Dominion Sues MyPillow CEO Over Election Claims | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Dominion Voting Systems sued Mike Lindell, the C.E.O. of MyPillow, on Monday, alleging that he defamed Dominion with baseless claims of election fraud involving its voting machines, according to reports. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Dominion Sues MyPillow CEO Over Election Claims | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Idiotic Beyond Measure
    Idiotic Beyond Measure

    You should be deeply concerned. But you are too demoralized to even notice.

  • Chrysalis Monarch
    Chrysalis Monarch

    My great great grandfather used a My Pillow during the Civil War. Legend has it that it was the same pillow that Abraham Lincoln had on his deathbed. You are truly a man of God Mike Lindell. We pray that your shredded foam pillows continue to better the human condition and bring us all closer to the Lord through true Christian bedding and midnight visits to people's bathrooms across this great nation. 🙏✝️

  • A Ghost Without a Past
    A Ghost Without a Past

    My reaction:

  • dan houstin
    dan houstin

    What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

  • Mitchell Camp
    Mitchell Camp

    Cancel the Cult Trumps

  • l cuevas
    l cuevas

    1.3 billion, thats a lot of crack.

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    Well you're a professional liar so I guess you would know.... like your Russian collusion you tried to sell us for two years ? Then came D class.... yep you lied no apology

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    Well I guess we will see... like I said Mike's a great guy he'll do anything for America he loves his country... the United States needs more men like Mike..!!!

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    Yeah Mike thinks it's great.... he will get this chance to show as evidence in court ?? Mike's a great guy.... he's a true blue Patriot for America !!!

  • Sun Dial
    Sun Dial

    TRUMP IS GOD...🇺🇸🕇🇺🇸

  • lar4305

    People say , bring it on. People think that now the fraud will be exposed. Do you really think for a second that if dominion committed fraud with there voting machines that they would want it to come out in the trial? That is how deranged people are.The pillow man , Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani.and all the rest including fox news will be in for a big hurting.

  • suga Lawrence
    suga Lawrence

    Too many stupid comments from the Q crowd here. Yes, let’s get to the bottom of this. Dominion wouldn’t be suing if they had anything to hide. Lindel is about to get hit upside the head (and pocket) with the truth. Q faakwits can’t handle the truth.

  • R McElhaney
    R McElhaney

    Dominion could end up taking over Mike Lindell's MyPillow business if they win. I will gladly buy a Dominion brand MyPillow.

  • Steven Rogers
    Steven Rogers

    He should hire Sidney Powell 😂😂

  • Al Hanpp
    Al Hanpp

    I know I shouldn't say this but Mr lindell you should go back to smoke and crack at least you had a half a brain now that you drink the Trump Kool-Aid you have no brain

  • old man vollox
    old man vollox


  • BeaglesnLove

    Cocaine is a powerful drug

  • John Penley
    John Penley

    Best way to check these chumps is to hit them in their wallets..end of the day, thats where their loyalty lies..😑

  • Dale Alan
    Dale Alan


  • AFD Chocolate milk
    AFD Chocolate milk

    looks like Mike might not have enough money to afford a pillow after this lawsuit.

  • Taharkah X
    Taharkah X

    "The lie sells pillows." Never thought I'd hear that on the news.

  • Michael Whaley
    Michael Whaley

    Bring it on Lindell, let’s see your PROOF.

  • Pia Anderson
    Pia Anderson

    That's a lot of pillows...

  • Wilma Flyer
    Wilma Flyer

    If this isn't a bluff, and the lawsuit is real, then we may finally find out for real whether or not Dominion voting machines were manipulated via discovery by the defense.

  • u0455294

    It’ll be fun seeing the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems on those My Pillow commercials after they take over the company. I wonder if Mike Lindell will go back to crack.

  • Lori Olson
    Lori Olson

    Good then the truth will come out

  • David Warren
    David Warren

    Coke-head loudmouth's gonna lose all his sweet pillow money.

