Covid Mutations Put Vaccines In Race To Reduce Amount Of Virus Worldwide | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, reports on how the rampant spread of the coronavirus allows for a greater number of mutations, and what that means for the effort to use vaccines to bring an end to the pandemic. Aired on 02/2O/2021.
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Covid Mutations Put Vaccines In Race To Reduce Amount Of Virus Worldwide | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Greg H.
    Greg H.

    Funny, like the scientists said from day one, the most effective way to destroy the virus is to not give it an opportunity to breed within hosts...aka lockdowns and social distancing. People didn't like that and "rebelled". Now, a vaccine is mandatory along WITH the above measures. People are "rebelling" against the vaccine too. So, how can we fix the problem?

  • Deven Winters
    Deven Winters

    Well said breakdown.

  • Ivan Johnson
    Ivan Johnson

    Why have all the anti-vaxxer, anti-science crap bag swarmed this comment section? You can take your delusions to the Fox section, m'kay? 😂

  • kermitefrog64

    Consider the flu virus. Every year the flu vaccine changes depending on the virus mutations. This is a deadlier virus with a higher mortality rate. People keep talking about getting back to normal but really is normal in the world these days. The norm means things keep getting worse.

  • Yasper Casper
    Yasper Casper

    Oh. 50% Dumbsters in the comments make me think…

  • rationalguy

    I'm now vaccinated. Evolution will eventually eliminate anti-vaxxers.

  • Alasdair Blackmore
    Alasdair Blackmore

    Considering that Covid19 is constantly mutating, when this excuse for a scientist says "the main variants" he's actually only talking about the first 2 ... and when he babbles on and on about viruses having a short 2hr lifespan he's not actually talking about covid-19 ! Beware of sheep in wolves clothing as they are just as deluded and dangerous as wolves in sheep's clothing !

  • the toneknob
    the toneknob

    this is why we have no cure for the common cold! it mutates to fast to, i was taught this in 7th grade. it should be common knowledge?

    • Dorothy Wiese-Bergan
      Dorothy Wiese-Bergan

      You were taught virology in seventh grade, but didn't learn the difference between to and too? How's that scientific research job going for you?

  • Christophe Breland
    Christophe Breland

    I imagine we are going to have to have the vaccine updated often cuz as you get a vaccine the likeliness of catching the mutated one does not go down. and the rules are we haave to do testing on every vaccine so wonder if they are going to update the rules to respond quicker.

  • Desmond Bishop
    Desmond Bishop

    Great. Now say it one more time but for our brethren in the stupid hat's who understand but really won't admit anything because they're not dumb they just don't have means to cope. They're the ones you gotta bring around.

  • Arcanum

    We could have crushed the virus months ago by wearing N95s.

  • Bat Brewer
    Bat Brewer

    Ooof, this is why we have science correspondents and actual real-live scientists instead of getting NBC's chief foreign correspondent to wing it.

  • Anna R
    Anna R

    My husband is positive on day 11 and still coughing. I tested negative 11 days ago,now have signs of a head cold. ? Heard confussion

  • David Musial
    David Musial

    Vitamin c

    • Chuck U Farley
      Chuck U Farley

      It will prevent scurvy but do absolutely nothing for covid.

  • Sheepdog Warrior
    Sheepdog Warrior

    Propaganda is unrelenting but easy to see through.

  • Nivek Nossam
    Nivek Nossam

    What about the new swine flu virus?

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life

    I don’t believe ANYTHING coming from garbage news outlets like MSNBC

  • PJH199 1
    PJH199 1

    John Hopkins University: An estimated 99,763 people in the U.S. have died due to complications from the coronavirus during Joe Biden’s first month in the White House.

    • PJH199 1
      PJH199 1

      @Chuck U Farley get off Trump’s wood. Demented Joe is President and he does not have a miraculous plan like he campaigned on. #Failure

    • Chuck U Farley
      Chuck U Farley

      It's sad. It was trumps lack of leadership and downplaying the virus that led the US to be in the top five in the world in cases and deaths from covid.

