Dallas County Judge On Sky-High Electric Bills: ‘Don’t Pay Them’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC
As Texans struggle with the aftermath of an unprecedented winter storm leaving them with water and energy problems, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what residents need to do now. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Dallas County Judge On Sky-High Electric Bills: ‘Don’t Pay Them’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

  • Elioth Rubio
    Elioth Rubio

    Clay Jenkins is a great guy in Dallas . Keep up the good work sir .

  • Auntie Sara
    Auntie Sara

    Many companies required a debit card on file to automatically extract payments each month. So when the freeze hit they literally siphoned peoples entire savings such as the Veteran who woke to find $16,800 GONE via auto-payment.

  • Doug Fraser
    Doug Fraser

    We need an open market so that when these situations occur the people have to squeal like a pig.

  • Rem

    Covid 19 and climate change is exposing the greedy

  • mc1dash1b

    Just go to Cancun.

  • Jared Moss
    Jared Moss

    LPT: Setup a specific account/card you use for all autopay transactions and put an upper $$$ limit on single transactions.

  • Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson
    Guðmundur Rúnar Guðmundsson

    "let´s blame it on the green new deal" ............ F**ing hippocrites....

  • Franco Cousins
    Franco Cousins

    The acid swamp symptomatically fry because clutch postprandially attract plus a disgusted gemini. awake, possible salmon

  • Shih Tzus Rule
    Shih Tzus Rule

    It's not crazy. Do the math. They paid .03 a kwh. I pay 10 cents. If you calculate it out for 10 years that's 141 dollars a month . Yes, they're paying it back all at once. Sucks. They are going to pay way more than that to replace their stuff and fix the pipes and walls and floors.

    • The Unapologetic Prepper
      The Unapologetic Prepper

      I don’t see the problem? I can easily turn the power off for a week run a generator, use propane and a wood stove to cook, heat water keep warm etc. the overall power saving more then make up the preparedness costs.

  • Kiran Kawamura
    Kiran Kawamura

    Oh oh some regulation is necessary, who’d have ever thunk it.

  • Kiran Kawamura
    Kiran Kawamura

    Perfect republican administration

  • Chris Lackey
    Chris Lackey

    So we’re the customers complaining when their bills were some of the lowest in the country? This is a rare storm condition wherein TX doesn’t use and some don’t even have heat, as it’s TX. No TX wasn’t unprotected they benefited for years and in one storm when electric became tough to make and get where it needed to be costs went up. This is how the market works wanting the lows and never highs isn’t realistic nd leads to high and higher prices. I like how only one perspective is given and it’s relayed as fact and news, sad.

  • Lonnie Shumate
    Lonnie Shumate

    As soon as the lady said Texans decided, I knew she was lying or didn’t know what she was talking about. Do you wanna know why the governor decided and the power company decided to do this independently, money. That’s why our system of government isn’t working. We have a bunch of criminals who are committing fraud instead of spending the money to make America great

  • Eric H
    Eric H

    What exactly did you think would happen when a utility was market driven? Especially electricity? Just like the internet, as technology increases and programs get larger, why the F are we allowing ISPs to have data caps? That means in the future only people who can afford information will have it. That is another issue that will come. Watch.

  • Eric H
    Eric H

    Yeah Texans dont live with the consequences of your decisions. let others pay for your bad choices. Wait,,, Republican/conservatives would never do such things? lol

  • Michael Tobin
    Michael Tobin

    Comrade abbott is sending the vaccines to all white areas.

  • John Horter
    John Horter

    If it was gambling, charge the power companies a huge fine for running a casino without proper licensing. Strange how they can charge thousands of dollars for an electric bill in a month they had multi-week outages.

  • Noble Lee
    Noble Lee

    They say "Don't Mess With Texas"... Ok

  • Audrey Clarke
    Audrey Clarke

    I wonder how soon the companies will report non-payers to the credit companies. For probably the most essential public service, it is close to fraud to allow retail market prices.

  • Vito Alberga
    Vito Alberga

    Silicon Valley and Tesla are going to review their plans to move to Texas.

  • James Poitivient
    James Poitivient

    While all this is going some people are concerned about Mr. Potato Head being sexist....unbelievable !!

