Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster For Much Of Texas | Morning Joe | MSNBC
President Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for much of Texas following last week's winter storm that left millions without power amid freezing temperatures. The panel discusses the storm as well as Sen. Ted Cruz's departure from and return to Texas. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster For Much Of Texas | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Richard Espinosa
    Richard Espinosa

    Like I said earlier just give Texas mo money, while your in Texas, Biden republicans are in Florida polishing Trump shoes WAKE UP

  • jcbunch1963

    Did anyone see Biden talk? He couldn't even put together a sentence. What do feathers have to do with Texas weather? He has dementia badly and this de moralistic channel will not publicize this.

  • JB

    Quid Pro Joe importing every disease on the planet with his open border policy.

  • Kallvin

    Joe Biden is a racist. Change my mind.

  • pvt mclaren
    pvt mclaren


  • Mark Kane
    Mark Kane

    I hope joebiden is sending more windmills to us

  • J gibson
    J gibson

    People being found frozen because of power Outage this is Horrific and that little boy OMG Imagine his Parents . Even though I don't have kids I have a nephew and niece this is just infuriating I Just can't Imagine. And that baby Boy Dying Like that That Governor Should be put in prison.

  • Raghav Bhatnagar
    Raghav Bhatnagar

    The snow is gone joe

  • UKindness4

    They vote Republican and anytime republicans run anything it is for the rich only. Only a very few republicans today are competent.

  • Sherry Curry
    Sherry Curry

    This is what happens in a Republican state, where they have Republican Governor's who don't care about anything but themselves !

  • Dominoes37

    Omfg, what a shitshow America has become

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed

    Joe Biden is not the President. Trump is, and everyone knows about the election fraud! This is a fake government with a fake President elect acting in a movie. A bad movie!

  • Sheep of The Shepherd7392
    Sheep of The Shepherd7392

    Our Economy is a major disaster, what will Biden do with that? Oh I know, destroy it more

  • Me

    If this had happened in California, people would be blaming the democrats. Can’t do that in Texas. Republican deregulation is NEVER good for consumers.

  • Don Huntley
    Don Huntley

    Green new deal, great idea, Oh blame Bush? That was a long time ago.

  • LotWizzard

    the closing comment 🙏💪💗AOC

  • William Stefens
    William Stefens

    This is what happens when voters vote based purely by party and not those who have real plans for improving the state. This is also what happens when politicians put profits and power over the health and well being of Americans and the sustainability of our environment and climate. Christian teachings says we are to be faithful two words of God's creation. It's Republicans professed to be such faithful time fearing Christians, yet when they have to choose between their love of money and their supposed love of God, they have chosen money time and time again. And now innocent people have died due to their endless greed and love of money! They are not true Christians by any means. As our Lord Christ rebuked the pharasees and seducees big his time saying these people speak their love of God but their hearts are far from God. And they are clean on the outside but their insides are full of rot and death.

  • Antonio Mora
    Antonio Mora

    Biden has not done anything for texas Cruz left don't blame him to going to cancoon I would of done the same if I would have the money

    • Daryl Abrams
      Daryl Abrams

      Well he finally declared it a disaster. I guess they woke him up from his nap time.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Seoo tea
    Seoo tea

    Good thing we dont have trump as president anymore he would ignore Texas and golf instead

  • Davonte McPherson
    Davonte McPherson

    Biden = racist

  • gonzales287

    Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.

  • Siddy Sid
    Siddy Sid

    Biden puts kids in cages!

  • Balance Point 71
    Balance Point 71

    About 40 yrs. Late.

  • Kyle Jensen
    Kyle Jensen

    Only took two weeks for him to do so lol

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli

    mika has a good neck

  • Linda Bayliss
    Linda Bayliss

    What would the last president do for you Texas, f all.