  • The Big Guy's Ten Percent
    The Big Guy's Ten Percent

    Teacher's unions write Former Vice President biden's covid policy.

  • Bob Mook
    Bob Mook

    These new vaccines as I understand it don't prevent you from getting the virus, they only lessen the severity of symptoms that would put you in the hospital. Therefore they don't prevent the spread of the virus and they will not "eradicate" the virus. Also, if already you've had the virus (or shot) and "immunity" only lasts 90 days, are we prepared to keep vaccinating people over and over again every 3 months?

  • cristian garcia
    cristian garcia

    People voted for Biden

  • Tinkerginamama

    I love how they have more dislikes then likes. That says a lot for the American People!

    • Chuck U Farley
      Chuck U Farley

      No sane person take like/dislike ratios seriously.

  • Tinkerginamama

    What a joke msnbc is. I can’t believe I opened this. I laughed within the first 20 seconds. Lol 😂 Real convincing dude. Lol 😂 this is why I won’t vaccinate. What a bunch of fools! This guy is fool of crap. You want truth go to America’s Front Line Doctors page. They lay out truth in a way you will get it. Not just bs

  • Αγape

    What works is a strong immune system.

  • pspicer777

    A really good explanation.

  • bluflu flipflop
    bluflu flipflop

    Nothing to do with covid this is a government agenda against people trying to survive their greed and their agenda

  • bluflu flipflop
    bluflu flipflop

    shut up

  • elizabeth chase
    elizabeth chase

    At the beginning, Dr fauci said 2 million deaths were a possibility. The "let'r R.I.P." policy of the "previous guy" will be the reason why

  • Benjamin Button
    Benjamin Button

    Evolution of the media.

  • Aida Mathews
    Aida Mathews

    Nobody gets the flu anymore because we've all been pretty much hibernating so we're not spreading it that's why nobody gets the flu...

  • Brando Beezy
    Brando Beezy

    So basically you'll never be able to catch up with all the mutations. Got it, let our country go now.

  • Nancy Lynn
    Nancy Lynn

    Finally, some clarity to non-medical people....thank you!

  • Tony Giannetto
    Tony Giannetto

    Rump wanted a natural herd immunity=this is what happens=what a genius plan

  • Rl l
    Rl l

    Herd immunity? Are you a sheep?

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch

    "This is a battle against evolution". America never stood a chance...


      @Jean Roch You're the moron who lashes out the insults to replace your lack of intelligence ~ that's what morons do. Its called a PLANdemic for good reason.

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch

      ​@KELLI KELLI you haven't watched the video, you moron. Stop insulting, start learning. Or better yet, catch a virus you believe couldn't mutate fast enough and get the F out of my planet.


      @Jean Roch You obviously have a very disturbed mind because I never said anything but 👉 EVOLUTION COMES NATURALLY OVER A PERIOD OF MANY YEARS ~ NOT VIA LAB 🔬 JABS‼️ Go back into whatever hole you came out of after you learn how to read and comprehend what you have read...

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch

      ​@KELLI KELLI I've got news for you : evolution happens to everything. It's not about where you're from, it's about being alive and reproducing, which viruses do. You'd know that if you went to school instead of brainwashing yourself with internet conspiracy theories.


      Evolution is supposed to happen naturally and gradually ~ not via lab 🔬 created vaccines 😉

  • Albert Stavidlo
    Albert Stavidlo

    Never ending story 🤢🤮

  • RonFella

    Why is a "foreign correspondent" reporting on medical issues? This moron thinks we are "made of DNA". I know Trumpo stopped all the wars but you should find at least something relevant for this putz to do.


    Virus nothing new, but a great cover for the economic collapse the demoncrate gov caused by the endless theft

    • chaotic twig
      chaotic twig

      I believe it was just another strain of the flu and nothing else. If that! The whole thing was designed as an excuse to crash everything and a major money grab and waste at the same time

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann

    Just stop with the BS 😂

  • Steve Meyers
    Steve Meyers

    Thinning the heard

  • chaotic twig
    chaotic twig

    Biggest trick played on the whole world!