  • Emu Riddle
    Emu Riddle

    He's right. They shouldn't pay them. Because this is abuse.

  • evian pullman
    evian pullman

    "The people did not decide,,,," the governor and the electric company decide to Phuck over the good people of Texas

  • Dieter Zerressen
    Dieter Zerressen

    It's too late to cut off the automatic bill pay. Those bills were ALREADY deducted from those poor people's bank accounts.

  • Flagstaff Snowboard
    Flagstaff Snowboard

    Texans have the leaders they deserve! They elected Abbott and Ted Cruz, and they will continue to vote for them despite all of this.

  • Comp Sigh
    Comp Sigh

    This is what happens when you privatize. MOVE AWAY FROM REPUBLICANISM THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T!

  • je lowry
    je lowry

    Wrong, you cant stop auto pay, you gave them right to put your account on hold. The only way to stop it is not to owe any money first.

  • F. De Mascio
    F. De Mascio

    Regulation is a necessary evil of Capitalism. Sadly, voters (most of them Republican) have been convinced that regulation is bad. Then they get cancer from their drinking water, airplane parts fall through their roof, their cars break down after 50k miles, their children get ill from the school lunches. Should I go on?

  • susan burger
    susan burger

    We will have to launch an investigation. Looks like a separately spaced heap (of tax payer money will be needed for spend) wait here, I promise to be back with you..... I mean, I have your back, I mean your not getting your money back

  • susan burger
    susan burger

    Privately owned business slogan WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE

  • Jo so you know
    Jo so you know

    Sure then they'll put a lean on your home !

  • Henk Smit
    Henk Smit

    Another example of the explosion of costs when you privatize. Other examples are health care, the electricity grid. Why? Because the focus is on making a profit.but it is always sold when the business community can make it cheaper.

  • Mike Brining
    Mike Brining

    So let my credit go. And go without electric so a Judge can say oh just don't pay it! Instead of go after these buisnesses that gouged the people!

  • joe gaudious
    joe gaudious

    No way, Republicans favoring big business.. who would have thought..

  • Krome5555

    Predatory? That’s free market without regulations my judge

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson


  • David Thompson
    David Thompson


  • Lex Perz
    Lex Perz

    What a dic

  • John Leo
    John Leo

    I love his first statement, like na bruh TEXANS didn't decide this... Like we all sat around with our fingers up our noses saying yeah this plan seems legit. Gtfoh.

  • Rob Bow
    Rob Bow

    Nothing but gopee thieves!

  • Manakuuchiha

    Gerrymandering needs to be made illegal, it's how these corrupt politicians stay in power.

  • Tyler Hicks
    Tyler Hicks

    The fact these people are turning power bills being high into regulation is good for you and go get your vaccine. SMH😑

  • Joseph Yang
    Joseph Yang

    This is a f--ing mess! Small government isn’t good government. If your government is small then it CANNOT help you, when things go wrong.

  • Verruca

    Land of opportunity - to grift to your heart's content.

  • J Stuart
    J Stuart

    Everyone blames everyone else, an around we go. Middle class to low income tax payers get screwed.

  • Razvan Zamfir
    Razvan Zamfir

    I hear what he's saying, but good luck doing that (meaning not paying the bills). What happens if the companies cut power for those who don't pay? The companies will point out to their EULAs and get off no issues. It's Texas' own doing. As long as people elect people who say "the govt owes you NOTHING" and "Texans would rather go more days without power than have federal regulations" and "I just went [to Mexico during a crisis] because my girls asked me" then nothing will change.

  • Louis Barone
    Louis Barone

    Texans, are you really that freaking stupid ? Let me give you a hint, the answer is YES !!!!!

  • Louis Barone
    Louis Barone

    Texans before the storm: We don't need no stinking regulation. Texans when they get their power bill: Oh chit !!!!!

  • Louis Barone
    Louis Barone

    The beauty of RepubliTerd policies is that they convince Texans to vote against their own interests !!!!!

  • Louis Barone
    Louis Barone

    This is more proof of Texans exceptionalism in stupidity !!!!!

  • HOPE, LLC Helping Others Progress Economically
    HOPE, LLC Helping Others Progress Economically

    Don't pay them? Say less!

