Capehart Compares And Contrasts Biden vs. Trump, Celebrating ‘Returned Order’ | MSNBC
Donald Trump versus President Joe Biden are contrasted a few weeks into the Biden administration by Jonathan Capehart in this week’s ‘Bye Line,’ which celebrates a ‘returned order’ to the White House.» Subscribe to MSNBC:
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Capehart Compares And Contrasts Biden vs. Trump, Celebrating ‘Returned Order’ | MSNBC

  • toney tinsley
    toney tinsley

    Amen brother 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Bobby Bob
    Bobby Bob

    Lol. The only reason he was in our face all the time is because media stations like yours made every possible thing to mean he was racist. Biden says actual racist things (actual meaning declaring a specific race in his comment) all the time.

  • Shane S
    Shane S

    Leftism is a disease. It will destroy this country

  • Betty Mary
    Betty Mary

    Trump is the best president we've ever had

  • able lopez
    able lopez

    NONE ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE I can't even begin to tell you how many people in his country do not know the facts of what is going on with The Radical Left Wing Socialist Party and how we are loosing our country right before our very eyes. There are people that I have spoken with that are just spoon fed Main Stream Media News and do not realize that they are Not getting the Whole Truth. The Radical Left Wing Socialist Party has Hijacked the Democratic party and Hijacked America with False Promises and False Accusations. They have followed an ideology equal to that of Nazism. Does this look familiar to what's happing in YOUR OWN COUNTRY RIGHT NOW? This is how the Nazis took over Germany. *They Promised you the world and gave you a little bag of goodies. * Than They banned Guns. * Than They got rid of God. * Than They Banned church services. * Than they Burned bibles and books in the streets. * Than They Tore down statues. * Than They Burned the flag. * Than They Got rid of any and all history they did not agree with. * Than They Got rid of the public police inserted their own aka Antifa. * Than They Put their country in a state of fear. * Than They targeted a group of people for everyone to hate. * Than They Thought their children in school the Nazis ideology. * Than They banned all forms of Media except their Own * Than They Created domestic terrorist aka Antifa and organizations that got rid of anything and anyone that disagreed with them with groups such as Hitler's brown shirts aka Antifa. * Which as you know Biden said Antifa is just an idea. * ARE YOUR EYES OPEN NOW??

  • mary jones
    mary jones

    brilliantly said, ty mr capehart. and it certainly is, thanks be to God.

  • Samantha Beasley
    Samantha Beasley

    Trump failed our people and our Country And he has taken down the entire Republican party with him I find great sorrow in all of this To hear from people all over the world giving us sympathy because of his actions or lack of Our government has become a three ring circus

  • Sturdy Thorpe
    Sturdy Thorpe

    Thousands crossing the southern border illegally flooding sanctuary cities with homeless. Legal late term abortions, higher taxes, economically devastating green new deal. Soaring food, lumber, steel and gas prices. Yes this is great.

  • Sunny D.
    Sunny D.

    MSNBC...the dumbing down of AMERICA.

  • Michelle Cavanaugh
    Michelle Cavanaugh

    Yes sir

  • Bridget Engle
    Bridget Engle

    The actual potus is giving the state of the Union on Sunday!!!!! Can’t wait to hear him call out Biden=Hitler=Satan..... Trump is the best!!!!!

  • micheal shawn
    micheal shawn

    When career politicians lie and alter evidence Americans will die.

  • Cory Ernsberger
    Cory Ernsberger

    Keep changing that like/dislike ratio youtube. Looks good on you.

  • M P
    M P

    Let’s remember, though, that the majority of GOP Congress members voted to discount the election results and would have gladly kept the F*cking Moron Fuhrer on his throne. Let’s never, ever forget those GOP members. They are in direct violation of their oaths of office and DO NOT CARE..

  • John Trebil
    John Trebil

    The imperfect break apparently fire because nancy grossly smile alongside a undesirable kimberly. slow, demonic riddle

  • Steadfast

    “A petulant president berating the rest of us” is Trump’s legacy.

    • Steadfast

      @Ronald Rothschild he was the greatest lying president ever.

