blame windmills? Or just save power by going to Cancun, this is very simple stuff people.

  • SouthernYankee

    Is this not price gouging

  • Ray J
    Ray J

    Just like Game stop.

  • M J Kay
    M J Kay

    Seems the electric co should bite the bullit. They dont need more profit. They cant budget thier funds to upgrade too bad. Free elec during snow storms.

  • dmlevitt

    dear Texas either be with america or secede, but the "don't mess with Texas" or "you're a whole other country" with your own power grid makes empathy a little difficult for the other 49 states. take the bravado down a bit before you ask for help. your elected officials are morons.

  • Jay Gibson
    Jay Gibson

    Stay with gas.