  • Renard Shotter
    Renard Shotter

    Corruption is an ugly thing 😤 so sad. People need to get rid of these guys 👍

  • Keith Fox
    Keith Fox

    Don’t pay them? What if your were on direct withdrawal? A guy was interviewed last week who had twelve grand removed from his bank account by the electrical utility

  • Bob Le Clair
    Bob Le Clair

    The people in Texas,did they give the power company their credit card number???

  • tally0224

    We, live in TEXAS, and this is, "BS!" We, "all froze", and had "no power" for days!!! WE need HELP!!!!

  • Ron Wade
    Ron Wade

    Texans kept electing Corrupt Republicans.

  • 2006glg

    I love the way he talks.


    Sad state of affairs!

  • Lenard Segnitz
    Lenard Segnitz

    If these utility companies are allowed to get away with this what incentive do they have to improve the grid? Shoddy system means they can gouge when the weather gets extreme. They win when it gets cold and hot.


    There are many power markets across US not all are so fked up. When one signs up for variable rates they should know what they got themselves into. Yes, they save money in normal conditions but it has its own risks. And who is going to foot the bill, ERCOT is just the non-profit regulator.

  • Sandra Crockett
    Sandra Crockett

    So messed up......

  • Sue Ling Ng
    Sue Ling Ng

    Impeach every corrupt GOPigs! Impeach Texas governor!

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz

    The system is made in benefit of the companies. And against the people. So Texas...how you like the Republican party now?

    • NotJohn Brown
      NotJohn Brown

      the thing is they vote for people who set out to prove government doesn't work by sabotaging it then when it happens they either acted totally shocked or deflect to some mythical left that actually did it

  • James Coughlan
    James Coughlan

    If they don't pay won't they be cut off and then not only have to pay but also have a re connection fee?

  • Antonio Raphael
    Antonio Raphael

    How can you charge residents electricity for a service they are not getting, this does not happen here in Europe

  • AgentX

    Why would anyone cry for Texas. They arrogant in their stupidity

  • MAC Karma29
    MAC Karma29

    🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️...I’m so glad this judge is speaking out. More people need to.

  • Raziel le Mockingbird
    Raziel le Mockingbird

    Hey don’t worry Texas, President Biden is coming and he’s going to toss you guys some paper towels 🧻 🧻 🤠

  • ConfusionFusion

    This is the type of deregulation trump-type republicans have been fighting to implement for decades. The market ALWAYS self regulates in the most just way for everyone, right?

  • Raziel le Mockingbird
    Raziel le Mockingbird

    No sympathy for the people who got “auto screwed”.... anyone who had 12,000$ in there checking acc, probably deserved or at least could afford to have it taken.

  • Most Good
    Most Good

    Don’t paying doesn’t mean it will be going away... let them figure it out they dig them self in

  • Wayne-O 5169
    Wayne-O 5169

    Is there no such thing as “profiteering” anymore? Sounds like mob behavior on the part of the energy companies.

  • flea10x6

    Welcome to unfettered capitalism.

  • Alaska Automotive
    Alaska Automotive

    Biden cut the vaccines in half to give to the immigrants. Texans left theirselves unprotected.

  • Nate GZ
    Nate GZ

    Im from Houston so I don't know Dallas politicians but I like this County Judge. he seems to actually want to help the people. He should run for governor. Linda Hidalgo is good but she won't win a state election because she gets a lot of hate from conservatives. The Castro brothers aren't very charismatic. Beto O'Rouke had his chance. This dudes southern drawl might actually get some republicans in small towns to vote for him. I would personally want to see Art Acevedo be governor of Texas but he is a RINO Republican and I the republicans will push for someone who is big oil friendly and super conservative.

  • help_each_other

    Too late to say this for the folks with auto pay. Texans want to behave like they are the wild, wild west. They don't want to be regulated and follow rules. Wait until the NRA gets there, you know these idiots think they are the 4th branch of the government. They vote for these evil politicians over and over again. Cruz on over to Mexico like your senator did.

  • Timmothy Saechao
    Timmothy Saechao

    The foolish direction muhly spray because yarn independently print apud a skinny stepdaughter. inexpensive, left comb

  • Erwin Patio
    Erwin Patio

    This is what happens when you put party over country. Republican suckers don't even realize that they are being duped by oil barons; pawns to rich men's scheme, so brainwashed that they would actually vehemently defend their puppet masters in spite of everything.