  • Mo Yo Pulgasari
    Mo Yo Pulgasari

    If the Democrats knew Illegals would vote Republican, they'd be building a wall quicker than you could say "hypocrites"

  • Colin

    Took him long enough. I'm glad to see Joe finally woke up from his nap.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli

    sounds like someones getting emotional

    • Lapis Lazuli
      Lapis Lazuli

      ive survived being in a hypothermic vehical before, u grit ur teeth and feel as ur mind slowly shuts off and u start hallucinating, and then its over

  • Hattu Neula
    Hattu Neula

    10% for the big guy.

  • N. Faza
    N. Faza

    "We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves" - Eric Reed Boucher

  • Sterling Badon
    Sterling Badon

    A day late and a dollar short! This President is so focused on killing American jobs. He neglected this emergency till just now!! Kinda late Joe!!

  • crypto kruz . c om
    crypto kruz . c om

    be invovled folks Stocks are going higher daily and you haven't enroll in one of the funds earn profits investment going on.

  • Jack Duncan
    Jack Duncan

    He better since it was his fault

  • JMK

    Go on play the clip of Biden declaring the disaster while reading from score cards.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law

    When Male Chauvinists are in charge

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law

    Fence sitting betweeen" they can sink or swim" and maybe they've learned their lesson. Conditions : get on the grid and dump your pols and those running your govt. or pay back every penny

  • Buttdreads

    And Texas wanted to be independent from the USA now begging for help 😂😂😂

  • Sturdy Thorpe
    Sturdy Thorpe

    As if Texans don't have enough problems right now Biden opens the borders and then let's 25,000 illegals flood into the state.

  • K MB
    K MB

    If Texas turned blue 12 years ago this would have never been an issue because steps would have been taken to prevent it. Still that's no excuse for elected democrats in the state to not even bring the issue up when they knew it would happen. They ignored the lack of preparedness. They should have been warning this would happen.

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper

    Hmm... Or is he looking for a way to take control of Texas since they talked of succession. Here's Bidens first town hall meeting: No ones attending but a handful, which is a shame because more people need to see his lies to children (see video)

  • Ryan_Greenwalt

    Texas declares major disaster on Joe Biden

  • ajushi10

    I lived in Texas and noticed their water pipes were dug too shallow and burst in Winter even in moderate cold weather outside of Ft Good. That's the cheap way to do business and people die. Texas is the 3rd Grid in the Country and on their own in a shut down. No power can be piped in by design of Texas politicians.

  • Progressive Humanist
    Progressive Humanist

    Always remember: the GQP did this. This is what you get with decades of deregulation, privatization and small government. This is all of America if the GQP is in charge.

  • mindful universes
    mindful universes

    Biden and harris will destroy usa by inappropriate programs 😂😂😂

  • mindful universes
    mindful universes

    Biden fears from Iran and Iran is the powerful country

  • vasily202

    As usual. You can count on republicans to destroy, then expect democrats to fix...

  • vasily202

    Texas definitely is a Major Disaster! I guess voting against those "demonic baby eating democrats" has consequences. No worries. Watch them get help from the democrats, but yet still vote republican. Imbeciles!

  • vasily202

    Well technically it's Joe's fault if Cruz evacuated. Joe declared Texas a Major Disaster so as the good captain of the ship that Cruz (a REPUBLICAN) is, he was the first to evacuate.

  • john lerner
    john lerner

    WHEN CAN WE CIRCLE BACK TO THIS???? CRIMINAL EVIDENCE ON BIDEN Money Laundering, Bribes, start at page 68, you will see how criminal the Biden family is.

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S

    Fake News..

  • Rodney adam Shortnacy
    Rodney adam Shortnacy

    You can't keep a child from freezing to death in above freezing conditions. How the fk is that possible.a thin coat and a blanket should be enough to keep from freezing to death my god the parents should be investigated.

  • Rodney adam Shortnacy
    Rodney adam Shortnacy

    Did Biden finally wake up and do something.