  • Ceacillea Emahmn
    Ceacillea Emahmn

    You really believe what you're saying?

  • raymond arias
    raymond arias

    The free open finallly wail because structure distinctively frighten towards a giant bath. wild, extra-large extra-small exuberant partner

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    It's a battle against evolution?? Evolution is a lie and it's provable even Darwin doubted it. Yeah one day we were living in a primordial soup and we flop down Shore and said oh we like it better here let's flop here for generation after generation? You have to be an idioso to believe that.

    • Jason Seow
      Jason Seow

      @Maximus Decimus Meridius You speak for yourself on web weaving and indoctrination. Even when a virus that is mutating to better survive in it's environment is staring you in the face, you still cling to your fairy tale.

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius
      Maximus Decimus Meridius

      @Jason Seow LOL you're an absolute indoctrinated moron if you don't think all of this is by intelligent design.But that's your choice to believe. Oh the webs we weave when we first practice to deceive.

    • Jason Seow
      Jason Seow

      If you bothered to read Darwin, he doubted it because he lacked the evidence all the way up to the time of his death. We've had about a century and a half of discoveries confirming his theory since then. You see, when someone is truly inquisitive, they have the ability to see where there proposals are not well founded. This is really hard to understand for those who see faith as a virtue.

  • Damian Lorre
    Damian Lorre


  • Darth Nihiluz
    Darth Nihiluz

    Evolution always win.

  • Chainsaw Surgeon
    Chainsaw Surgeon

    Never forget that all this vaccine information comes from compulsive political liars.

  • Dave li
    Dave li

    The utensil conjecturally pump because cauliflower greely scream till a snotty particle. invincible, loutish chauffeur

  • rob head
    rob head

    Pure spin!............with a case fatality rate of .02% this is being blown out of proportion!

  • Way Of The Dragon Fitness
    Way Of The Dragon Fitness

    There was never a vaccine. You talked so big saying it will be by this time and missing every deadline then say you have the vaccine but more excuses. Then people get sick after vaccines and now all of a sudden there is all there weird mutated strains? Dude it came all the way from Asia it’s not just going to start now. There was no vaccine ever. Now they say heard immunity 😂😂😂 Americans WE GOT PLAYED. There is much more then meets the eye everyone rushing to Mars food made from fungus all the natural disasters. They know something they aren’t telling us. Like the earth is unstable or something crazy.

  • Hecthor Vasquez
    Hecthor Vasquez

    Democrats preparing for the 2022 mail in ballet as long fear is in the mind of the hopeless they have the advantage

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown

      Now wasn't it trump in 2016 who won by fear-mongering "WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL" lmao but hey Hispanics for trump! Haha!

  • Indr1DC01D

    Satan's plan will fail

  • Veracious

    Biden: “I’m sending my son Hunter to Texas to help out”. Trump: Hey Joe, Texas has cracked pipes, not crack pipes.

    • Steve Meyers
      Steve Meyers

      Well said


      🤣 🤣 🤣 Brilliant. 👏

  • sargent pepper
    sargent pepper

    the mutants in the media are the ones to worry about . shove your flu variants ! half of health care workers refuse to take it ! what does that tell you ?

  • Ron Anonuevo
    Ron Anonuevo

    Listen to Mr. Fantastic

  • Norman Dowd
    Norman Dowd

    You mean get this vaccine out there before the virus goes away.

    • Scot Beckman
      Scot Beckman

      That funny!!

  • Photo Tron
    Photo Tron

    Human Immune system response =99.8% recovery rate

  • Stephen Gernenz
    Stephen Gernenz

    It's a new scare tactic. It's sad because people will submit to this and allow it to control their lives. Sure it's real, but it's also a lie. Seek the lord, not this fake news

  • Dr. YouTube
    Dr. YouTube


  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!