    • Ronald Rothschild
      Ronald Rothschild

      LOL okay snowflakes, he was the greatest president ever

  • Drunken Sailor
    Drunken Sailor

    Trump is simply EVIL

  • Mike Potrero
    Mike Potrero

    Trump! 🇺🇸 ✌

  • HighOnShoes

    This country is so divided! I just realized I’m part of the problem, because I hate all y’all fks. F u, f u, f u, yall cool(my kids) and f u!

  • Scott Omar
    Scott Omar


  • TheU2001 MIA
    TheU2001 MIA

    We went from a President that spoke too much to one that can't speak. We went from a President that thought he was everywhere to one that doesn't know where he is half the time. Not sure America is winning right now.

  • Mysong Vang
    Mysong Vang

    The hyhenas are celebrating what they stole from the lions

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young

    If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  • Paul

    Biden is already screwing the American people! He's ordered ICE to stop deporting illegals who are known sexual predators!!! HE'S PUTTING AMERICAN FAMILIES AT RISK!!! *Mothers who voted for Biden - did you vote for this???!!!!!*

  • joe crachemontange
    joe crachemontange

    order like burning cities down?

  • Kenneth Anderson
    Kenneth Anderson

    Democratic support of baby sacrifice is like being ancient old Mayans slitting a child’s throat and tossing her/him off a cliff. Only now they wear suits and skirts.

  • 65raven

    Sniffer Joe reads from the kamala prompter. Bet he has serious Mario Kart game though.

  • Roger Nguyen
    Roger Nguyen

    Sore Loser Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shame on Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump's the biggest Grifter and Cheater of USA...Tax... Assurance...Bank.... Hey Trump...Jail is ready to receive you...

  • Robie Robinson
    Robie Robinson

    A total disgrace 👎👹💩🤑🤮

  • ofiver

    This is not news.

  • Denise Hall
    Denise Hall


  • Dave C
    Dave C

    All the Presidents we have had have been the opposite of the last four years. All have made mistakes, but have been adult about it.

  • boomer 60
    boomer 60

    Trump 2024

  • El Ingles
    El Ingles

    After 60 years of massive lefty bullying, we English totally destroyed the left labour party of Britain. Any form of bullying is not right, so we took them to sword. .... America, STOP the Bullying !!

  • dredrob

    We are all gratefully recovering from Post Trumpmatic Stress Disorder

  • blue4me43

    Thank God, for Giving us President Biden and VP Harris. America is in Great hands.

  • Charles Austin
    Charles Austin

    Am I the only one here who finds it strange that almost half the country supports Donald Trump, but 83% of Americans approve of Biden's rescue plan?

  • Stitch in Time
    Stitch in Time

    I am going to make a prediction for 2024. Trump is going to campaign for SENATOR of FLORIDA. His goal? To take on Mitch McConnell as head of the Republican Party. Trump is going for Majority Leader. Why isn't Trump going to run for POTUS in 2024? He knows that he doesn't have a 'fat chance.' Trump wants the 'LOVE' that his supporters will wrap him ALONE in. A regular 'CULT WORSHIP.' Trump always attracted those 'who gave up, give in, join up.'

  • Rude One
    Rude One

    i never heard of sore winner. dam get off trumps nuts

  • Steve Maclean
    Steve Maclean

    Biden leading U intellectually....good luck

  • MotoSota RC
    MotoSota RC

    Biden lost the Election

  • mwood341

    Exactly, it’s SO REFRESHING to have NORMALCY again. Even the headlines aren’t all about politics anymore; I love it!

    • mwood341

      @Freedom Seed planter yawn, if you celebrated all that under Trump, don't pretend to have a problem with it now under Biden. Hypocrite.

    • Freedom Seed planter
      Freedom Seed planter

      Yeah I know!! Back to normal right.. aren't you so glad to hear that joe Biden supports the genocide of Muslims in china?? I'm also glad that he built more cages to put migrant children in!! Can't wait to see which country we start a war with then things will really be back to normal 😉

  • Dan Burnes
    Dan Burnes

    This reminds me how I like a quieter and frankly weaker executive branch. Unfortunately, the legislative branch is not stepping up to do their job.

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas


  • cindy o
    cindy o

    God bless you President Biden for caring about the American people.

    • Sun Dial
      Sun Dial

      @cindy o I'm in the " Big C**k Club "..cult...😄

    • boomer 60
      boomer 60

      @cindy o don’t trip snowflake

    • cindy o
      cindy o

      @Sun Dial calm down and go have another cup of the Trump cult Kool-Aid. You're in a cult and don't even know it.