    The USA is a third-world country. The only difference between the USA and a third-world country is propaganda whose goal is to keep Americans distracted from fixing and problems or upgrading anything! Heck, the USA does not have universal healthcare like every other developed countries have!

  • Lisa Wood
    Lisa Wood

    The main disaster is having a illegitimate president running a country. Biden you should be in jail!

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Where are the idiots that protested outside vote counters properties? I bet those MAGATs and Capitol rioters feel frozen and stupid now! Will other Texans hold them responsible? If they like Mexico, Ted Cruz's children should be treated like Mexicans and put in cages and sterilised ..

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Is there a list of the shareholders who made profits from not updating the Texan power infrastructure? Texans could go protest outside shareholder properties as they did for vote counters. Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they would still vote for Ted Cruz that did nothing other than go to Mexico? Frozen Texan children, ask your parents if they believed Trump that Climate change is a Chinese hoax?

  • DJ Pomare
    DJ Pomare

    Gas and coal systems also fell over not just the wind power systems. Corporates needed to update the infrastructure but saved money for shareholders instead. The bad news is Texans voted for Traitor Trump's do nothing strategy that he also used for the Covid response. The good news is that it is summer in New Zealand.

  • Franklin Chin Quee
    Franklin Chin Quee

    TEXAS makes a 3rd world country seems like a 1st world developed country. JUST COMICAL & EERILY DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  • Portal X
    Portal X

    Up next wildfires

  • Barry Lucas
    Barry Lucas

    A close examination will reveal texas has been a major disaster for decades

  • Bopha Tann
    Bopha Tann

    Democrat lies .lies

  • Ricardo Cerrillo
    Ricardo Cerrillo

    The only thing that these utility agencies is they've done for themselves...and have not done for the per usual.

  • Mel

    People need to stop closing their eyes and trying to get on with normality we need to fight for freedom from slavery and being bullied by the government lets end 1600s crap. Everyone is a slave regardless of colour

  • James H. Brady
    James H. Brady

    WOW look at this undercover video of Judge Judy's son Gregory Sheindlin as he was stealing over 1.7 million dollars through a fraud scheme he masterminded

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas

    I would be so embarrassed if I were never elected to the presidency but pretended. Does not bother biden. Democrat trash

  • Todd M
    Todd M

    The major disaster is Republican leadership and the misinformation and mismanagement from start to finish.

  • ryyy

    Jake Biden should be impeached for the thousands of people that have died from Covid since he’s took charge

  • J Gibbs
    J Gibbs

    Sandburg, Tx hasn't had running water for over 142 years. It's less then 30 miles from Dallas. A former resident brings bottled water to the residents every Sat

  • J Why
    J Why

    Only took 5 days Thanks Joe btw the snow has melted

  • L C1
    L C1

    God help Texas. How terrible what the citizens there have had to deal with or die from. 😧😩 Is this America???

  • AMadKrazee World
    AMadKrazee World

    Well luckily we got our $600 stimulus check to hold us over during this crisis. 🥶

  • Life of a Random
    Life of a Random

    USA has BEEN a 3rd world country wearing a Gucci belt 🙄

    • janice huff
      janice huff

      👍 ropa cara

  • nickrock23

    only took the bumbling buffoon SIX DAYS to address Texas. What a leader!! Anyone see him say the N word yesterday? What about his Nth Eulogy for America today. Someone has to read his speeches for him, this is an embarrassment. A POTUS should be capable of reading.

  • Cecil Wright
    Cecil Wright

    I never knew how important true leadership was until the last 5 yrs.........

  • Ed Martinez
    Ed Martinez

    77 out of 254 counties does not qualify as "much of Texas".

  • Jose Campos
    Jose Campos

    In my therd world country (Costa Rica) the institution advice days before when going tu cut water o power for repair.