  • docsunga 2001
    docsunga 2001

    This nutnut will be busy hiding his money on off shore accounts and transfering his assets to other people this couple of days.

  • theskyehiker

    Good. It’s time people who lie are held accountable. Bigly.

  • Fuzzybeanerizer

    A voting machine company suing a pillow manufacturer... I knew this was going to happen, at least a year ago.

  • elitepanda3000

    Dominium released the second Kraken on my pillow.

  • Red or Dead
    Red or Dead

    I can't wait for that case!! 🤣👍

  • Politician Democratic
    Politician Democratic

    Funny how none of his claimed "proof" was never presented to the 60+ courts including SCOTUS. Sounds like a continuation of the orange baby's lie.

  • mejibj

    Hope he get clean

  • Shane Funk
    Shane Funk

    They won't get it. Those same people have been caught fixing elections in other countries and this one before. They need to be gone.

    • JORDAN


  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    Can't wait to see this delusional debate lmao

  • Quang B
    Quang B


  • AnarchY Ash Aubrey
    AnarchY Ash Aubrey

    Once a crack addict, ALWAYS a crackhead

  • East End Long Island Girl l
    East End Long Island Girl l

    Where's the outrage over Biden's cages? Why is he letting in thousands of illegals in this Country in a midst of a pandemic? Are they being tested? Who's supporting them?

    • JORDAN

      Sounds like all of the questions you should have been asking years ago

  • Raptorman0909

    I hope he goes bankrupt -- I feel bad for thinking this, but he 100% deserves it. He was warned repeatedly and even on right wing media and yet he continued the attack on our Constitution and Democracy.

  • Ed Rowlands
    Ed Rowlands

    The American justice system is badly in need of an overall to bring it into the 21st century, but no one has the guts to tackle this enormous task.

    • JORDAN

      Except the insurrectionists

  • Stirling Fletcher
    Stirling Fletcher

    Actions have consequences. Stupidity mixed with lies is akin to having karma on speed dial. Bye bye bite my pillow guy.

  • Trap Daddy
    Trap Daddy

    Mike Lindel for president 2024!

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly

    Take the clown for every single cent he has.

  • Denny Bailey
    Denny Bailey

    My Russian pillow

  • best best
    best best

    Good one as we want to see in court room how Dominion rigged the election to help Biden.

  • 2000buellm2cyclone

    Goodbye pillow Guy!!!!

  • ECW Network
    ECW Network

    The MyPillow Guy Need go back Sleep if He Don't Sleep He Get Mood.

  • a disciple
    a disciple

    A Win!

  • Steve GalloWAY
    Steve GalloWAY

    crush the big GOPq LIE !

  • T Cla
    T Cla

    I hope they win every cent.

  • LiG BZd
    LiG BZd

    He has all the evidence? More lies. Just be sure to capture all of his lies to make a solid case against him. This will bankrupt this MyPillow business. Liars never win.

  • HmoobNCarolina Lis
    HmoobNCarolina Lis

    When you LIES, YOU PAY...

  • George Labottum
    George Labottum

    Amazing how the Pillow Puke not only has all this evidence but didn't he also say he had a cure for Covid. Is there anything this feather brain can't do? Stick it to him Dominion.

  • Roddy Occultis
    Roddy Occultis

    Lindell was caught sleeping on his pillow.

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G

    Everyone who associates themselves with Donald. There careers get flushed down the toilet or they go to jail.

  • Jacob Forrester
    Jacob Forrester

    Couldn't have happened to a more worthless chunk of fascist filth. Where's that Trumpian martial law, you POS crack-head? Now you're gonna be in debt to Dominion, AND your rock dealer for the rest of your worthless existence. Perfect.

  • Granpa Thermoformer58
    Granpa Thermoformer58

    Will they settle it with a pillow fight?

  • Athiest Monk
    Athiest Monk

    Republicans have been saying this for months. They have all the evidence, just wait its coming. Just like Trump said he had all this evidence against Obama for spying and that investigators have found crazy stuff in Hawaii.