    • Sun Dial
      Sun Dial

      God bless you President Trump for caring about the American people more than illegitimate President Biden...

    • boomer 60
      boomer 60

      Impeach Beijing Biden and his America last agenda 🇨🇳💰

  • Paul

    Biden is already screwing the American people! He's ordered ICE to stop deporting illegals who are known sexual predators!!! HE'S PUTTING AMERICAN FAMILIES AT RISK!!! *Mothers who voted for Biden - did you vote for this???!!!!!*

  • 5cloudwalker

    Yes and God for bid if Biden loses he’s not going to create a riot and storm the White House

  • Barry Stints
    Barry Stints

    It’s easy to compare! One is smart and educated and cares about the people of this country (joe Biden) while the other one is a wannabe fascist (Donald trump) who is orange!!!!!!


    "Returned order" means the brats are content for a few weeks . China is going to use Biden as a tampon, so I hope you liberal terrorists brush up on your mandarin .

  • Resologist

    Don't expect too much from Biden. He's still in favor of private health insurance for most Americans, (not government funded healthcare like other G7 countries). And, I don't expect much better from the American news media that gave headlines everyday to Trump's idiotic tweets. Since Trump was a candidate in 2016, did any news editors or journalists really bother to press for the revelation of what Trump's healthcare program was that was so much better than Obamacare? An adult in the White House, now? Okay. How about some real journalism from MSNBC News, now?

  • Martha Balev
    Martha Balev

    How many trillions they use from poor tax payers to go to other planets to colonies, not by the poor tax payers but the rich elite people 👺🤬

  • Bridget Engle
    Bridget Engle

    Biden is a failure already! He mumbles to himself. He hasn’t done a thing with covid. Everything the media accused Trump of doing wrong? Biden has done in triplicate... It would have been easier to go to a trailer park in Alabama and just randomly install a man from there? Cause that’s what we got with Biden....

  • robr2190

    Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google, ISnets , Apple and mainstream media have gone way over the line. Mainstream media has always misinformed, sensationalized and lied. Usually for profit. Now they do all that, plus censorship and hiding information. Social media has also jumped on board. Social media silences any information that they don’t agree with. Or is not the same politics as theirs. They don’t report news. They attempt to create news.Censorship is done in communist countries. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and boycott all of them. They aren’t really giving facts anyway!

  • Spinko Kerplinko
    Spinko Kerplinko

    Cuomo and the Albany fire sale, the stage is set. Hillary Clinton and her ring around the Rosary, of Angel hair and Baby's breath. The plague bearers, of the Nazi second wave. The collection plate, the coin of Judas, hench forth useless, the reputation and the suicidal tendencies. The Vatican and the master debaters club,,,,,, yessssssssssssss, strangely silent, don't you think?

  • Hostile Territory
    Hostile Territory

    A breath of fresh air? Bidens an oxygen tank amount of fresh air compared to that orange-tinted turd that got thrown outta the White House.

  • Brian Wimberly
    Brian Wimberly

    TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. is away. Talk about the GREAT accomplishments of our new, shiny President. Oh, there are none? Better keep bashing TRUMP then,............pathetic.

  • Spinko Kerplinko
    Spinko Kerplinko

    Pay attention to the parking space. All roads lead to Rome like arteries of Cardinal blood flow. The Vatican the shoeless shadow of death over angel hair and baby's breath. The Collection plate, the coin of Constantine, the anvil of Judas the useless ringing of the suicidal tendencies. The master debaters club, the Pope head upon a Twitter post. Istanbul or Constantinople? It is a trick question I shall give you that...Hey maw how it hang'n? the child of Istanbul or Constantinople? The cutthroat of the sacrificial goats yes

  • Dorethea Simone
    Dorethea Simone

    So glaaad that those "four unrelenting years" are OVER!!!