  • GaryVolts

    If people were gluttons of scarce electricity then I say make them pay up. While one guy was heating his house with electric heaters, 1000 people were running out of water because the pumps couldn't get enough juice. And paying the electric bill isn't a windfall for the Griddly because they still have to pay the generators that produced the electricity when everyone needed it.

  • The J's
    The J's

    what yo need to do Texans is get solar and wind power

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan

    Still like capitalism for everything Texans? Socialism works best for many things like national defense, health care, city services, etc., etc.

  • Christian Reinisch
    Christian Reinisch

    thanks to Ted :-)

  • Michelle Curtis
    Michelle Curtis

    Wait a darn minute... I live in Dallas TX! This Dallas Judge just said on air we should stop our auto payment plans and NOT pay our power bills. Okay so then we get our power disconnected for none payment... then what??? Seriously my bill is crazy high and I need good sound advice right now. I am not sure this was good advice unless the government puts a hold on all shut offs while they figure this crazy crap out? We all go enough going on in our lives and now this stressor too? OMG

  • TheUrbanAvenger

    Think I'll buy some stock in solar energy this year.

  • Donald Olson
    Donald Olson

    Don't come asking us to pay for your electric bill! Ask your governor or your senator and congressman

  • Angela Barnes
    Angela Barnes

    I would not pay one dime.


    Would anyone move into a house that doesn't meet building codes? That's exactly what Texas did to it's energy grid through it's deregulation. No codes leads to shoddy workmanship. So now Governor Abbot is giving M4A to the citizens. Isn't that socialism? Texas is the US equavent to Brazil right now except Texas wants the rest of us to bail it out. What happened to secession? Will McConnell say that we shouldn't bailout poorly run red states led by Republicans like he does about blue states led by Democrats? The Republican party is an absolute joke.

  • Flora Lee
    Flora Lee

    What a wicked set set of heartless thieves.

  • Newlie

    The Texas energy commission thinks the citizens of the United States is going to pay this bill. Nope!!

  • DR Boze
    DR Boze

    Just wait until Texas privatizes police and fire departments. Protection racket? Oh, no! It's just the "free" market at work. So where is all this magical competition in the energy sector?

  • Jim Bookout
    Jim Bookout

    Most people would have to take out a loan to pay these BS bills. Repubs need to remember their are a lot of democrats relocating to Texas. They will put a stop to this favoritism. And still keep their guns

  • soujourne

    republicans still trying to murder americans as usual

  • soujourne

    The texans need to sue the governor

  • reyalsregnava

    "bUt ThE fReE mArKeT!"

  • acajudi100

    Sue the power company for your lost, and NEVER allow direct payments, unless a budget plan.

  • Adam Gardiner
    Adam Gardiner

    More than half of Texas (Republicans) deserve what's happened to them. My heart breaks for the other, decent Texans tho.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Can someone explain to me how your electrical bills can be *HIGHER* when the power grid goes down for a week? Having lived in Rural East Texas for a few years, I can tell you that there are 75 different, individual, small Rural Electrical Co-Operatives - Seventy Five. Why? Because the large electrical utilities that "serve" Texan Cities can't be bothered to connect with Rural Areas *because they wouldn't get a good return on their investment.* When you pay your dues to become a "member" of a Texan electrical co-operative, you cannot sue the Co-Operative for damage or power outages or anything else. Why? Because YOU are a Member of the co-op. Nice dodge, eh?

  • Matthew Chandler
    Matthew Chandler

    Yuppers the private market wins again.....NOT! See Texas letting the rich rule over your very livelihoods (Privatization) is not a winning solution for MANY MANY things. Now the people suffer because a company wanted to save a few bucks....and they are not required or regulated to do anything about it... I mean what if it hurts the company...we can't have that....even at the expense of human lives. You mean nothing to these companies

  • Maggie Jetson
    Maggie Jetson

    They elected these plans, they wanted minimal government intervention, they get what they negotiated and picked.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    Is it possible to file a lawsuit against the governor and the electric company?