    Dumb on

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons

    Thought you was a reporter , since when did you become a virologist?

  • that guy bonds
    that guy bonds

    Double speak all over lol. This covid is super over blown. Another hoop to jump through and hurdle to jump over. They will not stop treating us like slaves, just so we can try to live our lives the way we want.if your tired of this non sense, then get educated on rights and responsibilities. Educate your loved ones, and everyone unite for one single purpose. To tell the government, No More! It Is Over!

  • that guy bonds
    that guy bonds

    Double speak all over lol. This covid is super over blown. Another hoop to jump through and hurdle to jump over. They will not stop treating us like slaves, just so we can try to live our lives the way we want.if your tired of this non sense, then get educated on rights and responsibilities. Educate your loved ones, and everyone unite for one single purpose. To tell the government, No More! It Is Over!

  • KoopaSix

    Maybe a new, uncurable strand will come out that only effects democrats.

    • Yasper Casper
      Yasper Casper

      How dumb…

    • Frank F
      Frank F


  • J Mac
    J Mac

    Since January 8th, in the U.S., we've had a decrease of 82% in new daily infections for covid 19. How do they explain that drop in infections, other than herd immunity? I'm curious because Dr. Martin Makary M.D., from Johns Hopkins, is saying that we've already achieved herd immunity and that covid 19 will be medically insignificant by April. But you don't hear the mainstream media reporting those facts do you?

  • Joseph

    Is that Jaime Lannister?

  • that guy bonds
    that guy bonds

    Double speak all over lol. This covid is super over blown. Another hoop to jump through and hurdle to jump over. They will not stop treating us like slaves, just so we can try to live our lives the way we want.if your tired of this non sense, then get educated on rights and responsibilities. Educate your loved ones, and everyone unite for one single purpose. To tell the government, No More! It Is Over!

  • that guy bonds
    that guy bonds

    Double speak all over lol. This covid is super over blown. Another hoop to jump through and hurdle to jump over. They will not stop treating us like slaves, just so we can try to live our lives the way we want.if your tired of this non sense, then get educated on rights and responsibilities. Educate your loved ones, and everyone unite for one single purpose. To tell the government, No More! It Is Over!

  • Jay Robbins
    Jay Robbins

    Lawl!!!! "This is a battle against evolution" exactly... we're throwing away freedoms AND tons of money and time trying to thwart nature. Also, this virus won't stop evolving...kind of like the narrative surrounding it.

  • Deborah VanDusen
    Deborah VanDusen

    What good is it if it does not prevent you from getting this virus?



  • Yung Araboy
    Yung Araboy

    This is too much like Plague Inc the game lol


    **Somebody wake up fraudulent elect big guy from his cognitive coma, the flu went missing**

  • Joseph Centron
    Joseph Centron

    So would you fly on an aircraft that hasn't been fully tested because you are not n a hurry or would you take an other way?...there are always new strains why we have an immune system oh yeah when are going to give shots to all the homeless people and to all the new people poring into the country?

  • Mr. Cuddlesworth
    Mr. Cuddlesworth

    >They don't work well Why would I even take it if it won't do jack to protect me?

  • Bradlee297

    Wtf do you mean 'don't work as well'. it's virus. It's either it works or don't

  • Captain America
    Captain America

    mRNA vaccines alter your DNA and I haven't been properly tested if you want to risk it fine I'll take my chances with the virus that has a 99% survival rate

  • Learn more
    Learn more

    Pharma companies were mass producing the shots over a year ago. News article: "we had the cure all along."

  • Phoebe Feline
    Phoebe Feline

    Okay, I am going to point fingers here >>>>non-mask wearers have got to be partially responsible for this virus continuing to be out in the public...which then allows mutations to get a foothold. Make it a misdemeanor to NOT wear a mask in public.

  • Bobby B.
    Bobby B.