    • T. R. Campbell
      T. R. Campbell

      I don’t think they are over. According to the news conference today Joe is reviving the detention camps for foreign national children who arrived in the country illegally. Remember, this was a huge campaign issue that Trump was putting children in cages. We know they were not being put in cages but they were being put in these detention facilities. Now Joe Biden is doing the same thing. I think he is getting some extremely bad advice From some of the recycle staff members from the old Obama administration. We have to recall that it was Obama to put children in cages and the pictures that we saw the chain-link fences and the kids dressed in aluminum blankets were from the Obama era. I think Joe is getting some bad advice from his staff

  • JoJo Rey
    JoJo Rey

    Comparisons is something you don’t do, that would be balanced, your station is strong on setting narratives to align with your views making it unnecessary to own a radio or TV, you’ve become like a book, one story I’ve heard a million times.

  • Paul

    During the campaign Biden called Trump a dictator over his use of executive orders and said he would instead work with Congress to pass actual laws. Well, Biden has signed over 50 exec. orders in his first 3 weeks - many of them *radical* alienating half the nation - compared to Trump's 6!!!!! THIS IS CALLED BEING A HYPOCRITE!!!

  • Raphael Pihan
    Raphael Pihan

    Joe Biden, the first American president bought off by China. He's got so many people pulling his puppet strings he must be confused. Old man with dementia.

  • Tracy J.
    Tracy J.

    Illegitimate president. Stolen election!

  • tom wool
    tom wool

    There is no comparison. President Biden is human. The other guy is reptilian.

  • tom wool
    tom wool

    What a perfect summary. Now we need to recover.

  • gina ruso
    gina ruso


  • Tony Giannetto
    Tony Giannetto

    the difference is as clear as black n white

  • Doug Buse
    Doug Buse

    So nice not to look at the news everyday and see someone attempting to explain some asinine tweet from Trump

    • Doug Buse
      Doug Buse

      @M7 SOCIAL nice to know you care about blacks now. Next thing you're going to tell me you're concerned about Portland and Seattle. Nobody's buying your drivel. Biden's your president baby deal with it.

    • M7 SOCIAL
      M7 SOCIAL

      @baba yaga ganoush did you learn that psycho babble spending years on MSNBC China 🇨🇳 ? You idiots spend all day dividing yourselves from the rest of the world . Good luck with that .

    • M7 SOCIAL
      M7 SOCIAL

      @Doug Buse forget yourself....the majority of America didn't vote for Hillary and neither did they vote for that bag of bones in the oval office now . Free press ? You mean the hyenas that haven't covered actual news in 20 years ? The Constitution doesn't allow the "press" to attack people or spew out more propaganda than China does . You got your head twisted by a party that murdered blacks for their votes buddy . Do your history for a change. Can school you all day.

    • Doug Buse
      Doug Buse

      @M7 SOCIAL Trump has been insulting and demeaning Democrats and the Free Press as well as baiting his opposition for at least 10 years. That's why people hate him , he generated the hate

    • M7 SOCIAL
      M7 SOCIAL

      @Doug Buse I think the attacks came from you nutjobs who openly threatened people on social media . You also attacked the guy before he even sat down in the office . So , you making America great? You and your kind haven't even begun to realize that the majority of Americans and their own culture share a conservative base. So stop hiding behind ISnets and come outside with your rants . But as usual , you liberals are too weak . 🙄

  • Justus

    MSNBC can’t stop talking about Trump. We need to stop giving him so much attention!

    • Salty Sapper
      Salty Sapper

      Trump tried to warn us... The type of people that believe this crap are the same people that will snitch on their neighbors for not wearing masks and turn them into the thought police and the new “ Reality Czar”

    • Trap Daddy
      Trap Daddy

      I love it the obsession continues

    • Salty Sapper
      Salty Sapper

  • 234dilligaf

    This is hilarious!! Want to see the contrast between Biden and Trump? Look at Trumps record low unemployment, border security, energy independence. Now contrast that to Biden. Plus Trumps ability to get a vaccine in mind blowing time. Guaranteed Joe (Ukraine) Biden wouldn't have a vaccine for many years.

  • MegaLaidback

    trump never cared about the country, just his fragile ego.

    • TheHopetown

      News Flash: Trump is no longer POTUS, time to move on idiots!

    • Sandra Bowen
      Sandra Bowen

      You've never heard Biden's nasty remarks when his ego gets bruised? Biden says nasty things to voters, reporters, everyone. Where have you been hiding?

  • Jay Gibson
    Jay Gibson

    Trump won Biden didn’t

    • Jay Gibson
      Jay Gibson

      @Mike McIntyre They don’t.