  • Kevin Coop
    Kevin Coop

    When are the criminal cases coming for trying to overthrow the government?

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Hugh Gard
    Hugh Gard

    How many pillows equals 1.3 billion dollars?..I'll bet Mike is NOT getting the best night sleep of his LIFE!..I GUARUNTEE IT!

  • Daulstage Butterfly
    Daulstage Butterfly

    Sue TRUMP also,he was pushing the same narratives.

  • Sparky Wilson
    Sparky Wilson

    Oh boy. He's gonna start smoking crack again.

  • Rod O
    Rod O

    Hey Pillow Guy I hear Rudy's looking for work. Oh wait he's being sued too, I know maybe Trump supporters will chip in for a lawyer to help you they are easily conned the gave money to Trump.

  • Augie Rockero
    Augie Rockero

    Keep withholding donations and investments, and keep sueing the MAGATS out of existence

  • Hat Bpto
    Hat Bpto

    NEVER FORGET Trump's big lie. NEVER FORGET Lindell's notes "MARTIAL LAW" These traitors are being dealt with far too lightly.

  • ItsJoeyRB

    Y'all democrats are so corrupt, who are you going to cancel next Chester the Cheetah?

  • Donel

    You had all the evidence, why didn't you use it to keep your president trump in power? Instead you were proposing a martial law.

  • Chashunka

    A Republican judge will decide that Lindell is way too stupid to be taken seriously - and therefore he is not guilty.

  • kpax45

    You're in trouble pillow man!!!

  • Pam Ramsom
    Pam Ramsom

    Election was stolen... Beijing Biden is not my president.

  • C R
    C R

    Sue his company and send Mikey for medical help. He is one troubled man!

  • Libby Mcbibby
    Libby Mcbibby

    A criminal enterprise sues an upstanding business person! Interesting. Only in "The Peoples Republic of America"

  • The Progressive Curmudgeon
    The Progressive Curmudgeon

    Take Home Message: Kids don’t try crack

  • Corey G.
    Corey G.

    There are plenty of other topics instead of glorifying an untreated meth addict who follows an criminal insurrectionist. Like other totalitarian states once the roaches are in office its hard to get rid of them. Now the henchmen are still pushing election fraud? Send them to Russia

  • king zulu 13
    king zulu 13

    Good, good, good.

  • Paul Kruger
    Paul Kruger

    Dominion is destroying peoples lives, while great pillows help people to get a great nights sleep. Dominion is all about power and control and dirty money. Lindell wants to help the people and has real integrity.

    • Paul Kruger
      Paul Kruger

      @godzopaf Dominion is all about corruption. They will sue the truthful ones while cover up their dirty deeds. You need to wake up to the truth. God can help you if you allow it.

    • godzopaf

      Just because you make a successful product doesn't mean you're a great person. Actually, the opposite.

  • PointingOutObvious

    If My Pillow guy has all the evidence, why didn't he use it to save Trump's presidency? LoL 🤣 because it's all 🐂💩!

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan

    Guys creepy. Open your medicine cabinet and hes always there....😣

  • Paul Kruger
    Paul Kruger

    The lawsuit will backfire on Dominion big time. The evidence what will be presented by Lindell will put Dominion to shame.

    • Paul Kruger
      Paul Kruger

      @Saurabh lotankar Dominion knows they are guilty and are trying to cover their tracks. The world will be shocked when the truth about the Dominion corruption comes to light.

    • Saurabh lotankar
      Saurabh lotankar

      You serious bro 😂😂😂😂

  • SPUG Rich
    SPUG Rich


  • xxxDREADEDxxx

    Mike stop packing your pillows with your brain down.......or dung?

  • xxxDREADEDxxx

    Sue him all the way back to rehab.

  • Daniel Dylan
    Daniel Dylan

    About time to shut Lindell's fat mouth up.

  • Edsknife

    The ability to punish lies is also the ability to punish the truth.