  • Sam One
    Sam One lol

  • Pendejo

    Dear Texas: I am sorry that your utility bills have become so insanely expensive. That is partly why we have regulations on utilities. The other part of why we have regulations is to insure that everybody has service at all times. When the right-wingers tell you to “get government off of our backs” this is what happens. When they say “let free markets decide “ this is what happens.

    • janice huff
      janice huff


  • Ludwig Gaisbauer
    Ludwig Gaisbauer

    Sorry to say....u have a lot of Nuclear power, many Aircraft carrier with aircraft, and and and....but you fail the American People. You actually are a 3rd world counter despite all the Weapons of war

  • Rhetoric

    What a racket, and these fools are not going to provide any truthful info about what happened in Texas...if you want the truth you'll have to go through the documents yourself. What is the point of these shows since it's not providing actual news.

  • Shady Scruples
    Shady Scruples

    I betcha he's blaming it on climate change. B T W, Climate Change is a hoax.

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker

    Dictator Biden is a fraud and a traitor. Military tribunals and GITMO DEATH PENALTY FOR TRAITORS INCLUDING PROPAGANDA PUSHERS!

  • dimsoneill

    Why don't the Repubs just run Texas off Brawndo - it got the electrolytes that thermal power plants need!!!

  • Team Banchamek
    Team Banchamek

    Well there goes global warming out the window

  • Daves Ontherocks
    Daves Ontherocks

    Weill back charge the energy company for the cost

  • Skeptical Chris
    Skeptical Chris

    Texas Republicans wanted to go full free market on public utilities. And look where it got them.

  • Nick Dionne
    Nick Dionne

    This just in: Joe Biden declares jars are too difficult to open.

  • Angelita Bahe
    Angelita Bahe

    Class Action Suits! Sue them!!!

  • elle timmoth
    elle timmoth

    Disinformation channel NBC.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    I live in Dallas....this is blown out of on man.

    • Prince Hamdan
      Prince Hamdan

      Thanks for your beautiful comments . I really do appreciate them. I was hoping we could chat more probably on hangout or Gmail. Text me here

  • yeet

    Finally, a video about Joe Biden with more likes than dislikes!

    • Bennie Crawford
      Bennie Crawford

      We know you trolls search social media for post of the President and click dislike so that people will think he’s so disliked he couldn’t have won the election. Your easy to figure out but unfortunately you can’t do anything about his national approval ratings which is 64 percent . Trump never had approval ratings like that did he in fact he never made to 50p percent. OH but I forgot! you said that was fake news didn’t y’all . Well on Election Day it turned out it wasn’t fake didn’t it.

  • Janesblonde007

    OH wow, what a leader Biden is how long did it take him to comprehend this, now fix it! No Biden sold the grid to China!!!

  • Patty Kake
    Patty Kake

    So sad for the people of Texas.... but they now have one disaster trying to clean up another one 🛌

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    Just ordered my impeach Biden T-shirt and mask! Trump 2024!

  • Ram 4570
    Ram 4570

    Just ordered my impeach Biden T-shirt and mask! Trump 2024!

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins

    Texas motto: "I got mine, now you get yours" (response: "We will"); If you don't fix the problem, someone else may... regardless of you liking it, or not. For those that decry "Deep State" intervention, you dun put the ammo in their guns.

    • Veronica Aviles
      Veronica Aviles

      Thank for you wonderful comments. I really do appreciate then. I was hoping we could chat more you can send me a message on instagram Veronicaavlies

    • Prince Hamdan
      Prince Hamdan

      Thanks for your beautiful comments . I really do appreciate them. I was hoping we could chat more probably on hangout or Gmail. Text me here

  • El Ingles
    El Ingles

    God God !! Even the American Judiciary has been corrupted ? This is certainly England Part 2 .

  • Acg blah
    Acg blah

    Election fraud is ForBidden.

    • Y. Shaked
      Y. Shaked

      Is that why the only cases of fraud that have been discovered were in favor of Trump? Sit down.