    • Mike McIntyre
      Mike McIntyre

      @Jay Gibson I didn't know they had one.

    • Jay Gibson
      Jay Gibson

      @Mike McIntyre What is the address to the Russian consulate in Miami?

    • Mike McIntyre
      Mike McIntyre

      ​@Jay Gibson Smollet was just another narcissistic con man. With regard to collusion, it may have been fear. Watch the body language in video of Trump Putin Helsinki. Judge for yourself. MSM is watched closely for truthfulness and they tell a more complete overview. But remember, it is a corporation and has a definite slant favoring oligarchs.

    • Jay Gibson
      Jay Gibson

      @Mike McIntyre Same people told you there was Russian collusion and Smollet hate crime. The list goes on.

  • Jonny Croxville
    Jonny Croxville

    Wow. There is def no question whether or not THIS guy is biased. It funny to watch them use massive hate to complain about someone being hateful.

  • Laura Bealmear
    Laura Bealmear

    Thank you

  • Ludwig Bolzmann
    Ludwig Bolzmann

    I hope Trump is soon in prison and forgotten. I can't stand him being in the news all the time. A child fascist in our faces all the time. It was a horror show.

    • Mysong Vang
      Mysong Vang

      These blood thirsty vicious liars medias would be dead without mentioning Trump so you can dream on. Trump will always ALWAYS be there. To think about how much they used his name to keep them survive, they should pay him $ for it

    • 234dilligaf

      Isn't this great liberal???

    • 234dilligaf

      Yeah but you know what's funny liberal? Looks more like YOUR dog may end up in prison! Plenty of evidence, plus a video confession of his dealings in Ukraine!

  • Brother Theodore
    Brother Theodore

    Trump is my president.

  • Posi P
    Posi P

    come on man, old Joe is the bully. Didn't he threaten President Trump and tell him that he (Joe Biden) wanted to take Trump out back and have a high school beating? Now MSNBC is lying to hide old Joe's past. How sick. I believe this type of reporting is what Congress is wanted to regulate, the fake news.

  • Daniel Hart
    Daniel Hart

    You are another minion. Blind I might add

  • Thomas
    Thomas won't even notice a good leader but a bad leader is always breathing down your neck..applies to everything in life

  • William Infinite
    William Infinite

    Biden is a senile, old, corrupted politician. Our future has been sold to the highest bidder.

  • eric Hooper
    eric Hooper

    Peasant Joe Biden vs President Donald J Trump

  • Ari C
    Ari C

    "Returned order" You were the ones causing and suppoting all the chaos and roiting all year!

  • christian krippler
    christian krippler

    can I get a hip, hip, hooray from the 15,000 pipeline union workers! maybe they are too busy learning to code?

    • christian krippler
      christian krippler

      @Mark Furst I agree on the electricians and welders but that leaves pipe fitters without a job. Pipe fitters run and install pipe, bolt together flanges, fab up piping. Pipe fitters do not work with conduit and welders do not weld conduit. Conduit has threads and are installed by electricians. Im not sure how pipe fitters will fit into this electrical grid solution. Wind turbines do not have fluid running through pipes and that’s what pipe fitters install, also I work in a union and they do not retrain you to do another craft if your job is deleted. Also when do these new green jobs start? There’s been no answer from the WH about the time frame of these new green jobs. I guess these workers can sit at home and wait for their $1400 to hold them over for who knows when.

    • Mark Furst
      Mark Furst

      @christian krippler Right, why would that be different on a power line project or a wind turbine field installation? The electricians would still do their thing, the welders would still do theirs the heavy equipment operators theirs etc. They probably would have to get retrained for some specifics but it would still be in their field. That's one of the things unions (at least in theory) are supposed to do for their members.

    • christian krippler
      christian krippler

      @Mark Furst maybe it’s just me, I’ve worked around pipe fitters and electricians for over 30+ years and have yet to see where pipe fitters fill in and do electrical work or vice versa. One craft does not easily transfer to the other. Have you ever worked in an industrial setting?

    • Mark Furst
      Mark Furst

      @christian krippler building pipelines is exactly "hey buddy, go dig a trench" then fill it with a metal tube that needs to get welded together then push the dirt back on top. Basic engineering. My point was that the skills necessary to do this are applicable to many fields, not just the fossil fuel industry.