  • Leonard Clements
    Leonard Clements

    He is trying to get is money back that he lost when Trump's election had collapsed

  • tiger355

    Dominion sent Lindell a Cease and Desist letter 01/18, yet days later he put out a video called Absolute Proof outlining his election fraud beliefs. Unfortunately for Lindell, defamation cases are won in the exact way that Lindell fell into the trap Dominion set. The original letter will be used as evidence of Lindell's recklessness, which makes it significantly easier for them to win.

  • kamion53

    Maybe Lindell should invest in hot air in stead of pillows, he is so full of it.

  • Loyalty Create
    Loyalty Create

    Thank goodness, now maybe he will go sit down somewhere.

  • Dulmorgoth

    R.I.P. "My pillow". Now it's gonna be "My bankruptcy" and "My prison sentence" 🤣

    • KrimsonKracker

      SNL had a great joke about Dominion turning it into "Our Pillow, by Dominion", awkwardly trying to pawn off massive amounts of pillows. 😂😂😂

  • Lorain Healer
    Lorain Healer

    How can anybody doubt Joe Biden got 80 million votes? Joe is a rock star..smh

    • KrimsonKracker

      @Lorain Healer Don't worry, all your news sources are CLEARLY not lying to you or simply telling you what they know you want to hear... The court victories are coming! They will!! 😂😂😂

    • Lorain Healer
      Lorain Healer

      @godzopaf Evidence republican gov is sold out to China.. Hope it comes out in Court

    • Lorain Healer
      Lorain Healer

      @godzopaf Much love gozpaf,but You are believing lies. Marxist need good excuse to censor, so what u said is the cover. Well what really happened, was a whole alternative social media sight to facebook and twitter was shut down. Anyone who tried to share election fraud or spoke out on youtube , pages shut down. If Biden really won, all this wouldn't be nesssary. Real red blooded americans died for freedom. Pay attention, your freedoms are being taken in the name of safety etc.

    • godzopaf

      @Lorain Healer the only Americans that were forced silent are the ones who asked for it (hateful speech, dangerous speech, dangerous lies, etc). The election was legit because of the multiple recounts in key battle-ground states, first one that comes to mind is Georgia. We all remember the "Find 10,000 votes" incident? There were multiple recounts in Georgia, which were overseen by a REPUBLICAN, which came back close to the same as the original count.

    • Lorain Healer
      Lorain Healer

      @godzopaf If election was legit it would be no problem to do audit,.. Many Americans were forced silent by social media and main stream media Much love to you godzpopaf, Your speech reflects what's in your heart. Censorship and Marxism is coming, remember you asked for it

  • Steven L. Hanft
    Steven L. Hanft

    “Lindell, a talented salesman and former professional card counter, sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows,” Dominion said in the filing. It said MyPillow’s “defamatory marketing campaign” with promo codes like “FightforTrump” and “QAnon” - had increased the company’s sales 30-40%." NY Times 23. Feb. 2021

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez

    This guy is truly a sad and tragic character. I can only imagine what he is thinking.....~~~~They may take away my crack but they will NEVER take away my pillow! Then charges furiously into the pillow fight.~~~

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    This country should never use Dominion machines again.. Let me see they prep provided machines for Venezuela , Honduras and many other Central American countries

    • godzopaf

      What's your point? Even if the US never uses Dominion again, the result wouldn't change.

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    It's just a show.... we all know the way you guys work now.... it won't stop Mike..... affected might even help them show the evidence the true evidence.... that courts are blocking the Supreme Court won't even look at.... they're too busy ???

  • kbernacchi

    Good! I’m waiting for the former guy’s also. Financially break them all Dominion

  • Deck Hardt
    Deck Hardt

    He asked for it He got it A lawsuit🎶

  • Lazaro Cortes
    Lazaro Cortes

    Mr pillow believes Donald Trump is going to help him.. he's just another Lindsey Graham. So annoying

  • desvidrrs

    I'm ashamed to have been Born in Minnesota after watching and listening to this fraud making screwball.