    Dems Only concerns are how to control the 2022 Midterms ! If they can keep insane voting law changes and equipment in place they can manufacture an outcome ? Covid panic is their Tool to keep the changes in place ? Don’t confuse the normal Democrat ( keep their gravy train going) with the Destroy Western Civilization Globalist Ideologues ?🤔



  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The flaky network jekely breathe because whistle psychologically talk minus a narrow crown. blushing, fortunate bolt

  • mikeb12879

    Justin Trudeau: The covid variants that are being developed, ah hum, excuse me, discovered

    • mikeb12879

      he said this on live tv the other day

  • Dog Face Pony
    Dog Face Pony

    The big guy says, the 6G nano vaccine is coming for his sheeple.

    • rationalguy


  • Oden

    Sounds like an “expert” which means he knows nothing.

    • Captain America
      Captain America

      You're on MSNBC what were you expecting news 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this like Fox and CNN is just propaganda

  • mph1ish

    What a massive pile of @#$%!

  • Think Critically
    Think Critically

    Vaccines reduce the amount of virus!?? Haaaaahaaaahsshaasaa. Hilarious. Non-science at its best!

  • William Leidy
    William Leidy

    The manufactured fear is more dangerous than the sickness.

    • William Leidy
      William Leidy

      @Alex Dinero fear is the mind killer .It always has a negative effect on human physiology. Controlling people without throwing a single punch ,firing a single shot or focusing on the true origin of evil.

    • Will Collier
      Will Collier

      @Alex Dinero Fear IS the control device that they use. Yes people are so thin skinned and so it’s an easy work for them to place fear in your heart. The reason they have to keep coming up with new and worse (boogeyman) is because fear only last so long and people either see through it or they become complicit. So they have to stir the pot. Believe it or’s working. Look at how many people are wearing mask...and they don’t even work on the most part. But it makes you “feel” safe so therefore you comply. I don’t buy any of it.

    • Alex Dinero
      Alex Dinero

      @Will Collier Ok so can I put you down as disagreeing with OP, fear is NOT the real danger here?

    • Will Collier
      Will Collier

      @Alex Dinero if you dig deep enough you can find the answer the WHO along with other entities has released this population control device is what I call it and it’s mutating faster than they anticipated. There are three or four of these entities that have filed for a patent on the Covid virus. It is illegal to have a patent on a natural-based life form of any kind so therefore it must be man-made.

    • Alex Dinero
      Alex Dinero

      @Will Collier Where? There’s 1.2k comments currently...

  • Jason

    Mutations so they say. What is stopping China from making viruses and sending infected through our open borders? This country is gone. Like Rome fell, so will America.

  • That Guy Over There
    That Guy Over There

    Biden better not do worse than Trump

  • Danny

    We worry more about Political mutations! SICKENING, SLOW ACTION! WHERE IS TRUMP WHEN YOU NEED HIM?

  • Martin Kurek
    Martin Kurek

    "Systemic racism is caused by the white man🎱, not the black man". Obey Biden🗿



  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown

    It was a brilliant idea appalyon , judgment day is near

  • Tomi Tenorio
    Tomi Tenorio

    First of all it's not about evolution this has been foretold and the Bible we must repent Jesus loves you

  • Oriental Magi The art of NinKu
    Oriental Magi The art of NinKu

    Complete b.s.

  • Al Kohallick
    Al Kohallick

    I thought Joe Biden had a plan??

  • Tyler Sovoda
    Tyler Sovoda

    How do you make a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated?

    • Jason Seow
      Jason Seow

      @Tyler Sovoda Isolated and the CDC confirmed receipt of a sample January 20th, 2020.

    • Tyler Sovoda
      Tyler Sovoda

      @Jason Seow nope. No one has. Go ahead. Check it out. Not once.

    • Jason Seow
      Jason Seow

      You don't. The thing is that we have isolated this virus; first on January 7th, 2020.

  • kristin

    All they can do every year is guess which flu strains will show up. That’s why the flu shot doesn’t always work. And yet we’re supposed to believe they can figure out this new virus??

  • Mr Wonder
    Mr Wonder

    We r all f- ed up