    • christian krippler
      christian krippler

      @Mark Furst may I ask what you do for a living? never mind, how would you feel about having a skilled craft that took time to qualify in and are now being told “Hey buddy go dig a trench!”, just curious. Further more going totally electric may not work so well when you lose power for more than a week. It takes petrol to restore electricity and return to normalcy

  • Jake T. Nelson
    Jake T. Nelson

    Biden ain’t gonna make it. Cameltoe is taking over.

    • Waleed Ahmed
      Waleed Ahmed

      I'd pay to see you guys perform another MAGA riot, just to see it fail miserably like on Jan. 6

  • Demie Cazaux
    Demie Cazaux

    No comparing a genius to a. Filthy moron...EXACTLY LIKE THAT. CRASS BUT TRUE.

  • Posi P
    Posi P

    Trump Vs Soyboy Biden. I would take Trump every day, we need a fighter, not someone to sell us out to the Chinees.

  • Brobold

    Trump was ending the ME wars, Biden is putting us back there.

  • Love Love
    Love Love

    All lies

  • U.P. dan
    U.P. dan

    Boycott Walmart and Amazon so we can have small businesses.

    • Vic J
      Vic J

      Haven't gone to Walmart in 2 years and quit Amazon this year.

  • jared blume
    jared blume

    MSDNC. China’s choice for Communist News . 👍🏾

  • J B
    J B

    Play this video in 6 months. Which clone will we see?

  • not a doctor
    not a doctor

    This is just another example of how much they need Trump for ratings. 🐂💩

  • Here2 Play
    Here2 Play

    "The twice impeached Donald Trump." .... he was acquitted both times lmfao Acquitted: Not guilty, for all of you that seem to be struggling with that

    • 234dilligaf

      @Tseleng Botlhole . Hahaha

    • 234dilligaf

      @Tseleng Botlhole . . Hey Botlhole! I want to be impeached too. Can you do that for me Botlhole? Perhaps that will improve my image. You know, just like it did for Trump.

    • 234dilligaf

      @Tseleng Botlhole . . It's like this Botlhole. It means NOTHING!! Everyone knows it only took place because you Botlholes had your slim majority. That's it Botlhole! But keep this in mind Botlhole. Check out the trend in the latest midterms. We're definitely going to take back the house in a year and a few months from now. Do you think you Botlholes can continue without recourse? Not going to happen Botlhole!!

    • 234dilligaf

      @Tseleng Botlhole . . Hey it's the Botlhole again!!

    • Tseleng Botlhole
      Tseleng Botlhole

      @234dilligaf if you are immoral it means nothing, so yeah, if your standards are extremely low, it won't mean anything to you. It is an indelible stain on him. He will go down in history as twice impeached ☺

  • Laura Sanderscx3
    Laura Sanderscx3

    The slimy playground ideally drain because pansy acutely want forenenst a rustic sofa. chief, tight join

    • David Connor
      David Connor

      Hello Laura How are you doing?? Hope you and your family are safe

  • carlos h
    carlos h

    Biden in a worthless spineless no good for nothing pos just like this reporter.

  • Michael Matos
    Michael Matos

    Was this really broadcast on tv

    • Sally Sarch
      Sally Sarch


  • offaxisdude

    COMPARE CHINA BIDEN TO THE BEST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD.............................................ARE YOU F...............G KIDDING ?

  • Lisette

    Liberal Media: "Once Biden is in office, we're not going to mention Emperor Trump again." Also Liberal Media: Is still talking about Trump over one month later. *RENT FREE*

    • Vic J
      Vic J

      In some ways it was more about Biden.

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    And a vice president that doesnt need mommy there to hold their hand

    • T. R. Campbell
      T. R. Campbell

      Well I am wondering why we always see Kamala Harris close by. We also see Jill close by and in some cases Jill is holding Joe’s hand leading him to a podium or microphones. Remember during the Trump presidency we always questioned why the first lady was reluctant to hold trumps hand. So I think we see more handholding on Joe side.

  • joschsd605

    Biden takes naps all day

  • Hippie Toes
    Hippie Toes

    It’s so nice to not have to hear what the President of the United States TWEETED this morning, every single day, anymore